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Anyone else with pollen allergies?

Posted: Yesterday at 21:05

Well, on the whole, I reckon I have enough anti senility factors in my life to allow me to take low doses of anti-histamines - no other meds, good diet, dancing, gardening, dog walking etc.

Hello Forkers - February 2018

Posted: Yesterday at 20:18

LP - no, unfortunately, no bargains.  All tat like kids' clothes and toys and lampshades, old plates but not vintage and so on and so forth.  

The oven in the kitchen being busy with coq au vin, I baked my cake in the real oven in the annex which now smells wonderfully of chocolate cake.     Coq au vin better than I expected (don't like meat textures in long, slow cooked casseroles) but if he wants it again it has to be in a restaurant.   There are better things to do with a chuck.

Your day seems to have gone well Joyce apart from the lack of lunch, or even time to eat one.     That would be a big black mark for me but then I don't do breakfast.......

Hosta - sounds like you have some fun lined up.

Busy - have to ask.  Why not get the cataract sorted in France?   

Help me identify this Plant!

Posted: Yesterday at 17:13

Some forms do get over 120cm high and the RHS lists a mere 584 of them from 30cms high to 4 or 5 times that height so who knows?

Hello Forkers - February 2018

Posted: Yesterday at 17:10

It seems our warm and sunny week has changed to a wet start and then freezing from Tuesday onward and for several days.   Brrr!  Had been looking forward to starting some potting on since I can't kneel to weed but I may wimp out altho I'll have to go and rescue things like the baby asparagus that have started shooting.

Might have to get Rasta's jumper out for after her haircut on Tuesday pm.   She looks like a woolly bear at the mo so it needs doing.

I have just jointed a chicken and made coq au vin for OH.  It now gets a long, slow cook in the oven which leaves me free to make a chocolate carrot cake for tomorrow.  Definitely need chocolate in miserable weather but pud tonight will be flambéed pineapple.  Rum works too when it's mis.

Have an enjoyable evening.  Keep warm.

Anyone else with pollen allergies?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:07

Thanks PF but I'm not on any other meds except arnica gel for bruised knees!

Anyone else with pollen allergies?

Posted: Yesterday at 15:24

Another use for turmeric!  Lots of us are now taking it for assorted inflammations such as arthritic bits and finding it's magic.

Moving a large box ball

Posted: Yesterday at 15:00

Good advice above about root teasing and bonemeal.  I would add that the plant should be thoroughly soaked before you remove it from its container and then re-planted at the same level as before and watered again and then regularly watered till it shows it has settled in.  That may be all summer.

I would also give it a foliar feed of liquid seaweed fertiliser a couple of times in May and June to help it grow strongly.

Anyone else with pollen allergies?

Posted: Yesterday at 14:57

I'm allergic to something which makes my eyes and nose run bot, as far as I'm aware, pollen so I too take a daily anti-histamine for that period.

Avoid growing high pollen plants that are wind pollinated so trees with catkins and ornamental grasses.  The Royal College of Pathologists has a downloadable PDF about a low allergen garden that may help you.

Help me identify this Plant!

Posted: Yesterday at 14:42

Looks like one of the argyranthemums to me.  These can be annual or perennial depending on which you have.   Yours looks like "Butterfly" which is an annual but who knows?  There are hundreds of forms and it may come back or have self seeded.

Zephirine Drouhin

Posted: Yesterday at 14:23

Is there a special reason you want this as a hedge.  It isn't the strongest rose and has a sorry tendency to suffer from black spot which weakens it further.

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