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Hebs need help

Posted: 21/06/2017 at 16:58

Easy - it doesn't want to sit in a puddle or dry out either so water frequently and let it drain.

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: 21/06/2017 at 16:50

Pregnant would be interesting!

Nothing at all at all to do with gardening.

Posted: 21/06/2017 at 16:29

High speed trains have made a huge difference to accessibility between cities here on the continent - Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Germany are the ones I've used and it certainly beats short hop air travel.

The UK desperately needs some upgrades to its train systems but I do wonder if money wouldn't be better spent on improving the lines it has as well as the rolling stock and stations so you can get more passengers thru in comfort and safety.  I can remember having to stand all the way from Euston to Manchester for weeks on end in the early 80s.  Things have not improved.

It would surely be cheaper in the long run to change bridges to cope with double decker trains and lengthen platforms on the busiest commuter lines and upgrade tracks to take faster trains on long distances between big cities without digging up whole swathes of countryside and urban areas for completely new lines.  

Visit to Barnsdale Gardens

Posted: 21/06/2017 at 16:14

Fabulous.  Lots of lovely TV moment memories in there.

Hebs need help

Posted: 21/06/2017 at 15:50

Thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano - Mediterranean herbs that like free draining soil and sunshine so I reckon your soil is too rich and too moist.

Basil is actually originally from India but has been cultivated for at east 500 years.  It is in the mint family so wants a fairly rich compost with good drainage but frequent watering.  It is very sensitive to cold and loves sunshine.  


Posted: 21/06/2017 at 15:03

Not in my experience but they do like to be moist and cool.  If they get hot and dry they'll sacrifice their flowers to save the plant.

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Posted: 21/06/2017 at 15:02

I have just cleared the stems of my two up to head height and trimmed back a lot of the whippy new growth.  I did this in January and after the flowers went over in April - early this year cos of a mini heatwave.   They are both flowering well again tho not as prolifically as in April.   Fabulous perfume.

I think yours should respond to pruning as indicated on the RHS website and you can try giving them some liquid tomato food as a tonic to help promote flowers.   Give them some slow release rose or tomato food next spring.

Help Identifying small tree like plant with white flowers

Posted: 21/06/2017 at 14:53

Plants need energy to produce flowers and those pots look very small.  Most potting composts only have food for 90 days so your tree may well just be hungry and maybe thirsty.   I would start by giving it a very good drink to help slip it out and then plant it in a bigger pot with fresh planting compost under and around the root ball.

Top dress with some slow release fertiliser every spring and make sure the compost is kept moist, but not sodden, especially in the growing season and give it an occasional boost of liquid tomato food in teh water between Feb and the end of June.

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: 21/06/2017 at 14:46

Oops - forgot to offer best wishes to LP.  Hope it gets cleared up soon.

I don't do bedding either but found a free pack of alyssums when I was cataloguing seeds and decided to sow them.  I now have a mini forest in plugs but can't plant them out just now with it registering 43C outside and no rain in sight.   Love sisyrinchums but thy'd not grow in teh Belgian garden.  Something to try here.

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: 21/06/2017 at 13:55

Hello everyone.  Not quite as hot today.  We have all the shutters down and windows open to let breezes in and it's a comfy 28C indoors.  Nearly 40C outside so a quiet afternoon in store and more painting at about 5pm.

We walked the dogs at 9:30 last night which was lovely but lots of hares about so Bonzo ran for miles chasing one and then another.   He never gets close but tries anyway.   So hot and exhausted last night that for the first time ever he didn't finish his dinner.

No sign of an end to the heatwave here nor any rain or storms.

Good to have OH home Joyce and even better that you're having some "me time".

DD - do try and stop occasionally, just to draw breath and reflect before ploughing on.  

Busy - you've gone quiet.  Have the pain meds worked?  Are things improving? 

Enjoy the day, whatever you're up to everyone.

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