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Strictly is back!

Posted: Today at 14:34

I like to see effort rewarded by progress too and recognise that,a s with many things in life, some people catch on faster to dance structure and musical rhythms.   I don't think it matters whether or not people have done a bit of dancing in drama class before.  Those who complain it's hard or moan about going back to square one every Monday with a  new dance should just go quietly.  It's part of the show and the same for everyone.

I've been very impressed with how fit and agile Debbie is and how well she has mastered and performed all but two of her dances.  However, I don't care for her or Giovanni and hope they don't win.   Susan is a revelation and an inspiration to anyone who thinks you have to fit and nubile to dance.  She's great but unlikely to win.   Mollie is such a wuss she's irritating.

I am warming to Alexandra who is clearly doing her best to master every dance and loving it and Gorka is a very good choreographer and likable.   Joe and Daewood are also working hard and Gemma has clearly overcome her problems with lifts and is a joy to watch.    Happy for any of these to win.       

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 20:55

Ah ha!  I discovered today they have a felt cutting machine at Patchwork but they won't bring it out to play till next week and it only has hearts and stars and circles.   No good for my Xmas trees and dove and Xmas pud.

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 20:20

No curtain poles here yet Fidget.   The windows have shutters so none needed tho I will make some when we get around to decorating each room downstairs.   They'll add colour and make it feel cosier.  I'm assuming the kitties are now too big to try and climb them.

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 19:47

Lovely afternoon at patchwork.   About 20 ladies noisily yattering and crocheting a Japanese pan scrub thingy from wool with what looked like tinsel in the yarn.   Why?   4 sensible ones quietly getting on with patchwork - well, 3 plus me making templates for felt applique Xmas tree decs.

No Xmas shopping at all here yet.  We both have birthdays coming up and then we'll think about Xmas and doing cards.   We will, however, be keeping an eye out for decent tree as we don't yet know who stocks them.  Last year's was very small as we had two teeny kittens and didn't want a calamity.

Reggie looks shattered Clari.   Ours were like that after a long run on the beach with OH yesterday.

Epsom Salts - Yes or No

Posted: Yesterday at 19:15

I have only ever used it as a foliar feed - 15ml of salts to 5litres of water - on plants looking a bit chlorotic but then my last garden was exceedingly fertile.   Parts of this one are too but parts have never been cultivated and seem to have solid clay or sand in different bits.   I have Epsom salts on standby for my new rhodos and camellias, just in case but they will be used only as a foliar feed.

Saving my hydrangea

Posted: Yesterday at 09:58

Roots do grow over winter so I would re-pot or plant out now and give them the space to do so.  That way they can better support new growth up top next spring.  Be sure to soak first and tease out the roots which will be circling round and round that tiny pot.

Strictly is back!

Posted: Yesterday at 09:56

I liked Len but do not miss Brucie at all.  Irritating.   Can't think why Claudia allows herself to do those lame sketches as she has a fierce intelligence behind those dippy eyes and that fringe. 

Must admit I do like music with a proper Paso rhythm for that dance but rather enjoyed Sweet Dreams for the tango.  I don't usually like it when they go modern.   Can't imagine how they chose that music for Molly's Charleston.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 09:50

Misty start here.  Hope it clears in time for my drive to Olonne for patchwork.

Hosta - have a great time with lots of sun and sleep.   Don't forget your magnesium!

Chicky - lovely photos again.  Exciting times.   Enjoy.   Hope your wallaby is OK Pat.

WW - enjoy your boots.  Important to have warm, comfy feet.  Bought some fancy insoles for mine but can't use them when I need thicker socks.......

Joyce - how lovely to catch up.   

Busy - have a good shop.   It does seem odd not having all the St Nicolas hoo-hah here.   In Belgium, Netherlands and little bits of France around Epinal, they still celebrate him for kids rather than Santa Claus and Xmas.

LG - take your time.  Mondays can be slow starters even after years of not working to a rigid pattern.

Have a good day all.  Hugs as needed for the poorly or sad.

Strictly is back!

Posted: 19/11/2017 at 22:50

Out dancing last night so watched both shows tonight after dinner.   

Loved Gemma's performance and also Alexandra and Daewood apart from his dodgy hands.   Loved Oti's choreography and thought Jonny did well - given he has a prosthetic leg and thus a different action from others how fair is it to insist he tucks in his bum when we know he can't? 

OH and I really disliked the choreography and music for AJ and Molly.   Poor choreography for Debbie's samba too.     The rest were OK.   No horrors.

Didn't like the group dance tho it was interesting to see what Northern Soul is - bit after my time which was soul music in the 60s and 70s.   Far too many on the floor at once and tricky lighting - supposed to show the dancers, not how clever the lighting technology is these days!

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 19/11/2017 at 17:41

Wonderful RG!  I can think of lots of humans with no soul and who are they to say whether or not other creatures have one?  Bloody dogma!

Busy - one of the reasons we chose this house was to reduce the need to climb steps as the knees got creakier, arthritic bits and all to consider.   Our log store is a work in progress.  OH impatient about letting our newly cut wood dry for 2 years and still refusing to buy any logs.  I shall get some for Xmas and NY anyway.

Nigella's lamb for us tonight but shoulder, not leg.  Looking good so far.......and I remembered to go and pick some Romanesco before it got too dark to see.

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