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Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 20/09/2013 at 20:12

thank you Dove.

I love this time of year as long as I don't think about what comes next. All that darkness

Good Evening FORKERS

Posted: 20/09/2013 at 19:06
Woodgreen wonderboy wrote (see)

Efforts in garden today merit quick trip to pub. 5 hours of scarifying. However it is an evens bet as to whether I can get out of my seat!!


you need to keep alcohol in stock for these occasions WW. You've earned it but you shouldn't have to move further than the kitchen

stacey, that's magic

seed share

Posted: 20/09/2013 at 18:27
Coys wrote (see)

Would i be better getting a few seed trays and seed compost and starting my seeds in them,then putting them in my shed next to the window.would this give me a better chance.

We had a lot of discussion about doing this too early. see the above thread


Crataegus Laevigata Paul’s Scarlet Tree

Posted: 20/09/2013 at 17:59

I didn't pick up on the 'had planted'. fidgetbones is right, back to the planter.

industrial use of greenfield site

Posted: 20/09/2013 at 17:52

Windfarms, solar farms, gravel digging  and landfill. These are diversifications around here.

Windfarms are OK, solar OK in the right place, gravel digging is noisy and although those reversing bleepers aren't permitted on site, it's a constant battle to keep them to the planning conditions. Landfill stinks and follows on from gravel digging though I hope this has changed and we won't get landfill in the next field. I shall probably be too old to care though, they haven't started on the gravel yet

Cedrus Atlantica

Posted: 20/09/2013 at 17:44

I'd sow it now and leave it outside 

rampant hebe

Posted: 20/09/2013 at 17:05

Be careful.

I had 3 Midsummer Beauties, didn't realise how big they got. When I cut them back they put on plenty of new growth but all died back over the next couple of years. I had to start again andhave  put it way back from any paths so it can just grow til it stops


Posted: 20/09/2013 at 15:48

The rooted box cuttings I planted 18-20 years ago have almost reached 6' where not clipped. In that time hawthorn,spindle, laurel, hazel and many others are twice or three times that height. 


Posted: 20/09/2013 at 14:13

I like a mix with the emphasis on hawthorn. A lot of our early tree and shrub plantings came fom Buckingham Nurseries


Benefits of Comfrey

Posted: 20/09/2013 at 14:07

comphrey smells worse.

 Symphytum officinale is the one you want to grow but don't let it seed or it will be everywhere. Chiltern seeds sell it.

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