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ID 3 Plants Please

Posted: 03/06/2017 at 18:45

the first is a Cirsium, maybe Cirsium rivulare

the second Lysimachia atropurpure

3 is Nectaroscordum silicium


Posted: 03/06/2017 at 18:21

I don't know 'White Swan' but it's euphorbia and I think it is flowering.

Plant ID

Posted: 03/06/2017 at 18:19

the leaves are similar but the stems and manner of growth are different. Can we have a look underneath?

What are these and is it worth keeping the bulbs that didn't flower?

Posted: 03/06/2017 at 15:00

I think they're ornithogalum, Star of Bethlehem. Pretty flowers, later than other similar bulbs and very tatty before flowering is over. Quick to multiply as well, maybe a bit too quick

Plant ID

Posted: 03/06/2017 at 13:45

agree with borderline. Dianthus. I had some that looked like that, from a packet of seed called Dianthus 'Loveliness' 


Posted: 03/06/2017 at 13:41

borage seeds a lot but easily removed. I wouldn't call it a problem plant


Posted: 03/06/2017 at 13:02

I should think it's at its most nutritious when the leaves are fully formed but before it puts effort into making flowers, you can harvest the lot several times a year like that. Need to keep one for the bees though

Replanting self seeding oaks

Posted: 02/06/2017 at 23:00

If they're first year seedlings I'd pot them up til they're a bit bigger. You're right, sand won't keep them going for long. If you have good soil (not heavy clay) you could put them in the garden but it would be easy for them to be swamped in summer

ID please

Posted: 02/06/2017 at 22:36

Did they stay at that height and green all winter? or as a bit of green at the base?

What on earth is this!

Posted: 02/06/2017 at 20:08

Most of mine do that, it's normal, especially for big ones

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