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chocolate teapots

Posted: 09/10/2017 at 16:36

What's wrong with socks, thicker as it gets colder, or leg warmers or even a rug when you're curled up on the sofa?  

Tree Peonie?

Posted: 09/10/2017 at 15:36

This is our tree peony flowering earlier this year.  There are other colours than pink but the leaves should be similar if yours is a tree peony.

Strictly is back!

Posted: 09/10/2017 at 15:12

Glad to see the vicar go and there are one or two more to weed out before it's really about the dancing.  Debbie's Q'step was great at foot level but definitely not good on top.  The criticism was at least constructive.  AJ's choreography was so much about the lifts that it seemed like she spent more time in the air than actually dancing on the floor.   Silly boy.   On the whole I think the overall scores were more fair than last week.

Never heard of Sheridan Smith but I really liked the way she sang that song and made it her own.  Not easy with a classic.

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 09/10/2017 at 15:03

Busy weekend here too and I slept 10 hours last night then stayed in bed to finish my book and cuddle Cosmos.   It's colder today and he is very snuggly.

Scientists loved their Dartmouth pie and the Texan Camembert (recipe from a Texan friend) I did for nibbles with the apéro and the puds and then we headed off for a long walk on the beach at La Tranche-sur-Mer (Slice-On-Sea) which is next to La Faute-sur-Mer (Mistake-on-Seaà and going via Moutiers-les-Maufaits (the Baldly Made) so they could see the wonderful medieval Halles/covered market and meeting place.

Sun's coming out now so I'm off to sow some seeds.

Busy - horrendous for you.  Hope you and the house heal quickly and you get the help you need.

Pat - we get birds down our chimneys too but we just banish the dogs, close the door and open the windows and then open the fire door so they can fly out.   Far too panicked to let themselves be caught and helped out.

Ian - we had cows eating the tops of our holly hedge till we fixed it by putting up an almost transparent fence cut from lengths of wire mesh builders use for concrete.  Just attached it to the barbed wire fence and made sure it was my shoulder height so they couldn't get their necks over.   Cheap and indestructible.

Chicky - glad your pa's getting better.   Enjoy your garden club talk.

Have a good day all, especially those visiting grandkids or needing a hug.

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 08/10/2017 at 11:05

HI there.  Lovely kittens DD.  No need to banish them downstairs.  Just leave them access to the basement and they'll deal with the unwanted visitors for fun.

Lovely flowers FG.  Been picking my own today as I need some for the dining table.  .

Dove - hose look good.  Never made a raised pie in my life and don't like pork pies but might have a go with another filling.

Interesting evening last night.  The "entertainment" was a chap with recorded backing music and a micro who got the audience doing karaoke.   Painful.   Met some lovely people tho, when I didn't have my ears covered and could chat.

Winterizing New Rose Bushes in Zone 6A

Posted: 07/10/2017 at 15:26

Hi Sarah.  This is a UK based forum with a few outside additions and which does things in centigrade.  i'm assuming your 20s are fahrenheit.

I have recently moved form a garden in Belgium that regularly got to -15C in winters, though not the last couple of years, and some David Austin roses did well while others proved to be wussy and died or struggled.   Which ones have you bought?  Are they shrubs or climbers or ramblers?

Either way, you should leave them alone now unless you have any any, whippy stems that need shortening by half to prevent wind rocking the roots loose.  You could also apply a thick mulch of well-rotted garden compost or manure round the roots as long as the soil has had some good rain and isn't dry.  If it is forecast to get very cold you could cover them with a layer of horticultural fleece which allows in air. 

Next spring, when frost is not forecast and assuming they are shrub roses, prune every stem back to a healthy, outward facing bud and give them a good feed of blood, fish and bone or specialist rose or tomato food.  If they are climbers or ramblers they need a different pruning regime.

Salvia "Amistad"

Posted: 07/10/2017 at 15:19

No.  If they're in fresh compost all they need now is to be kept just on the dry side of moist and free of frost till it's safe to plant them out next spring, or better still pot on so they can grow big enough to cope with life in the borders.

Removing established trees

Posted: 07/10/2017 at 13:24

We had two sick ash trees removed a few weeks ago.  Female kitty-cat most disgruntled but, fortunately, she has plenty of other options and her slightly younger playmate doesn't do trees after getting stuck in the walnut tree on his first outing after kitten jabs.  OH had to go up a ladder and rescue him.

Last edited: 07 October 2017 13:24:29

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 07/10/2017 at 13:20

Yes of course.  It isn't mine so I always credit Joyce Molyneux and it's a great one to share with a crowd.  I once did it , served up in a huge pumpkin, for 36 mixed Belgians and Brits for a team bonding evening.  They all loved it..

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 07/10/2017 at 12:35

JBR would make anything go downhill, even a square concrete block!

Here's the rest - 

Place a 2cm wide strip of pastry around the edges of the dish and brush with water.  Cover with the remaining pastry which should be slashed once or twice to allow steam to escape.   Decorate with pastry trimmings and brush with the beaten egg.

 Cook for 30 minutes then reduce the temperature to 180C and cook 20 minutes more.

 Serve immediately with lightly steamed Savoy cabbage or broccoli or a simple green salad.    


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