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Container drainage

Posted: 23/02/2014 at 18:56


These days we mostly drink Oz or Kiwi wine with screw caps so it's just as well corks can be re-used.  The bottles can come in handy too.........

Container drainage

Posted: 23/02/2014 at 11:09

I save wine corks for using in pots that need good drainage.   They are natural and  lightweight and they also absorb excess mositure which then makes a reserve supply if the compost dries out  too much.   They can be recycled quite a few times too and don't harm the compost heap if they end up in there - unlike polystyrrene chips and so on.

Rotavator to tame paddock? Will it work?

Posted: 22/02/2014 at 17:57

Hire or buy a strimmer with a metal blade and a petrol motor.  It'll cope with all sorts and should come with a sort of harness to help spread the weight across shoulders and back so there's no strain.

In my experience, ride on mowers don't cope with rough terrain.  They are designed to look like mini tractors but do not have tractor power and like smooth surfaces to mow or they clog and break down.    A man with a mini digger shoud be able to level your terrain if and when you decide you're ready to make it into a more formal/level lawn area.

Talkback: Moles

Posted: 22/02/2014 at 15:46

Mole plants don't work.   Nothing does other than trapping and relocating or trapping and killing.

It is so mild here I've been out and cut the grass for the first time this year - something which normaly happens in April.  It is now looking a bit muddy in places where I have flattened mole hills but now I can see where the new ones appear in the morning and blast the perishers into compost before I break an ankle or knacker my back tripping in one of their galleries.









Epsom Salts

Posted: 22/02/2014 at 14:19

The ratio is 15ml of Epsom salts to 5 litres of water.    Pour over the plant with the spray nozzle on the can so it is absorbed by the leaves as well as the roots.


Gardening by the Moon

Posted: 21/02/2014 at 11:30

Did a lot of weeding and pruning and transplanting of several shrubs on Tuesday.   Took lots of clematis cuttings from those prunings and had a word with some of the roses.

It's been too soggy and/or windy since but I'm hoping to get OH in the garden tomorrow to clear away my piles of clematis prunings and turn the compost heaps.

Not sowing seeds of anything just yet.



Monarda/Phlox/Liatris/Dicentra (roots & bulbs) - plant now or pot up?

Posted: 20/02/2014 at 13:00

I think soils are going to take their time to warm up now they're so wet and that will be hard for new plants to get established in so I suggest you plant them in pots and keep them in a sheltered spot so they can get acclimatised.  

Give them a good drink once potted up and then water as needed and don't let them dry out.   Plant them out in a month or two when growth is well established and spring is really on its way and the soil has dried out a bit and warmed up.

Worst Winter ....... .?

Posted: 18/02/2014 at 22:57

Lots done here too from pruning clems and taking cuttings from some to pruning roses, cutting down old stems on perennials and transplanting shrubs and snowdrops - none of which I can usually do before late March or early April.  Temps throughout January and Feb have been between 25 and 30C warmer than in the last few years.  Today we got up to 12C.  Usually in Feb we're down to between -15C and -20C.

To cover south side

Posted: 18/02/2014 at 10:43

According to the RHS, wisteria can be grown in pots as a standard.  See below.  presumably this is because being trained a sa standard limits growth and thus food and water requirements.   If you want to cover a bungalow wall with a wisteria I suggest you plant it in th eground on the other side of the path and lead it across to teh wall with an arch or pergola of some sort.  That way it will be able to get its roots down deep and seek all the nutrients and water it needs for such strong growth.

RHS advice -

Container cultivation

Wisterias are usually thought of as climbers, but you can grow wisterias in containers, and train as a standard. This is particularly suitable for a small garden. See the advice profile on pruning and training wisteria for more information on container cultivation.

Containerised wisterias can be fed with liquid tomato fertiliser, phostrogen, miracle grow or similar flowering plant foods. Mixing controlled release fertiliser granules into the compost is another alternative.

Talkback: Growing hellebores

Posted: 18/02/2014 at 10:22

Depends how subtle you are about digging it up.   Will OH mind?   Less to mow and trim.

I was out tidying my hellébores up yesterday.  Labels long gone but I have some luscious black flowered ones and some deep purple and deep red plus cream with spots and 2 out of the 3 clumps of the green flowered foetidus have been flattened by the doglets chasing rats.    Bah humbug.

No sign of babies to grow on so far but I have 3 more big clumps to trim back today so we'll see and I'll be collecting seeds when they ripen..

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