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Garden Visits 2017

Posted: Yesterday at 11:10

Went to visit two local gardens belonging to members of the Vendée gardening club on Friday.   The first is owned by a vet who considers herself lucky if she can get her OH to cut the grass.  Like last Sunday's first garden it's another case of beautiful and interesting plants but low maintenance on the weeding and pruning and general after care but she is time poor.   She has some fine trees and shrubs and fruit trees including a pomegranate and several crab apples plus pears and apples, rambling and shrub roses and some interesting perennials and the biggest, most colourful phytolacca I've ever seen.


The second garden was started in 1983 when this couple, now retired, moved in.  They are both artistic with her doing mosaics and him doing sculptures with found wood and metal but he has also learned to weld and made arbours and pergolas and a greenhouse, all from found or donated metal and glass.   He has a collection of salvias in a wide range of colours and hangs epiphyte ferns from a fig tree.   


There is a magnificent tree house but, most of all, the plants are varied and beautiful.

More pics in the Vendée gardens thread - http://www.gardenersworld.com/forum/the-potting-shed/garden-visits---asphodele-group-vendee/1005596.html 

Garden visits - Asphodèle group, Vendée

Posted: Yesterday at 11:10

On Friday, OH and I were invited for a private viewing of two nearby gardens belonging to garden club members.  They’re a very genial lot and keen to offer and swap cuttings, divisions and seeds.  I resisted asw e have no beds prepared yet because of the drought but, even so, I now have a golden form of pineapple sage and a cassia baby plus some seeds for an annual with beautiful blue flowers and white centres.

Too many pics to load individually so albums again - best viewed as a slideshow and with Adblock Plus installed (free) if you haven't already.

The first garden is full of interesting plants and huge roses climbing up into trees as well as shrub forms.  Much is new since she took it on 10 years ago but there are also plenty of old trees and shrubs and two rows of espaliered fruit needing some restorative pruning but still producing juicy, tasty fruits.


The second garden is a bit bigger and has a productive potager with intriguing hats of chicken wire to keep pigeons off the salads.  He also builds and sculpts with wood and metal and wicker and has some ingenious planting tricks too.   Check out the tree house but also the lovely hummocks of box and Japanese maple and the foliage shapes and colours.


Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: Yesterday at 10:26

Good morning.  Bright and sunny again and warming p nicely.  OH is out there strimming ready for the masons who are due to start on the foundations for our new shower room this week.  I'm on boring old h*work and changing bed linen before carrying on with sorting pots and re-potting what I can.

I need it dry for the masons but wet to get the perennials in at last and sort out the shade bed which needs a serious rescue job - parched treasures and rampant weeds.  Typical.  We have 10 fat bags of multi-purpose compost to pour on it when I've got the weeds out and rescued the hostas and all sorts of bulbs to plant.   It's about 3 Zafiras long and 1 wide so no small task.

Pat - I hope by now OH is home safe and enjoying his dinner and then a good sleep.   Surely there are laws about setting fires now given what Oz knows about destruction?

Liri - it's like exercise isn't it?  Best to work thru and keep the muscles and joints loose.  Easy does it tho.

FG - sorry you're not out on the hills.  Maybe next weekend.

We're off to an autumn show of craftsmen and women this pm - carpenters, stone masons, forgers and blacksmiths, sculptors and so on.   Should be interesting and I'm told it's set in the grounds of an old manoir with a good garden.

Can it be saved?

Posted: Yesterday at 00:07

Saw some in a garden I visited yesterday. 

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Strictly is back!

Posted: Yesterday at 00:00

It started very well with fair and constructive comments and appropriate scoring so I welcomed the new broom/head judge but I reckon the judges got carried away towards the end.   Far too many 7s and 8s.

However - good music choices, well sung and good sound quality and some good dancing and clever choreography tho I still can't cope with egotistical AJ and Giovanni.    Same old camera work/direction.  I want to see the feet and the head and the bits in between please.  How hard can it be?

Some good costumes and some horrors - as usual.   Enjoyed it tho.

Double flowered clematis

Posted: 23/09/2017 at 16:17

Have you tried Raymond Evison?  Being a near neighbour he may ship to you?

I'D this fruit

Posted: 23/09/2017 at 16:16

Japanese quince?

You can make jelly with the fruits if you leave them to ripen some more.

Can it be saved?

Posted: 23/09/2017 at 16:13

You need a loam based compost such as John Innes no 3.   Info on the RHS site about care - 


As Paul says, keep it just moist and frost free then put it outside once the last of the frosts is over.  If happy, it will get rather large.........

Painting garden ornaments

Posted: 23/09/2017 at 16:04

Maybe the wrong product?  See Meomye's post on the previous page, lower down.

If the Bern stuff is recommended for polyresin - see label - then contact the manufacturer and see what they advise.  

Please ID the plant

Posted: 23/09/2017 at 15:56

Ooooh!  Never seen that before.  It's lovely.

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