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Californian Lilac Ceanothus help required

Posted: 08/05/2017 at 19:00

I agree with fidget's recommendations but I fear it's too late.

So many plants are completely potbound when you buy them with no advice re what to do about it.

Using old bricks to disguise a turf stack?

Posted: 08/05/2017 at 18:35

composting needs wet.

I certainly wouldn't be taking my good topsoil to the tip

Give it a go, build up the bricks, fill in the gaps round the edge with soil or compost as you go, and plant something in it.

Sounds a plan to me

Tomatoes given systemic insecticide

Posted: 08/05/2017 at 16:45

consider the on-going effect of systemic insecticides. It's not just you who gets poisoned, or the insects you  don't care for. It's any insect and those who eat them

Can you help ID these please?

Posted: 08/05/2017 at 08:15

the second look like a non-flowering paeony

Esmeralda update

Posted: 07/05/2017 at 22:33

That looks great but what's the netting for? That doesn't really fit with all the other things you've done that are pro wildlife. Wildlife needs free movement. 

Pruning salix

Posted: 07/05/2017 at 22:26

If it's already got dead wood and few leaves you can't make it worse. Which Salix is it? 

Identification Please

Posted: 07/05/2017 at 20:43

I'm interested in the scented leaves. I don't know any foxglove that has those.

Plant ID

Posted: 07/05/2017 at 18:51

Don't know, sorry. Except to say I don't think it's anything that's been suggested so far

What is the name of this plant?

Posted: 06/05/2017 at 21:50

The muntjac ate one of my euphorbias.

with all the poisonous plants in the garden I think plastic grass is the only way to go 

Christian Kitchens Dukinfield Reviews (14)

Posted: 06/05/2017 at 18:53

All the spammers post at the weekend , no mods at the weekend. The rubbish just sits there. You get used to it.

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