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What is it?

Posted: 25/10/2017 at 18:19

No photo.  try re-sizing it to make it smaller as there's a limit on here.

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 25/10/2017 at 18:17

Half a win then Hosta.  Just think of all the overtime you can do and playing in the tunnels while he's away.  Fruit tree planting time too..........   Temptation!

I am being bitten to bits at night despite a mozzie and whatever thingy in the bedroom.   9 new ones last night on tender inner thighs and back and tum.   Getting thru the lotion at an alarming rate as anti-histamine pills don't help.  Might have to put up a net in the new bedroom altho OH seems immune.

Meanwhile, I have found a colourful array of ladybirds crawling into window frames, presumably to hibernate.  Can't think why as it's still warm here but maybe there's no food now.   Anyway, have to be careful as I have found 2 squished corpses plus a flattened shield bug when I opened windows to air the rooms with no external doors.

Potting bench opinions...

Posted: 25/10/2017 at 16:53

In my Belgian garden I potted in the garage in grotty weather but ahd my main work area outside and open to teh elements - with an external socket for things like a radio, the strimmer, drill or Karcher as needed and an outside tap under which I stashed an old ceramic sink I found in a salvage place. Useful for washing pots but also for watering transplants, seedlings, divisions etc as I could leave them standing in it to drain at their own pace.

Advice pleas

Posted: 25/10/2017 at 14:58

That's one compensation then and I think the tree may recover faster than you fear.  Give it a mulch now of well rotted manure or garden compost and maybe a sprinkling of bonemeal around the roots first and then a good all-round feed in spring - some blood, fish and bone around the roots and then a mulch of well rotted compost or garden manure but not too deep.

Advice pleas

Posted: 25/10/2017 at 14:48

You have if you haven't already paid him!

Potting bench opinions...

Posted: 25/10/2017 at 12:36

I sthis for you are you another student seeking info for a project?

Either way, correct working height for your posture, enough space to contain some compost and the pots or trays being filled and planted or sown.  Sturdy legs so no wobbling.  A rim at back and sides to contain the compost and grit.  Shelf underneath for trays and pots.  Maybe hooks on the sides for some hand tools and sieve and flat bock for tamping down compost and a slot for an old kitchen fork and knife, a pencil, a dibber and a place to hang or perch a  radio.

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Advice pleas

Posted: 25/10/2017 at 12:33

Friends of ours have this done every few years to reduce the tops of some birches in their garden.  They're between houses and known to be shallow rooted and relatively short lived so they keep the top thinned and shortened to reduce the risk of one or all going over onto a house.

Done well by a competent surgeon the trees grow back well and look great.   If you can post a pic we can help you decide if he's done well or been a butcher.   Size counts so if a pic won't load, resize it.

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 25/10/2017 at 11:11

It's not a dish GW, it's a horror.   All the bits of innards you don't want to know about shoved into a sausage shaped bit of intestine.  Triple yuk!   Makes haggis look positively haute-cuisine.

Don't do tartare either but I do like my steak rare.  Always enjoy seeing Americans ordering steak américain as that is another version of raw minced steak..........

DL - I know.  I was being naughty.

Pdoc - I have long thought docs should spend a couple of nights as patients in hospital to see how the other half live.    went in for neck surgery in 2012.  My private room wasn't available so i spent the night in a room with 3 old biddies - one Portuguese and taken ill while visiting family in Brussels.  Not a  word of French and very frightened after all her visitors left.  Another snored all night and the last had been there so long her clock was inside out and she was awake all night wanting attention.   I made it very clear I was not going back there after surgery.

As it happens, I woke up in intensive care cos my neck swelled so I had breathing difficulties.  Noisiest place ever with all the beeping and clicking and pinging and people running back and forth answering alarms plus the noise of ambulance sirens all day and night.  They brought me a lovely rare steak for lunch but I couldn't eat it.  Despite all the noise the care was excellent and the staff were all courteous and helpful and smiley.   I went back the following year for my new feet.   Great place and great system but, even so, there are some hospitals in Belgium which definitely need to be avoided as they are badly run and have bad outcomes.  It's down to people as well as funding. 

Cladding done and windows in!!   Now to  insulate and board the insides and get all the goodies in.


Coping with withdrawal symptoms

Posted: 25/10/2017 at 09:32

Try Beechgrove VS - 30 mins packed with good info and well presented even if if it's not immediately relevant to you and your garden.   Old methods/plants/techniques/products and new.

pet companions

Posted: 25/10/2017 at 09:30

DH - my dogs behave differently off lead too.  Only obey when it suits them which is most of the time but not when they've spotted a deer or a hare.   Recall only works then when they've run out of puff.   They never catch anything and are, fortunately, too busy running to eat strange things - so far.

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