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Falling leaves-loads of em.

Posted: 08/10/2015 at 11:49

If they're falling on grass, use the lawn mower to shred and collect them and then bag them as they make excellent compost.

If not, and you can cope with the look of it, leave them be.  The worms will take them down into the soil over winter and that'll improve the soil in your beds effortlessly.  That's what happens in woods.

Today's observations?

Posted: 08/10/2015 at 11:29

I had just one flying visit from a group of long tailed tits a couple of years ago.  Never seen them here before or since and I have feeders up all year.   No other gardens or feeders nearby but we are surrounded by arable and pastureland and have woods nearby so maybe they don't need my feeders.

We have local buzzards who use the thermals over the field behind to teach their youngsters about flying.   Lots of mewing and whirling.

Very quiet in the garden this morning but the riding school over the way has put its ponies and most of the horses in the paddocks opposite so they can air the boxes  and they're great fun to watch as they skit about.


Posted: 07/10/2015 at 16:48

I have Vanille Fraise which was my first and have since bought Limelight, Mega Mindy, Prim White and Pink Diamond.   I've had to rescue all except VF and PD from the beds they were growing in and grow them in pots this year so I can do some serious clearing of weeds such as couch grass and bindweed that were taking the mickey after 2 mild winters and my gardening absence for new feet.  

They are all doing well but will be even happier back in the ground.   They all turn pink eventually but I like it.

Today's observations?

Posted: 07/10/2015 at 16:40

Here in central Belgium they are migratory but we haven't seen any great egrets during the last 3 relatively mild winters.

Talkback: Plants for damp shade

Posted: 07/10/2015 at 15:59

All of those plus ligularias, chelone, astilboides, candelabra primulas and Japanese anemones in mine which gets full sun from 3:30pm between the spring and autumn equinoxes so no direct sun at all for 6 months of the year.   

Stinging nettle tea vs comfrey tea.

Posted: 07/10/2015 at 15:51

Last year Beechgrove (BBC2 Sunday mornings or BBC2 Scotland in the week) did an experiment with feeding tomatoes.   Comfrey won hands down over commercial fertilisers.  The old presenter was flabbergasted.

As Fidget says, it is high in the nutrients that promote flowers and fruiting.   Nettles have loads of nitrogen which is good for leafy plants.   The best quality teas are made with fresh growth ffrom spring and early summer pickings.


Posted: 07/10/2015 at 15:28

Mine is in its 3rd full year and I have done the pruning as advised by the nurseryman who sold it to me and this year it has produced more numerous and more sturdy stems and the flowers have been held high rather than drooping.   It is in full sun on moisture retentive but well drained soil and has had to cope with a drought this year.

Today's observations?

Posted: 07/10/2015 at 13:09

Egrets are winter visitors but not when it's a mild one so seeing a pair this early is a bit worrying.

We don't get goldfinches at all and the greenfinches which used to be plentiful disappeared a few years ago, as did the little owls.  We do get lots of little brown jobs which I can never identify - assorted warblers I think - and blackbirds but not thrushes..


Posted: 07/10/2015 at 12:04

These plants flower on new wood so leave it for now but next spring, around the end of Feb or mid March you can prune each stem back to a bout 9 inches and give the plant a generous feed of blood, fish and bone or pelleted chicken manure and then occasional liquid feeds of tomato food to encourage flowers.

If you do this every spring the plant should bulk up and grow more and stronger stems as it matures.

Today's observations?

Posted: 07/10/2015 at 12:00

Usual suspects in my garden - sparrows, assorted tits, robins, woodpeckers, turtle doves, wren.  No chaffinches today.  

In the paddock we have a flight of 7 or 8 Egyptian geese doing aerial circuits.   The Canada geese have gone foraging but will be back to sleep later and there are mallards and moorhens in the stream as well as 2 great egrets who have arrived for winter and the heron family which isn't that keen on sharing the territory but can't bully them like they do the small egrets.

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