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Strictly 2014

Posted: 10/11/2014 at 07:44

Pleased to see Alison go as she and Judy were the only ones left who really don't use their feet properly although Alison does at least feel the music and respond to it.  

Judy is so wooden because she has no inate musicality and seems not t be being taught any by Anton who should be concentrating on tecahing her to dance and not clowing around.   I hope the voting public gets it right next week. 

I also wish the production team would concentrate on good camera work and not fancy lighting effects.  I want to see how clever the dancers are, not how fancy camera angles and effects.   Save those for the professionals' dance and the guest singer.

Importing tropical plants

Posted: 09/11/2014 at 18:42

The last big outbreak of Foot and Mouth came in on illegally imported meat from Asia - though not plant related it is a graphic example of the kind of trouble that can spread, ruin lives and livelihoods and cost billions of pounds to eradicate and fix.

There is free movement of most plants and seeds within the EU but not from anywhere else.  You can find details on the DEFRA website.   Do not, please, bring in any material that has not been certified disease and pest free and shipped by registered suppliers.   You can but bananas and orchids and so on here anyway so why take the risk?

Dartford Crossing new system

Posted: 09/11/2014 at 11:58

Why on earth don't they just adopt a system where regular users have an account and go through a  pre-paid barrier?   It works in France where regular motorway users pay this way to save money and time but other users have their barriers to go through and can pay by cash or credit as and when they need to use the motorways. 

I would have trouble with the Dartford crossing if traffic conditions make us decide to go that way round instead of our usual clockwise route round the M25 from Dover. 


Do you grow Aconitum's?

Posted: 09/11/2014 at 11:44

I know Hostafan but we're thinkng of moving to the Charente when OH retires so I'd like to know why rhubarb won't grow.  It's a staple here for crumbles and chutneys and jams.

Do you grow Aconitum's?

Posted: 08/11/2014 at 11:58

Busy -  No rhubarb??   Too hot, too cold, too dry?    

It copes fine with extremes of temperature here and on an alkaline soil but it is very fertile and they get plenty of compost.

Strictly 2014

Posted: 08/11/2014 at 11:54

I'd prefer Alison to go next but don't mind as long as it's her or Judy.    Please, not one of the others yet as they all can dance.   Judy Murray just about moves her feet but there's no rhythm or grace or flow or sway from the ankles up.  Alison is heavy on her feet and has no real leg action.  She mainly dances with her upper body.

Neither does enough.   The others all have great ability and potential and can be watched with pleasure and, above all, without feeling embarrassed for them.

Do you grow Aconitum's?

Posted: 07/11/2014 at 11:12

Many of the plants we grow in the garden are poisonous.     I love aconitums and grow several forms.  The bees and other pollinators love them too.

We just have to treat our plants with respect. 

Strictly 2014

Posted: 07/11/2014 at 10:47

The Ignore facility is designed for people like Mike.

squirrels and their cleverness

Posted: 06/11/2014 at 21:36

Charlie N - moles travel by tunnels which can be deep or just below the surface.  Whichever, they collapse sooner or later either from rainfall, gravity or people walking on them.  In teh former cases they just look unsightly.  In the latter they can twist or sprain ankles and twinge dodgy backs/knees/hips most painfully.

If I do happen to catch one live and try and liberate it in the paddock across the stream they squeal and bite and scratch with those flipping digger front claws.   Not appreciative at all.

I fail to see what purpose a mole serves.  They mess up my lawn, uproot plants when they pass and eat my soil improving worms.  In late winter and early spring they run rampant huntig for amate an dthen when the bairns go independent there's another flurry of tunnels and hills as they head of to find their own territory.   Flipping pains in bum - and ankle and knee and hip and back depending.   Make it jolly bouncy going round on the mower too.

Skimmias - chalk soil

Posted: 06/11/2014 at 16:43

 The RHS reckons they can be grown on alkaline soil but when I tried they got sick and chlorotic with yellowing leaves.   They also didn't like my cold winters whether in the ground or in pots.

I suggest you look at variegated forms of eunymous or aucubas, Chinese ligustrum, berberis and escallonia, all of which are evergreen and can be pruned to shape and size.    Some have blossom and berries for added interest.

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