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Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: Today at 21:19

Good.   Love the rich colour of that amaryllis.

Watching the Apple tree thing but not keen.   Not engaging characters or plot. Won't bother with the rest.

Gardening by the Moon

Posted: Today at 18:21

I coped by potting up as many treasures as I could, whether whole plants or divisions.  After that you just have to let go.    It was really hard the last couple of weeks as I realised I didn't have time or space to take some of everything or even collect all the seeds I wanted and we were still sorting house contents too.   The time will fly by faster than you think so don't waste any.

What gets you through it is arriving safely in the new place with treasures intact and then planning and dreaming of the new garden you will make.

This morning we had a man round to talk about fencing and also a mini digger for turning over and leveling the ground in our proposed potager and using a big one to scrape out the overgrown and weed infested pond which is still dry.  We could really do with some serious rain but not till the machine has been.   

I'm currently resisting sowing seeds till I have somewhere to grow them on and quietly getting to know local garden centres and online nurseries for when I do start in earnest.

Making a Cold Frame

Posted: Today at 18:09

There is a whole thread on using pallets here - http://www.gardenersworld.com/forum/garden-design/pallets/249488.html 

Have a read and you'll find info on cold frames but also other useful projects to make with pallets.

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: Today at 16:20

Liri - nesh is also a word used in Cheshire where I spent my teens.  I use it a lot for people and plants that curl up in the cold.

Lilly - it feels like you only just left.   Glad the trip went well and hope you do get them all home soon.

AR - surgeon sounds good.  We shall need one to take out an ash and confirm thet two plum trees are past saving and then deal with them.

We have just used the car and a tow rope to hoik out 3 recently dead and one mostly alive dwarf conifer.  All planted in the wrong place and all outgrown the dwarf phase.  Maybe now the other stuff nearby will grow better.  When we bought our house in Harrow there was a row of conifers along the east boundary of our back garden, all higher than the house and making the garden look very dark.   They all went, to the delight of the neighbours on both sides, especially to the east as they then got more rain and sunshine.

No such trouble here but we have noticed that our gendarme horsey neighbour has a row planted along our boundary.  Will have to ask him about keeping them hedge height and not tree sized or we'll lose loads of sun from the south.

What I do need is some well behaved, preferably wildlife friendly  shrubs to grow along our western boundary to hide the cattle farm's sheds.  Gorgeous cows and calves but corrugated roofed sheds and barns not so pretty.

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: Today at 13:42

Oops FG.  Typo. Hope the dank doesn't last.

Having lit our fire again last night OH, Bonzo and I ended up far too hot but kittens and Rasta just rolled over, belly up and luxuriated.   Cooled down in time for bed but both felt far too hot by 5am and we're still on the summer duvet withna patchwork quilt which may have to be folded up tonight.

Possum is due on Thursday or a long weekend and is what the French call "frileuse" so she has just had her bed made up with the winter tog duvet and a patchwork quilt and the help of two kittens.

A decent shower head is essential kit Dove.

Last edited: 23 January 2017 13:42:53

Cutting garden

Posted: Today at 10:49

That's exactly the look I'm aiming for Busy.  Fresh and natural.  Love your colour combinations.

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: Today at 10:43

Sad Busy but I hope at least you enjoy seeing mutual friends.  Nice thing to do for her.

Haven't met any Brits here since we moved in tho OH has chatted with a peasant couple that have rented a house round the corner for years and go back to the UK for Xmas and New Year.  The only others we've seen were at the car-boot/vide grenier in July and they were all boozing quite early on and loud so to be avoided.

Fence man has been.  102 metres between us and the paddock so I shall find out how much to buy the fence panels and do it ourselves -need to keep dogs and horses separate.   He's advised blitzing the old donkey paddock a couple of times to kill all the old grass and weeds and then he can come in with a mini-digger and turn it and level it.  Fine by me.   He can also come in with a proper grown up one to clean out the bog and make it a pond again.   Yippee.

Nice chap - but they all have been so far apart from the idiot at IKEA.

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: Today at 09:06

Hope it works Hosta.  Good idea to establish a routine.  

OH used to get up at 6am to go to work and found it quite easy to stay asleep or in bed till 8am once he retired,   Having spent his first month sleeping late till 8 or 9 or reading in bed he now gets up early, lets the dogs out and brings me coffee and juice but very occasionally, usually after a busy day, he sleeps thru till 9 or even 10 and I do morning coffees.

Best get dressed for fence man.

Cutting garden

Posted: Today at 08:20

Thanks.  Some lovely suggestions.  

I have never done any flower arranging of any sort so will be starting simply with bunches of flowers.   Better do some research on that too I suppose.  A friend in Belgium had beautifully arranged posies and bunches all over her house and even used cut flower heads to decorate the sculptures in the garden.

Hello Forkers January 2017 Edition

Posted: Today at 08:15

Lovely red sunset last night and a gorgeous pink sunrise this morning. No frost by the time we surfaced but only just.   Will have to go and check for signs of new bulbs shooting.    Have a man coming to talk fencing today and possibly bulldozing but other than that just cleaning and planning.

Just as I was thinking Cosmos was growing up and no longer coming for 5am snuggles round my head, Minstrel decided she needed one.   He has finally worked out that he can jump further with his hind legs than he can pull himself up with his front legs so now jumps from the table to my shoulders and then down to the bird watching window sill.  He does still jump up and then climb my jeans except yesterday he did it just before my shower and with no jeans.  Ouch!

Lots of fog in the UK today.  Be careful and yes Pat - boots.

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