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Anyone know what this is?

Posted: 31/03/2017 at 17:25

I'd say that's the ever spreading Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae  aka Mrs Robb's bonnet.

Mixed up with whatever it's infiltrated 

Anemone Problems

Posted: 30/03/2017 at 22:07

Had any frosts? or cold winds. These were probably grown in very protected conditions. I would have grown these on from 9cm pots before planting out. They're a bit miffy

Cornflowers and Californian Poppies

Posted: 30/03/2017 at 21:41

If a hardy annual wakes up on a frosty morning it's OK. A non-hardy annual goes to a sloppy mush

Cornflowers and Californian Poppies

Posted: 30/03/2017 at 20:28

truly hardy plants can be in the garden but need hardening off first. 

Eggs on water lily stem

Posted: 30/03/2017 at 19:59

Water snails?

Cornflowers and Californian Poppies

Posted: 30/03/2017 at 19:47

cornflowers are hardy, Californian Poppies less so 

Can this plant survive

Posted: 30/03/2017 at 19:02

I know how to get them to that stage 

HELP...Lily, Hosta or WEED???

Posted: 30/03/2017 at 17:22

It looks a bit grassy to me but I'm not familiar with Oklahoma weeds 

Planting a small meadow

Posted: 30/03/2017 at 14:01

get some yellow rattle seed in autumn and sow them in autumn after the grass is cut. That needs to be grown from seed and is semi-parasitic on grass. It weakens it and the plants can get a head start. I'd get one plant of each of your choices and leave them to see about themselves unless you can afford several of each. Only the yellow rattle can be relied upon to germinate in grass. The rest will eventually because they make a lot more seed than you get in a packet.

Planting a small meadow

Posted: 30/03/2017 at 13:45

If you want cornflowers, borage and phacelia you'll have to remove the grass. 

2 totally different styles of 'meadow'. There's perennials in grass, a long term project, or annuals in prepared soil. Either would work, neither are a labour saving option

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