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Buxus drying out

Posted: 13/11/2016 at 16:45

Interesting, the leaves right at the front look like box. When I looked at the OP I thought that's not box.

Are the balls ever grafted onto anything else?

Viburnum Tinus ' Gwenllian'

Posted: 12/11/2016 at 10:51

Has it got any live looking buds?

The 'scrape it and see if it's green' thing is oft quoted but not entirely true. Sometimes it means it hasn't been dead long. I would have serious concerns re this plant.

Have you a photo so we can see what it looks like?

Can you id these bulbs??

Posted: 11/11/2016 at 22:20

grape hyacinth bulbs are whitish and shooting already

Libertia chilensis

Posted: 11/11/2016 at 18:20

I didn't know this one and googled, synonym L. grandiflora. Growing in my garden, Peterborough, for at least 15 years. Has seen -14C.

Goldcrest (Regulus regulus0

Posted: 10/11/2016 at 18:21

Goldcrest (Regulus regulus0

Posted: 10/11/2016 at 17:47
Bright star says:

Not my photo nutcutlet, its compliments of google. I'm renowned for taking very bad photos! 

See original post

 Yeah, me too

When is best time to move two large choisya

Posted: 10/11/2016 at 15:11

March/ April might be better.

I have moved a large choisya but only in the sense that I dug it up and moved it away (towards a shredder). The roots are enormous and thick and I doubt if mine would have survived the move because the fine feeding roots were lost, being at some distance from the trunk. Yours may not be that big. They're very quick growing and you'd soon have a good plant if you had to start again. Check for layering first, as Verdun suggests, they're very good at that. Check all the ground level branches with a little tug and see if any are fixed.

Goldcrest (Regulus regulus0

Posted: 10/11/2016 at 15:02

great photo Bright star

Any geologists out there?

Posted: 10/11/2016 at 14:30

 thanks Dove

Any geologists out there?

Posted: 10/11/2016 at 14:25

Are they what the flint knappers open up to build those lovely Norfolk houses?

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