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Strictly 2014

Posted: 14/12/2014 at 22:42

Good show on Saturday with some fabulous dancing.   Very pleased to see some decent armography in Caroline's salsa and Frankie's Argentine Tango was wonderful.  Pasha and kevin are very clever.

I thought Jake was the weakest so am pleased he's gone.   I thought the choreography for Mark's rumba was poor but he danced well.  Shame about Simon's misake in samba. Let's hope he doesn't mess up next week or it will be a very one sided competition.

Cornus Flaviramea

Posted: 14/12/2014 at 18:41

Be careful what you wish for.  I planted one of these and it took a few years to get going.  Now it's creeping happily about the woodland corner in which I planted it which is fine for me as the space needs filling but may be less good for someone wanting more control.

I also have cornus Midwinter Fire and Alba Sibirica happily spreading about.   The Midwinter Fire can be a bit too enthusiastic and needs bits digging up.  The only one that isn't rampant is the mahogany stemmed, variegated leaved elegantissima.   

Family traits

Posted: 14/12/2014 at 18:36

Heaven forbid!!  I hope I'm more caring, more adventurous, more nurturing and kinder - and a better cook and gardener.

Hey Good Looking.....

Posted: 14/12/2014 at 10:47

Rustling is an increasing problem according to Countryfile and is bad for both animal and farers so it is important to buy meat only from proper sources where origins can be traced.

Slow roast belly pork for us tonight - bought from a supermarket that insists on proper housing for the pigs so equivalent to British pork.   Much of the European mainland has yet to implement the new standards.  Belly pork is the only cut here that has skin on for crackling.

Tomorrow I'm making Christmas muffins for my scientists - English conversation group for local boffins working on international projects.


Hey Good Looking.....

Posted: 13/12/2014 at 12:24

Carrot and leek soup with a bit of chilli for lunch.  Still pondering dinner which needs to be light but warming as the dogs need a long walk this pm after being cooped up yesterday during the wild, wet gales.

broad beans sown in autumn

Posted: 11/12/2014 at 18:50

I too find it''s best to wait till spring or I spend all winter worrying abut them being frozen blown over or otherwise smashed by storms.  Given winters here it's a better bet and the spring sown ones soon catch up.

I occasionally get some blacfly but the tits and sparrows soon hoover them up for their nestlings.

What do you have left to do in the garden this year?

Posted: 10/12/2014 at 01:21

Spent 5 hours out there today weeding and spreading compost and planting and transplanting and bulbing and got loads done but still more bulbs to plant.  The soil is cold and claggy now so I'm off to buy compost and will then put the rest of the bulbs in pots in the greenhouse.   They can then be plunged in the borders next spring.

That just leaves windbreaks to put up on the fences and the hose pipes to roll up and put away.

Strictly 2014

Posted: 09/12/2014 at 18:56

I don't see why it can't be a dance competition and entertaining but if it is going to be a competition the judges have to obey the rules as well as the competitors and they shouldn't have been so lenient with earlier transgressions.  Scoring has been fat too high from the start and they now have nowhere to go after giving all those early 7s, 8s and 9s.

Len is the only one with real ballroom experience as a competitor, judge and teacher and quite rightly likes to see certain basic steps.  The others have been successful dancers and/or choreographers but that does not make them experts in ballroom although Craig does nit pick very well on technique and his scoring is usually the most pertinent.   

Ballroom includes 5 standard and 5 latin dances, all of which have strict rules for tempo, footwork, posture and lifts.  There are none allowed in the 10 ballroom dances.   There are even rules for the American Smooth with 3 lifts and so much of it having to be in hold but pretty well anything goes in the latino dances such as salsa and Argentine tango and oddballs such as the Charleston.

I'd quite like to see some Boogie and Bachata in the mix as they are great fun to dance and attractive to watch but mostly I'd like to see rues being observed and judges being dispassionate and objective.

There's plenty of entertainment provided by the dancers, the band and the guest performers and no need for any other messing about.



What do you have left to do in the garden this year?

Posted: 09/12/2014 at 11:22

Snow and frost stopped play last week so I still have some perennials to shift and others to heel into the veggie plot for the winter till I can get their new homes cleared in spring.  Bulbs too and, silly me, I bought some more daffs yesterday on sale.......

Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: 09/12/2014 at 09:50

We always used to buy potted Xmas trees but only one has ever survived.  This is because they are not usually pot grown but hacked out of the ground with a teeny bit of root with no feeding roots and plunged into too small a pot.  They then get taken from cold outisde to hot inside and stressed even more.

A better bet would be to buy one from a proper nursery and nurture it but then you have a long wait for it to reach optimum size and have to look after it all year and keep potting it on over the years and then what do you do when it's too big for the house and then the garden?

The cut ones are grown as a renewable crop and get composted at the end.  A lot less bovver.


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