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Lily of the valley - invading from the other side of the fence

Posted: Today at 12:08

I like lily of the valley but I suppsoe you can have too much if it's in the wrong place.  As Frank says, it's quite easy to clear, especially if you wet the soil first to loosen the roots and then put a vertical barrier below the fence and several inches down into the soil.  Old slate tiles, polythene panels, old slabs or a membrane will do it.

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: Today at 12:03

Well at least M&S seems to realise the population is growing and average heights have increased, unlike the people who design and build ladies loos with those nasty Dyson "blade" dryers carefully positioned so that I, at a mere 5'6.5 inches have to bend to use them.  Not good for dodgy backs.

Pdoc - pigeon defender chappy is clever with all sorts of stuff.  More pics on the Asphodèle- Vendée thread - last garden visited.

Hosta - fingers crossed Spikey is safe or has lots of surviving relatives.   Not too bothered about the idiot tenants' futures but do wonder about what other damage they will go on to inflict on the unsuspecting.

Lovely moth Dacha.

moving gladioli

Posted: Today at 10:57

It should be fine.   Water well and leave it to soak in so you cause less root disturbance when you do dig them out.  They will re-establish all the quicker and be able to take advantage of relatively warm soils and autumn rains.

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: Today at 10:42

Haven't seen those on sale for donkey's years Dove, hence putting elastic in my jeans.  Philippa, I think, advised me to try Etam for shapely jeans but they're all too low on the hips for me.  I've only recently started wearing them again after finding none to come even close to fitting me between the ages of 16 and 50 odd.   

Pdoc - check out the pigeon protectors in the photo on these lettuces - cheap, easy and effective as long as frosts aren't a problem.

Definitely need a view and plenty of light Liri.  Hosta's hubby says I should neuter those walls with grey first.

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: Today at 09:29

What are you sowing?   I'm wondering about getting a head start on seedlings now so they can benefit form, I hope, increased rainfall this autumn to get their roots down deep so they can cope with any more drought or excess heat next spring and summer.

First to find some decent seed compost tho.

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: Today at 09:02

I have no idea DL.  Previous owners were a fireman who scarpered suddenly about 4 years ago leaving child-minder wife and 3 kids.   I assume she chose the colours and where to put the alphabet stickers - all gone now but covering those paint colours is going to be a real chore.

No gardening progs Pat?  In spring?   Shameful!

Seed head identification

Posted: Today at 08:07

I can't enlarge the picture so it's hard to distinguish the features.  That said, this is a UK based forum with one or two extraneous elements like me in Europe and Oz and that may well be a plant we just don't know or grow over here.

I suggest you contact a local botanical garden or garden forum.

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: Today at 07:56

Have some more DL.  Help clear the head!

What is it about OHs and peripheral vision?   Is mine particularly unobservant or is it male physiology?

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: Today at 07:24

Good morning.  2nd coffee and on parade for supposedly imminent builders coming to start on the foundations for our shower room, the idea being that when we get well past 27 the knees won't do stairs too well,   By then, the unattractive green and turquoise former playroom will be a charming bedroom with a rose garden outside its door...........

Cloudy all round the horizon with watery looking cream and grey bits to the east but clear overhead so I can play outside with furniture and maybe some pots.

OH is off to Nantes-ish to play golf all day so I get to supervise dogs and men.

No wind here either Pat but more important for you I think.  Good.

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: Yesterday at 22:23

Maybe they're for making vodka rather than mash or chips.

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