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Mystery foliage in gifted bouquet.

Posted: 05/02/2014 at 21:31

A very interesting plant. Thanks for the link Dove.

I did buy something that was sold as butcher's broom but it was Danae racemosa.

Nice but not what I was after. That's what I get for relying on common names

Mystery foliage in gifted bouquet.

Posted: 05/02/2014 at 17:01

I suggested this one but Doris says her plant isn't prickly.

I want some Ruscus, it would fit well in my garden.


Posted: 05/02/2014 at 12:49

I hope you're right about the summer Petal. 



Posted: 05/02/2014 at 11:57

What a strange choice of plant to clip into a geometric shape.

Two Unknown Bushes

Posted: 05/02/2014 at 11:51

Sorry artjak

Two Unknown Bushes

Posted: 05/02/2014 at 09:18

Not sure if this one is down to me Verdun. I wouldn't have been looking for a variegated L. nitida if you hadn't suggested the other one.


Two Unknown Bushes

Posted: 05/02/2014 at 08:44

Looks like it doesn't it. I think I (and possibly others) misjudged the scale of that last picture at first. I makes the leaves look much bigger than they are. 

Talkback: Wasps and wasps' nests

Posted: 05/02/2014 at 08:39

I suspect an add here. 

We don't all want to kill things Jenee, wasps are good pollinators.

Has anyone found an anti-advertiser spray?

Snowdrop Walk - East Anglia

Posted: 05/02/2014 at 08:33

Good idea Dove. I think I'll borrow OH's cycling cagoule to put on top of the warm layers

Last Years Seeds

Posted: 04/02/2014 at 23:06

Depends what they are and how they've been stored Billy

Some seeds last for years, others a very short time

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