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Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: 15/09/2017 at 16:30

Hope that passes soon DL and your BH can enjoy her hols.  You too.

We have rain!! lots of lovely, heavy, fat vertical drops with some hail.  Proper soaking in stuff.  Yippee!

Acer advice

Posted: 15/09/2017 at 16:16

I had one in my last garden and grew it in a south facing bed of neutral clay mixed with loads of well rotted horse manure and sheltered from prevailing westerly winds by trellis panels covered with a  climbing rose and a clematis.   I only ever pruned out dead wood in spring, once the frosts were over.

Without a picture or knowing whether it's in a pot or planted out or where you are it's hard to advise on yours.   Click on the camera icon to load pictures.  If that fails, try re-sizing as there is a limit.

tomato feed

Posted: 15/09/2017 at 16:11

Have you read the label?   Different makes will have different strengths.   

Bit late now if you"re in the UK or northern Europe.  Your plants will be shutting down as days and nights get cooler.    

Grass Snake - 1st of 2017

Posted: 15/09/2017 at 16:09

In early June, OH found two western whip snakes canoodling.  


We haven't seen hide nor hair (scale?) since then nor any sign of offspring.   I reckon they hibernate in the old compost heap and probably spent summer in the area of grass we deliberately left long for wildlife and to see if any decent wildflowers grew.  Sadly not, so we'll have to manage it more actively next year with more mown paths and reptile sunbathing areas and some plug plants.

Camera Talk - part 2

Posted: 15/09/2017 at 15:46

Home now from taking Possum back to Namur.  We did a detour via St Malo

and then stayed the night at Mont-St-Michel which is stunning.  

We arrived on a cloudy evening and had time just to go and get a feel for the streets and buildings below the abbey.  Next day dawned sunny and we went all the way up and toured the abbey and monastery - a stunning building, mostly in the Roman style with some late Gothic outbursts and an amazing warren of passages and halls and levels and stonework and some art.

Too many to post but all here - http://s211.photobucket.com/user/Obelixx_be/library/1709%20Mont-St-Michel?sort=2&page=1

Now to peruse all the latest photos from FG and co.

Anyone use Wolf Garten multi-change tools?

Posted: 15/09/2017 at 15:05

Yes.  It's been stuck for about 20 years now.  We just bought a new long handle.....

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: 15/09/2017 at 15:02

Golf! not gold.   Clouded over now.  OH is busy finishing his hedge trimming.   He seems to be going for an unintentional Jacques Wiertz effect so next year I'll have to get canes and string out.  I know it's on a slope but it's a straight slope with no hummocks.

Have just rescued a sparrow from our wood burner.  2 excited dogs and both kittens thought I needed help.  Bird now safe and, I hope, wiser about our chimney.

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: 15/09/2017 at 13:49

Only just heard about London.  Hope it's a one off and not a cluster.

Been snoozing and reading and generally being lazy as I wind down from all the road trip buzz.    19C out there now and bright and sunny but the rain gauge has finally got over the 100mm mark.  That's one hand if you're measuring horses.

There are autumn daffs and naturalised cyclamen flowering in the front grass now.   Lovely plants but I have to deal with laundry before I can go and play.  OH is off to Brittany on Monday for 3 days of gold competition.

I hope you are all gearing up for an adventurous or a recuperative or a therapeutic weekend.  Delete as applicable.

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: 14/09/2017 at 21:44

Oops - got my Liri confused with LP.  Comes of being tired.   Glad the rental is finally coming together.  You've been working hard.

Hello Forkers ... September edition

Posted: 14/09/2017 at 21:28

They do look good FG but none for me ta.  Just had a bowl of spag bol, a bit late but I didn't land till 8pm and had a car to unpack and hysterical dogs and purry kittens to greet altho Minstrel is starting to look almost cat like.

Left Namur at 10am and 13C in sunshine - a relief after early downpours as no parking close to the apartment.  Hit more rain as I headed south west but no storms and no jams.  Did have to stop for a zizz as I was awoken at 6am by more street cleaning machines and chaps bringing in stuff for the fêtes de Wallonie.   It's going to be a noisy, rowdy and, for some, drunken weekend.

Got home to find our grass has turned green as we've had an inch of rain in the last week.  OH asked what the chandelier was for.  To hang from the ceiling!   Definitely not a hat, is it?

Early night for me I think.  It's going to be very quiet with no Possum or visits or major shopping expeditions.    You'll be in the same boat next week Chicky but you do have your trip to look forward to so it will fly by.

Hosta - yes, keep nagging till they fix you!  Diary of food, activity and symptoms is a good idea.

Liri - sounds like you've had a good holiday, especially if you need a rest now.   Know how you feel.

Greetings to everyone else.   Hope all is well and WW's pains ease.

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