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How do you care for indoor plants during the winter?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:50

Where and how you keep a plant and how often you feed and water differ form plant to plant and season to season.   Lots of info out there in books and on Google.  Just look up what your plant needs and treat it accordingly.


Not a very clever question or questionnaire I'm afraid.

pet companions

Posted: Yesterday at 17:41


Rasta doggy began her day with a roll in smelly poo.  OH decided he didn't want to shower her so used half a pack of wet wipes to clean her up.  Needs a chat about how unenvironmentally friendly they are.

Bonzo doggy has a dangerous tail but we've learned to keep ornaments and wine glasses and coffee cups out of range.

The Kitties have been remarkably trouble free apart from getting the demon version of cat flu as babies and now Cosmos with his poorly paw.  A little bit of scratching of the sofa and a bit of cheese thievery but that's all.

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 17:01

Good that your farmer neighbour helps with the heavy lifting Busy and that the horses will be cosy.

Just back from doc's for flu jab and foot inspection.  Blood declared perfect and good for someone 10 or 15 years younger.  BP healthy too.  Good.  X-ray needed for toe to see what's going on.  Meanwhile strap it if necessary and keep walking the dogs.  Prescriptions for shingles jabs which are free to over 65s.  Next week then.

OH has statins cos of family history on his mum's side with irregular heart beat and his siblings are also on Warfarin and all sorts.   Same genes, different diets.  Apart from some naughty gouty bits inherited from his dad for which he also takes a daily pill, OH is fit and healthy.  He doesn't have any side effects so is fortunate. 

Love pistachios in Indian carrot cake, lightly toasted on ice cream, in biscuits.  have to avoid teh salted ones as they are just too more-ish.

When do you get your blood test results Pdoc?   When will you know if it's something you've picked up on your travels and how to treat it?   Must be such a worry for you and your BH.  Try and stay positive.

Do you chaps think DL is Lost in France?

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 14:57

Bought a lovely grey mullet at the SM for dinner tonight.   Looking up recipes led me to Atul Kochar who specified chat masala as an ingredient so googled that and found I need black salt which I had to google too.   This healthy eating business can get a bit circuitous!   Local, unrefined sea salt will have to do.


Posted: Yesterday at 14:20

Grass seed needs a bit of warmth to germinate and then continue growing strongly.   In the UK, the best times are supposed to be September and April because there is moisture and warmth.   Sowing seed now is unlikely to give you good results but will be appreciated by the birds.

Wait till the end of March then scarify again to remove winter thatch then, when temps are reliably warm enough in April, rake the surface loose and sow your seed.   Give it 2 or 3 weeks without walking on it so the seed has a chance to germinate and then get roots down and shoots up.   

Do not mow before it  is quite long and then don't cut it back shorter than one inch/2.5 cms.   It needs the length of leaf to feed the new roots and make it strong.   You can probably reduce the length gradually from mid to late summer, depending on what kind of weather you get next year.

Hello Forkers . November 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 13:24

Eating an avocado a day for 3 weeks is supposed to lower bad cholesterol Dove.  Worth trying along with oats and pistachios between now and 7/12.  I have a similar problem cos of the stupid toe.  Cholesterol up a bit but well withing tolerances fortunately.   Just blubbery from not being able to walk the dogs every day.  It's flared up again so I'm off to see the doc this pm to see about X-rays and treatment, if any.   

Been to do an SM raid this am and popped into a GC selling plants off cheaply.  None that I wanted but I did get 5 fake terracotta pots at 60% off.  They'll keep my new clems happy for the winter and the fat juicy blackberry plant will keep OH happy.  They even had plant labels.

Popped into another shop for a couple of tupperwares and they had Xmas baby socks for 2€.  Oh thought we should get some for Cosmos but I sincerely hope he'll have healed by then.

No frosts here and it was 15C when we set off at 11am.   Very odd.

Glad you're feeling better Busy.   Flying or driving?   Flying with a cold always makes my ears and sinuses feel even worse.

Glad you've finally got some decent rain Pat.

LG - I bought some garlic the other day.  No idea what kind other than pinkish.  Tried it twice in Belgium and it froze to a mush.  I trust that won't be a problem here.

How to store hyacinth bulbs to prevent sprouting

Posted: 16/11/2017 at 23:37

I don't think you can expect to hold them back much once they start.   These will be forced bulbs designed to flower for Xmas.

You could try transferring them to another pot for your own enjoyment and replace with non treated bulbs which will just be starting to grow by Xmas.

Monty knife

Posted: 16/11/2017 at 23:21

Monty does have help from, I gather, a couple of women.   DK used to rabbit on about how Monty never acknowledged his helpers.   It does seem less than honest.

Saving my hydrangea

Posted: 16/11/2017 at 23:10

Hydrangeas are hardy to -15C tho if such temps last more than a night or two the tops of mop head and lace cap hydrangeas may be damaged or even frozen back to the crown and that will mean no flowers.   This happened to me a lot in my Belgian garden.

Hydrangea paniculata flower on new season's growth so it doesn't matter if the tops are frozen as they can happily be cut back hard in late March, given a feed and they then grow a whole new set of stems which flower in summer.   I ended up with 6 or 7 of these in my Belgian garden and have brought 3 of them with me to my new garden.  Luscious plants if given what they need to grow well.

Saving my hydrangea

Posted: 16/11/2017 at 15:08

Plant it in the ground or give it a much bigger pot.  They need a lot of room so their roots can go and seek out the nutrients and water they need.

Whichever you do, give it a good soaking first and, if it's going in th eground, plant it at the same depth as before but in a hole you have prepared by adding some well-rotted manure or garden compost to the surrounding soil for when you back fill.   

If you go for a pot, plant at the same depth but make sure you use good quality John Innes no 3 grade compost mixed with some multi purpose compost for water retention.  Water well and then mulch the top with some pebbles, gravel or expanded clay pellets to keep down weeds and reduce evaporation.

Whether or not you get any flowers next year will depend on what variety it is and when you pruned it.  Some flower on old wood and some on new.

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