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pet companions

Posted: 08/11/2017 at 13:38

That's the thing isn't it PP.  Knowing when it's time to let them go.   She looks like a real character so I hope you have some great memories to ease your loss.

Logan - I have them on Whiskas now with meat or poultry flavours only.   Other brands list fish proteins in their ingredients.   Have tried online but they all list fish proteins somewhere unless I import from USA so Whiskas it is for now.

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 08/11/2017 at 13:26

That must make you feel good Hosta.   Any progress on your pain seizures?   Have you tried magnesium supplements to help with your insomnia?  I bought a supply to help with cramps and it says it's good for aiding sleep.   My BMI is a work in progress............

We need to make space on our Sky box so I am womanfully FFing my way thru GW progs to see if there are any gems I need to show OH, such as raised bed building, and have found that chap on cloud pruning.   I shall have a go next spring on that hulking overgrown bay tree.

Did the gardening help you to lose weight?

Posted: 08/11/2017 at 13:11

Yep Loana - good for your brain in more ways than one.

Gardening Crafters

Posted: 08/11/2017 at 13:04

Love the colours and pattern Lyn.  I've only ever used a crochet hook with yarn the once several decades ago.  Not for me.  Good for doing highlights on hair though!

Pat - the trick for me is to crush the pill to a powder on a piece of paper then pour it into the fat end of a syringe, add a bit of water and shake then squirt it down kitty's throat while OH holds him.  Very quick and no spitting out.  With the dogs I hide them in fresh mince or some cheese.

Schefflera dropping healthy branches

Posted: 08/11/2017 at 10:59

Schefflera make good house plants but you need to get their light levels and watering right.  They need bright, but indirect light so try lifting the shade but make sure it's not in direct sun.

Watering is best done by the dunking method.  Wait till the compost feels dry then dunk in a bucket of water till no air bubbles appear and then let it drain completely before putting it back in its cache-pot.  They don't like to be moist all the time.


Posted: 08/11/2017 at 10:52

The tall plants are sansevaria cylindrica - known as "mother-in-law's tongues".  Long and pointy!

No idea on the succulents.

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: 08/11/2017 at 10:32

Even worse Busy.  If no-one's in, courier companies often just lob fragile parcels over fences - as seen on consumer progs on the Beeb.

Have to say I've been impressed here.  All deliveries on time whether here or to PO for collection.  This morning I've received my new fruit trees via courier and they only arrived at their Lille centre at 6:50pm yesterday.  I've also received the new weather centre via the PO.  Smiles all round.

On the other hand, bulldozer man hasn't appeared despite cashing the deposit 6 months ago.  Then, after a big prod from me to his office manager, he told OH last Monday that he'd come to dredge the pond on Thursday with nobody home.   OH had to put him off which means I shall have to go and prod again. 

Shower room fittings ordered from a fancy shower room company also a no-show so far and no-one is answering emails or phones.  Never had such problems in Belgium during all the work we did on that house or in Harrow in the 80s.

Win some, lose some.

pet companions

Posted: 08/11/2017 at 10:23

PP - I've only just seen this.  I'm so sorry but didn't she do well.  You too.

Not easy to keep Labs and Retrievers slim.  Ours is a proper gannet but we manage to keep him slim and, at roughly 8 or 9 yrs (rescue so guesstimate) he still leaps about like a puppy.   He has a special feeding plate to stop him hoovering his kibble.  Has to delve for it.

Cosmos kitten has an infected paw pad and has to have meds twice a day plus bathing and dressing of paw.  He spends a great deal of time trying lick off his "sock" but it takes him 12 hours which is good timing.  Hope it heals cos, if not, they'll remove the pad and it will likely mean he has FIV with low white blood cell counts.   Just have to keep him slim and healthy too so he can live a long life.

Biofreak - How clever of Pushkin to find a playmate and bring him home.   Fish is not that good for cats so wean him on to meat as soon as possible.   Check your regular food for fish content too.  Cats are carnivores, not naturally pescatarians.  A BBC  Trust me, I'm a Vet programme showed that cats which eat fish based foods get kidney problems as they get older.   I've had 3 die of kidney failure so this pair are now on meat only.

ID Please

Posted: 08/11/2017 at 10:08

Fox and cubs.  An interesting wildflower or a pesky invasive weed depending on your point of view.

Did the gardening help you to lose weight?

Posted: 08/11/2017 at 09:48

Paul B3 - all that exercise will, if you converted fat to muscle - just mean you take up less space.

Brisk walks and dancing do it for me.  Gardening makes me hungry and, after a good day and a long hot shower, I enjoy a glass of wine while I enjoy the results - vegetables, salads, fruit - so no, not good for weight loss tho it keeps one fitter and more flexible than sitting about.

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