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Poorly Hellebores?

Posted: 12/09/2013 at 20:19

if you plant them out they'll be even better. Except for the bottom one maybe

chick weed

Posted: 12/09/2013 at 20:16

pull it up before it seeds.

Help identifying this weed, please?

Posted: 12/09/2013 at 20:12

it is a hawkweed, i like those leaves


Buddleja davidii

Posted: 12/09/2013 at 19:20

experience, Hmmmmm. I can paint a new colour in and crop a picture.

No, I'm an illiterate really  

Talkback: How to grow hawthorn from seed

Posted: 12/09/2013 at 19:17

you need ripe red ones. put them in a pot, some say remove the red stuff but I don't. Cover with some compost and I use grit to hold it all down and prevent algae growth. Leave it outside for the weather to do it's stuff  and they will germinate in spring

Weed/Plant ID please

Posted: 12/09/2013 at 18:37

I think I've heard those called false capers. I don't think they're a substitute though

Weed/Plant ID please

Posted: 12/09/2013 at 17:10

I reckon aliens are distributing this one.

seed share

Posted: 12/09/2013 at 17:09

That's good addict. Must remember to write something on a piece of paoper so people know where they came from.

Coty, PM your address and I'll find you something

seed share

Posted: 12/09/2013 at 14:11

glad they got there OK diddy. You're quick off the mark, sown already

Planting out lavender

Posted: 12/09/2013 at 13:41

Thanks all. I thought that would be the answer. I just hoped I might be able to get them out there.

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