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Posted: 03/08/2016 at 08:44

Busy - glad your day ended on a high.   Are they all Brits or some local French too?   I don't know any Belgians who make cake but the Germans are very good.   Lots of fruity apple and cherry cakes with nuts.

Another wet day here and cold and dull and windy.  Might have to put a summer duvet back on the bed. Even Pusscat snuggled up for warmth last night and she has her own sheepskin on the bed!   Certainly not a day for gardening - again.  I shall do a horror shop (SM) and then be tied to my sewing machine altering curtains and catching up on Charlie's garden shows while OH gets wet playing golf.  

I prefer my morning coffee on the hoof - after my juice - whilst feeding the birds and giving the dogs their morning cuddles and toothy chews. 

My flowers ..

Posted: 03/08/2016 at 08:31

Faywray - it's beautiful.  Maybe you could put an automatic watering system on your birthday and Xmas list and keep your beds and pots going that way.   Replace summer annuals with pansies for winter interest?   And a few evergreens for structure?

Busy - well done.  Lovely mix of colours and form.   I have been showing your various photos of vases to OH because I shall want a cutting garden for flowers in the new house.  Gave up having them here because the felines thought they were "entertainment" but now we have dogs it should be OK.

Aym - lots of help on the internet for making raised beds.  You just need the wood, a saw, a drill and some good screws.   Why not have a go yourself.

Salvia Hot lips

Posted: 02/08/2016 at 22:43

I think that specimen looks hungry and thirsty.   It should be full of leaves and flowers.

I suggest cutting it all back by half (take cuttings from the tips) and either planting it in the ground after giving it a good drenching or in a bigger pot with some decent compost.   Don't forget that, as a rule, potting compost only has food for 100 days max so you need to feed regularly.  This can be with a top dressing of slow release feed every spring or a weekly liquid feed between waterings.    Don't drown it but don't let it dry out either and it should recover and perform well.

Ferric phosphate slug pellets

Posted: 02/08/2016 at 17:16

I have used these, sparingly but frequently, since I first found them on sale here.   I start on Valentine's Day around susceptible hostas and clems and baby veggies later on and find they do the trick.  

Haven't found any dead birds or hedgehogs and the dogs are fine.  

This year though has been so wet the slugs are proliferating all over the garden I gave up but now the hostas and clems and veggies are past their vulnerable phase I no longer need the pellets.   Little, often and targeted seems to be OK here.

flowering shrub with upright growth

Posted: 02/08/2016 at 17:07

My hibiscus are both quite upright.  Slow to get going in spring but great when in bloom.

What about photinia Red Robin of sarcococca which are both evergreen and can be kept pruned to size.   The sarcococca will give you fragrance when it flowers.

I find potentillas are more hummocky and wide than tall and also prefer the white and terracotta flowered forms.  They do look a bit dull in winter.   


Posted: 02/08/2016 at 17:01

Persisting down all day here so Marie-Christine who comes for 5 hours every other Tuesday has been stuck indoors cleaning windows and their woodwork and mirrors and glass fronted cupboards.   This has only happened twice since she started here 3.5 years ago.   We'd both rather play outside than in, whatever the time of year, but no seeds to sow or babies to pot on in the shed so indoors it was.   

Busy - you do seem to have good funerals to say goodbye to your friends.   I hope you and OH are OK and can enjoy tonight's distractions at the garden club.

Dove - smart bench.  Lovely corner.

Dysons!  OH chose ours in January and loves it.  I loathe it with a passion.  Light enough but bad design.   Stupid handle shape and length; stupid shape to store; stupid system for holding heads on the handle; stupid collection system - gets blocked by tissues when I have a cold and they inevitably drop out of my sleeves whereas the Miele just sucked them up; stupid bagless cylinder dooberry impossible to empty without getting dust everywhere and then it needs cleaning!   How stupid can a machine design be?  

I've repaired the broken Miele which has sensible bags and great suction and a cat and dog head and use that in my sewing attic.  OH gets to do the rest of the house with his bloody Dyson.   When we move I'm having a robot that can trundle around doing downstairs all by itself cos the doors will be open far more and the dogs will be in and out all day bringing in bits.   We have streams and bogs and soggy paddocks here and they frequently come home looking and smelling like Clari's hound but all the way up to their armpits.   Hosepipe and shampoo time.

I hope we get some sun tomorrow.  Bit fed up with all the sorting and packing and cleaning.  Need a garden break.   I've seen to all the houseplants this pm but it's not quite the same as outside gardening.


Posted: 01/08/2016 at 13:34

Faffy sort of morning.  Went to Namur to complete the formalities for Possum's apartment and get the keys so we could start hanging curtains and depositing kitchen stuff.   Need to shorten two very heavy and long and wide old rose velvet curtains to fit a 4m wide window which is a pain but better than buying new at this stage in her life so that's me tied to the sewing machine this pm after another coat of paint on those chairs.......

Busy - lot of funerals lately!   Hope you're OK.

Topbird - sounds like a good weekend.   Motorways are dreadful when they become a car park.  Som eyears ago we went to Haute Provence for a riding holiday for Possum - organised by our neighbours at the riding school over the way.  Got there hours ahead of others who left earlier and followed their satnav down the Autoroute du Soleil.   I used a map and we took the scenic route.  Much less stressy and a good lunch too.

PDoc - well done on the canna.  I gave up growing them here.   They'd take so long to get going that by the time they did produce a flower it was time for the first frosts.    

Have fun with the painting Dove.    Have a good day all.

Can you put a hosta in a hanging basket?

Posted: 31/07/2016 at 11:51

I have some fairly low hanging waist height baskets on the back wall so a hosta would do in there but I agree, they're better seen from above or side on in pots and troughs or the ground.

I use wildlife friendly pellets to great effect but this year the slugs have been so prolific there has been some damage, even in pots standing on gravel paths and treated with pellets.   I saw copper rings here for the first time this year but very expensive so stick to the pellets and picking off.

I let mine flower as bees love them and some are scented but they are removed the minute they go over as this helps the foliage stay attractive much longer.

Lysimachia Clethroides

Posted: 31/07/2016 at 11:45

FG - I never liked the other loosestrifes either till I came across Beaujolais on the Hillier stand at Chelsea a few years ago.   Never seen it on sale here, not even at specialist plant fairs, so I have bought seeds to sow for my new garden.

Lou - sounds like you're planning a white border.

Can you put a hosta in a hanging basket?

Posted: 31/07/2016 at 09:05

They are herbaceous so die down at the end of summer and would need sheltering over winter to avoid freezing the root ball.   I don't see why it couldn't be grown in a hanging basket as long as it's big enough to keep it moist and not dry out between waterings.

Heucheras do not get eaten by slugs in my experience.

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