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I want to kill my daffodils!

Posted: 14/04/2017 at 09:27

We had bunches of lovely pale, creamy daffs growing in what use dto be the donkey paddock and is now designated as potager.  We got chappy to dig them up with his digger before he turned over the rest of the grass and they are now parked on a slab of concrete being watered regularly to keep them alive while we find new homes.

I love daffs but not so much the huge bright yellow ones or the pink atrocities and definitely not in single rows so I think it's worth saving what you can and then just dig up the rest when you prepare you soil for the hedge.   

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: 14/04/2017 at 09:22

Can't do creme eggs either Dove.  I suggest we swap for lamb's kidneys...........

Up and on parade - ie dressed presentably and mascara'd - to take Rasta to the hairdresser.  Do we want nail varnish again?  OK and please tell me the brand as it lasts so much longer than mine.  Special for dogs!! Not in shops.  Oh well, I shan't have any nails left to paint anyway now gardening is getting serious again.

Liri - yes please from me too for pics of your community project.  sounds lovely.

Wonky - no sorry but I need an adapter myself.  OH bought a lovely gizmo to rin 3 hoses off our outside tap.  Doesn't know they come in two sizes for the attachment and he he got the wrong one.  No signs of a suitable adapter anywhere so far.   We have no rain either so now i'm hesitating about the water butts on our shopping list.

Hope everyone gets good weather for the Easter gardening weekend and other projects.

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: 13/04/2017 at 17:35

Hello.  Lovely news for DD, LP and WW.   Very happy for you all and hope it continues to go well.  DD if you PM me your email address I can let you have all my cake recipes as tested and adored by Belgians who didn't know what a  cake could be.  Use to flabby fatless sponge bases on patisserie confections.

We had an interesting day yesterday and are a lot poorer for it.   We arrived at the Japanese themed Foire at Nantes to discover it was really just an Ideal Home exhibition in disguise with a teeny corner of Japanese stuff with some Bonsai, a pretend garden and some kimonos and sushi on sale.  To get there we wandered through giant hall after giant hall of household and garden gizmos, jacuzzis, water beds, camping stuff (don't think so), kitchens, bedrooms and then I spotted an interesting shelf thingy for basins to go in our new shower room so got OH to stop and look.  He liked.   It came with an interior design architect attached.

We have now paid a deposit on a bespoke, designer shower room.  he may have to settle for a paddling pool rather than a swimming pool later on.

Possum did find 3 books on Japan - culture, language and recipes - and I found a nice wee fan for dancing and we had a delicious, but very late lunch.   Got home shattered.

Been busy with Possum all day while OH plays golf so no gardening.  It's sunny but just a bit breezy.   Some rain would be good but I'm not complaining.   The countryside is looking fabulous with all sorts of fresh green foliage birsting forth and blossom and cowslips and primroses and it smell fabulous.

Possum has just told me Jude Law is to be the new Dumbledore in the next Fabulous Beasts.  What with him and Johnny Depp as Grindlewald I may not be able to cope.  Can't stand either of them.

Dove - pretty pattern but I'd have thought fleeces with pockets would be more practical for WW, especially ones with removal sleeves or no sleeves for transitions.

Posting photos?

Posted: 11/04/2017 at 22:06

I often have to re-size photos to load them.   The system also seems only to accept landscape format and turns portrait photos on their side.

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: 11/04/2017 at 22:00

Yes, but I'm planning on having the time and I do have the space - in theory.

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: 11/04/2017 at 21:51

Liri - no idea yet.  first I have to get the seeds to germinate and then grow and I suspect they're slow to grow so I have plenty of time to find a home for one.  Any spares will go to a plant swap or sale fair.

Had to look up Paul Nash.  Interesting.  Belgium is big on surreal art - Magritte and co - and I've always liked it but confess to being a philistine.   I have to restrict myself to a few particular works when I go to galleries and museums or I get eye and brain overload and remember very little.

Hello Forkers - April edition

Posted: 11/04/2017 at 20:34

My RHS seed order has arrived and includes Liriodendron!   Yes!   What did you get at the GC?

I cooked hake for supper.  Possum not impressed at fish 2 days running but I pointed out she can happily have meat 5 or 6 days running and here we eat a lot of fish.    Odd really.  She's very enamoured with Japan and plans to spend a few months there when she finishes her studies - hasn't quite grasped that they too eat a lot of fish and she won't get rosti without taking out a mortgage.

We had alpine and big strawberries in Belgium and I replaced the plants every 3 years changing them to a new bed.   I already have 10 each of 3 different strawberries growing in little troughs waiting for a bed in the new potager.

BM - newly planted beds are so exciting - all neat and clean and full of anticipation of what is to come.   Where do you keep our olive in winter?

Resurrected Eleven

Posted: 11/04/2017 at 18:13

I know, but most people think he meant oop north.

I have finally realised that these here ribs are slowing me down so much I shan't get the daffs we rescued planted for ages so, since we're off out to a Japanese themed fair for the day tomorrow I have decided to water the pile on their concrete block in the potager.   The farmer will think we're barking, but the ne did when he saw me with the sprinkler on my 100+ pot  of treasures that came with us.

Sunny - I advise a few long weekends oop north if you can - outside school hols.   You can still go sun seeking for the big ones.

Resurrected Eleven

Posted: 11/04/2017 at 16:28

Time you did.  There's some stunning countryside up there, beautiful villages and interesting towns.  Not all dark, satanic mills.

Thanks Busy.  Looks like a trip to Ma Campagne is called for.  i've just discovered you favourite loo rolls after filling a load with compost and watching them collapse!  Good job I took your advice to buy plastic goblets.

Minstrel kitten has caught her first mouse and is busy with it in the annex.  Cosmos is still on flies and other insects but onl manages to catch cluster flies which are dopey anyway.

I've been playing with babies and new treasures and now I'm off to plant out a choisya ternata Sundance which is desperate to get out of its pot.

Resurrected Eleven

Posted: 11/04/2017 at 14:34

Busy - where do you get your green weed fabric from?  I showed OH a pic of your veg patch that you posted and he likes it as an interim plan till we get raised beds made.

I've always associated clarty with trying to garden in sticky clay.  Northern word.   Might need to teach it to OH now we've found lots of it in some areas of the garden.  He's West Midlands, or was.

I shall be making hot cross buns on Friday.  Possum wasn't at all tempted - dried fruit issues - till I mentioned a recipe on Beeb Good Food for chocolate orange buns.  She'll try anything chocolate.  Not so sure myself.

Back to the plants for now.

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