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Glyphosate based weed killers (i.e. Roundup et al)

Posted: 18/05/2015 at 23:44

Monsanto has developed crops that are resistant to glyphosate (another of its inventions now freed from license) with the express purpose of allowing stronger solutions of it to be used on weeds which is why there is such a high incidence of cancer and birth defects in areas and countries that use them - usually poor 3rd world communities where profits and politics come before the health of citizens or countryside and correct supervision and controls of noxious products.

It's a useful product, used properly, but the price may be too high in the long term.


Chelsea tv coverage.

Posted: 18/05/2015 at 23:38

Have spent a happy evening watching all the Chelsea coverage so far but being distracted by trivia and bad suits.   15 large gardens and we've seen about 3 in any detail and some not at all.    Not a lot of the fresh or artisan gardens either yet.

James Wong's suit is hideously staid and boring and who let that rugby player out in floral lime green?   I hope tehy're wool and can be composted.

Time to put celeb worship on the compost heap too.   Let the nurserymen and women and designers have the spotlight this week.

Help Identifying this plant would be appreciated

Posted: 18/05/2015 at 23:27

Looks like one of the weigelias to me.

Totally Tangerine

Posted: 18/05/2015 at 22:52

Love geums, even the orange ones.  They grow without fuss or bother and are pest and disease free and self seed or spread very happily and are not wussy about bad winters.    

Brilliant plants.   

Should I re-position my Clematis "Ernest Markham"?

Posted: 18/05/2015 at 22:49

Ernest Markham will cope with sun or semi shade so it can stay where it is but also be moved if you want to.

The main thing is to plant it good and deep and enrich its soil as clems are very hungry, thirsty plants.  Planting it about 4" deeper than it was in its pot helps keeps the roots cool, which they like, but also encourages extra flowering shoots to form.

Ernest Markham is a group 2 which means just a light prune after flowering in May/June and then it will produce a main crop of flowers in late summer.   It's often easier to treat it as a group 3 and prune it back hard in March.  Either way it needs a generous feed of proper clematis food every spring and occasional waterings with rose or tomato fertiliser until it starts flowering. 

Popular threads

Posted: 18/05/2015 at 22:27

There's also the "View first unread post" facility to click on when you go to a thread.

Popular threads

Posted: 18/05/2015 at 21:12

Click on the green arrow in the right hand column and that will take you to the last page.


flowers on my chillies

Posted: 18/05/2015 at 19:43

It just means they haven't been pollinated so won't form a chili.   Try using a soft headed paintbrush to pollinate the next lot, just fluffing it gently over each flower in turn to transfer pollen.

Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: 18/05/2015 at 17:43

Came home from teaching English to my scientists and potted up 50 or so assorted chilies and a dozen sweet yellow peppers and some beefsteak tomatoes as well as a new one called Red Alert.    3 of the scientsts turned up at 5pm to take away some of th ebabies and also a load of spare geranium phaeums and hemerocallis I'd cleared from a  bed earlier in April.   Found a white phaeum in amongst all the purple so split that into 5 and potted those up too.   Thought I'd lost all those so am very pleased.

A few more divisions to pot on and label and then be loaded up with the spare chilies for a charity plant sale tomorrow at my garden group - selling off the leftovers and some new bits to add to the 1000€ we raised at the beginning of the month.  Every little helps.

First I need to walk the dogs before it pees down.


Cornus controversa

Posted: 17/05/2015 at 19:12

These shrubs or small trees are grown for their form and foliage and may take time to mature to flowering.   Try giving it a slow release feed of blood fish and bone with a booster of potash/potassium to encourage flowering.    You can also water it with rose or tomato food or maybe some home made comfrey tea as these also encourage flowers.

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