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Straightening a Prunus?

Posted: Yesterday at 23:07

There are tall canes available or posts.  If you prune the tip you'll end up making it branch and that may spoil the shape even more.

Straightening a Prunus?

Posted: Yesterday at 22:50

It might straighten up as it heads for the light but maybe you could encourage it with a cane or post and a gentle tether.

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: Yesterday at 09:10

RG - I thought doggy had mended now.  Hope he's OK.  Plenty of shooting around here but for roe deer and wild boar and they put signs up to warn you they'll be at it so you can avoid the woods and fields involved.  Rasta doggy hates the bang-bang so we avoid it if we can or keep on her lead to stop her running home.

Our skies looked ominous last night but they were just pretending.

What to do with a small North facing area

Posted: Yesterday at 08:53

RG - I had an escallonia that struggled in Belgium cos of cold, wet winds in winter or bone dry and freezing easterlies from Siberia but I have one here that's doing fine.  Seems OK where it's warmer and it is recommended for coastal gardens cos of the small leaves.   Your plot sounds challenging.  

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: Yesterday at 08:50

That sounds a bit too interesting Dove.  I hope everyone is ready fo it and have tucked treasures into sheltered corners and tied the rest down.  Our forecast has changed and we may get some local stormy bits in the early hours of Wednesday and maybe even some rain.  Not holding my breath.

LP - I do hope your family can get a new place soon and a good one.

Chicky - glad you have happy chicklets.   Helps to relax a bit when you know they're OK doesn't it?  Oz will be great too.

Joyce - gorgeous beach and Busy - San Seb looks lovely too.  I do like yacht and boat basins.  All those stories and adventures to imagine now my sailing days are over.

Clari - grandson and daughter need a firm hand and so does grandma but you can only advise and you have enough on your plate without inviting emotionally manipulative and immature people to share your precious space.

Must go and sew and clean and get ready for patchwork class.  No idea what I should take so that'll be everything.

cephalaria gigantea

Posted: 15/10/2017 at 22:10

The clue is in the name - gigantea.   It isn't invasive particularly but it does increase the girth of its base every year - good for getting offsets if you lift and divide now and again - and produces lovely tall, airy stems of flowers.   it also will self seed and have babies if happy.  Mine did.   Loved it and hust hope the seeds I saved for this new garden will be happy here.

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 15/10/2017 at 20:36

LG - no idea.  As far as I know, Halloween is about ghosties and ghouls and withes and wizards and devils whereas Carnival is anything goes but what do I know?   It'll be good either way.

Busy - looks good.  Hope you enjoyed it.  5 hours from here assuming I don't get distracted/deviated in La Rochelle or Saintes.......

Looks like next week could be busy here.  I'm joining a patchwork group as of tomorrow, grandson of chap who built this house is coming to talk about its history on Tuesday and 3 people form the Vendée garden/plants club coming on Friday pm to see all the "before".   Clematis delivery somewhere in the middle.........

Did you get your cake FG?

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 15/10/2017 at 16:11

Clouding over here now but still dry and bright.

Congrats Chicky and OH.  You too Pat in case we don't "see" you on the 20th.  You can get UK forecasts here - https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast or here http://www.bbc.com/weather/2635167  Just save the link your prefer in your favourites and check it at will.  Here you can see the rain radar for France - http://www.meteo60.fr/radars-precipitations-pluie-france.php Busy is south of Limoges and I am between La Rochelle and Nantes and not one of those wet clouds has passed over here!   Fingers crossed they will in due course.

Star Wars pants nearly done.  Then to tackle the top.

Autumn leaves

Posted: 15/10/2017 at 11:59

The leaves will form a natural mulch and worms and other organisms will work them into teh soil as part of the natural cycle.   Think of woodlands and how they work.

That said, laurel leaves are quite thick and tough and you may prefer to gather them up and stick them in a large bin bag, wet them, seal it and spike a few holes with a garden fork to let air in to help them break down.    Removing the leaves, a good weed and then a mulch of chipped bark once the soil is good and damp will certainly look better..

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 15/10/2017 at 09:42

You too WW.  Take it easy and pace yourself this week.  Don't want to wreck yourself again.

I've given in.  The sprinkler is on the dry shade bed that was planted as a dampish shade bed.  Then I can rescue the hostas and acers and plant stuff that will cope better.

LG - you playing with your front garden re-design?

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