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HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 19:59

I hope you're pleased with your tidying up Hazel.

In Belgium we are required by law to keep our property edges clean and clear so we have to remove any litter tossed out of passing cars, weed the road edge and cut the grass along the verge of our paddock.  In winter we're supposed to clear snow..... 

I hope all that layering hasn't done your neck in again Hosta.

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 16:22

Agree DD.  You've made your escape so the hardest part is over.  Adjusting to new found freedom and all that entails is bound to have ups and downs.   Once you do have your own place and maybe even a tea shop you'll be very busy so regard this period as precious quiet time to gather yourself together so make the most of it.

I can get belly pork here with the skin on but I do have to go to just the one supermarket for it.  I once asked their butchers to prepare me a loin of pork with the skin and they gave it to me dressed French style - so fat trimmed - and with the skin in a separate piece.  Doh!   Going to have to cultivate the local butcher I think.

Smelly now - lots of white spirit for the paint I inevitably get on me so a shower before tackling fabrics.

Climbing across my fence

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 16:14

My cirrhosa kept its leaves all year till hammered by à -25C which it didn't like at all.  Exit one clem.  Well, several actually and some other stuff too.

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Posted: 19/09/2016 at 13:17

The dictionaries define a hedge as a closely planted line of shrubs or trees creating a boundary.   One or two separate trees or shrubs do not a hedge make!

I agree with the others - the neighbours are trying it on and have no right to a view over your garden whereas you do have a right to privacy.   Stick to your guns.

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 13:10

I know people are enjoying Poldark.   Each to their own.   I just think that given the Beeb is supposedly strapped for cash they could possible re-show the old versions on daytime or night time TV and make something new for evenings.

I have just looked at our local forecast and it seems to think we may get a drop or two of rain next Tuesday.   Far too late and too little!   There were storms here but they went south and north and left us high and dry in the middle.

Back to the packing now.  Books, CDs and DVDs done.   Now to tackle the sewing stuff.  I may be gone a while.   Lots of fabric..................

Climbing across my fence

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 13:05

Clematis montana can be a thug and grow far too big for most people so I would suggest you consider a couple of better behaved alpinas or macropetalas for early spring flowers.    You could also try clematis cirrhosa which is evergreen except in severe winters and flowers in winter.  Use this academic site to search for different types and info about flowers, pruning etc. - http://www.clematis.hull.ac.uk/new-clemlistsearch.cfm 

The thing with mixing clematis is to make sure they are all in the same pruning group or life can get complicated.  The above mentioned are all group 1 - prune only after flowering and in order to keep to size.  Use this academic site to search for different types and info about flowers, pruning etc.

Plant them several inches deeper than they were in the pot and give them a good soak first.  The planting hole needs to be at least 18"/45cm away from the fence so the plants aren't in the rain shadow and also deep and wide.   Back-fill with a  good mix of your soil with added garden or bought compost and maybe a handful of pelleted chicken manure or blood, fish and bone mixed in.   Water thoroughly and then mulch with more compost to retain moisture.  Give occasional liquid tonics of liquid tomato food and, every spring, a generous dollop of clematis food.   

As they grow, train the stems out horizontally along wires stretched across your fence at 12"/30cms intervals.

Training an evergreen ceanothus will give you flowers later on.  I would also suggest pyracantha as they are good for wildlife with their blossom and berries and shelter.

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 10:52

Ha!  I reckon the biggest Poldark mistake was bothering to re-do it in the first place.   There must be other historical sagas they could have filmed without doing the same old same old.    Didn't need another War and Peace either tho I did enjoy the last P&P and Possum watches that and is now reading the book.

Good news Pat.  Well done.   

I am messing with CDs.  Removals man said they could stay on their racks and be packed as they were so OH has carefully packed them away.  I am now cleaning them and their racks and putting them back. 

Leccy man has been and complimented me on how well I know the system and circuits.  Easy when you've lived through every second of the renovations.  OH hasn't a clue as he always managed to be working away from home during the muck and dust and banging and clattering.

Climbing across my fence

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 10:42

It depends which way it faces, what kind of soil you have and where you are.  I find evergreens can suffer in cold winters so it may be best to go with a mix of plants to give a broader seasonal interest.

HELLO FORKERS! September Edition

Posted: 19/09/2016 at 09:03

Morning all.  There's a house in the village where they've got a bicycle coming out of the wall and onto the pavement.  They put flowers in the basket on the handlebars.   Looks good.

Bright and sunny again here so I've had the sprinkler on my pot collection whilst sorting out one of my pantry cupboards.   More sorting while waiting for chappy to come and check our leccy installation - house sale requirement - and then chair painting.

i'm going to have to sprinkle the beds at this rate or I'll run out of time to rescue treasures to start my new garden off - certain shades of geum and hemerocallis and potentilla that I only see at plant fairs and a chunk of my lysimachia clethroides alba and the fancier persicarias.........

OH is having fun packing books and dismantling Billy shelves for the dump - they can't take the weight.  What use is a bookcase that can't cope with books?  

I might need a snoozle later on as I was awake half the night reading the new Harry Potter from start to finish.    OH's fault for waking me up snoring.


Posted: 19/09/2016 at 08:51

You can search this forum for lots of other threads on cat poo.

The general consensus is that a water scarecrow is the most effective permanent solution.  Google the name for info.

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