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Amateur gardeners needing help!

Posted: 20/03/2017 at 14:08

More questions :-

What kind of soil?  Heavy/sandy/clay/loam/acid/neutral/alkaline?  

Is the soil in that bed topsoil or lumps of sub soil from the excavations?   

How cold do you get in winter?    

Help me choose a rotovator

Posted: 20/03/2017 at 13:25

I agree with KT about costs and maintenance.

Have you thought of trying No Dig?   It's a system that may work well for you on clay.

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 20/03/2017 at 12:42

Pat - as far as I know, poodles were bred in France to retrieve ducks for hunters - hence their French name caniche.   She should like water then.........

We have been to the Mairie to deposit plans for a wee extension to make a shower room, then a raid on the local supermarket where I can buy decent sized red onions and spelt and seed biscuits for OH to have with cheese.   Currently waiting for a frittata to cook then gardening - if the rain holds off.  Looks a bit gloomy out there now.

Yvie - good look with the clothes sorting.  Might be fun trying on old stuff again to see what fits now.   Better than h*work!

Best branch garden saw

Posted: 20/03/2017 at 12:36

I use a Wolf pruning saw too for branches that can't be cut with loppers or secateur.  I've had it for over 25 years and it is still good.  Just needs an odd clean and a squirt of WD40.   It can be attached to either a hand length handle or a medium or a long so can be used for close work and higher branches.

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 20/03/2017 at 10:23

And close to Bressingham gardens so very handy I should think.

Sunny spells here but mostly cloudy and a teeny bit damp but not measurable.   I shall be checking all the pots for watering needs and weeds and then building the cold frames as I'm expecting a delivery of babies this week.   Need to find somewhere to heel in some currant bushes that have to move for a trellis fence to be erected and then I can liberate some clems.   Best check compost levels too.

T'bird - friends of mine in Belgium - one hectare garden, appears in mags and on TV - gets a full lorry load of council compost delivered every Nov/Dec and then spends his time barrowing it out to mulch the beds while they're dormant and new spring shoots can come up in "clean" soil.   He uses his own garden compost to mulch the potager.   No idea what he pays.

Easiest way to dig a border

Posted: 19/03/2017 at 17:47

Good planning.   Try and hire the machinery anyway as it will make the job eaiser and boys love toys.

Black bugs devouring my Acer!

Posted: 19/03/2017 at 17:22

Sounds like a form of aphid.  Just blast them off with a spray from a hosepipe.   

You can use an insecticide but they're indiscriminate and will also kill the good guys like lacewings and ladybirds which like to hoover up aphids for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   They'll be along when the weather warms up a bit so you need to be patient and use the hose pipe till they come and correct the balance.

Suggestions for clematis through this weigela?

Posted: 19/03/2017 at 16:35

I love that one Richard but it didn't like my Belgian garden so I tried a flammula in another part and it's supporting tree was hit by lightening and the clematis didn't like that either.

Hello Forkers - March Thread

Posted: 19/03/2017 at 16:31

Hare or chicken with tarragon and mustard sauce, salmon poached with tarragon, tarragon salad......  Yum!  I like fennel too and star anise.   I can buy frozen tarragon here, for when I'm between plants.

OH is now walking the dogs and I am playing at confusing the robot by moving furniture in the dining room which is currently doing duty as our kitchen..........   Roll on the new one.  They start installing on Wednesday all being well.

I might be needing a glass of wine - cook's perks - soon.  First to decide what to do with two chicken breasts and some mushrooms - Thai or British?

Ultimate Alphabet 'S'

Posted: 19/03/2017 at 16:23

Suspenders belt, sea bass, snapper, skipjack tuna, sitka deer, Scottie dog, saw, set square, Saiga antelope, snow leopard, sandpiper, sea lion

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