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Clematis ID

Posted: 20/05/2017 at 14:26

I think it might be this one - http://www.clematis.hull.ac.uk/new-clemdetail.cfm?dbkey=154 

French bred so more than likely but there are so many clems out there now, who knows?

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: 20/05/2017 at 14:12

Ever since I saw it I've pictured it with the bench cleaned up, ex kitchen units along one wall for picnic and drinks stuff, lanterns and fairy lights strung up and lots of lovely fun being had.   There's even rampant apple mint growing in the grass round there for Pimms and Mojitos tho I still prefer wine.

North by North West is on so hang the curtains!  I'm doing my nails and watching Cary Grant.

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: 20/05/2017 at 13:37

Funnily enough I sat thru all of Carol's bit on euphorbias last night going No, No way, Nasty plants and ugly with it.    Hope your eye recovers completely LP.

The ruin is available but, to be honest, is a bit cold and dark and is, in any case, full of stuff like every packing case we're keeping to put on the potager this winter, and bits of ex kitchen and it's all shuttered and dark and damp.    However, we do have 2 barns and one even had a long bench and a dining table and 6 chairs when we arrived plus a table tennis table.    It also has our teak garden table waiting for a feed and its chairs so just a few extra chairs needed.    I have a wood burner in case it's chilly.   

I have skimmed over the last couple of pages but too much going on so greetings all and hope your day is going well.   I am about to battle with curtains.   Too cool and windy for gardening and I need clean-ish nails for dancing this evening.

Twisted willow

Posted: 19/05/2017 at 20:47

Thirst?  It's a willow so will drink a lot.  Possibly frost.

Last edited: 19 May 2017 20:48:10

Poorly clematis triternata rubromarginata

Posted: 19/05/2017 at 17:39

NO.  leave it alone for a while but give it encouraging pep talks from time to time.

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: 19/05/2017 at 17:37

I wouldn't buy a Monet either and I'd rather have a plant for the garden than a bunch of flowers but we have been careful to spend our home and garden improvements euros locally as we think it's important to support the local economy where possible.

Just in from walkies which was very pleasant and invigorating in the breeze.   My new dressmaker's form arrived just before we left and is now set up.   It's purple!   Might have to move my sewing room to the lilac room and keep the yellow one for guests.

Now we have a black redstart to add to the nightingales and hoopoe and a 3cm long black beetle with a pale gold metallic sheen at the top of its wing plates.

Poorly clematis triternata rubromarginata

Posted: 19/05/2017 at 17:27

I think the only thing to do now is to be patient and give it time to recover.  Some new clems can't cope with the simultaneous demands of growing strong roots and shoots so one will suffer.   I find they sometimes need a year or two to settle down before they put on strong growth.   

Keep it watered in dry spells - rain is never enough for plants in pots - and; if it stays yellow, try a magnesium supplement.   A small teaspoon of Epsom Salts sprinkled on the compost or applied as a foliar feed in a dilution of 15ml Epsom salts to 5 litres of water.   Good for any evergreen plant too.

Wisteria flowering...then it snowed

Posted: 19/05/2017 at 15:16

Where are you?  I always found in my Belgian garden that a cold but snowy spell in winter was a lot less damaging than a cold dry one or a cold wet one.   No snow here usually and -6C is considered extreme cold and doesn't happen very often.

Hello Forkers - May Edition

Posted: 19/05/2017 at 15:11

Absolutely.  I know people who think buying ornamental plants is a waste of money and find the time and effort involved in making a garden and nurturing plants an utter waste.   Our cattle farmer neighbours find us bizarre because we paid people to tow a trailer of plants behind their removel trucks and we use tap water to keep them going and buy compost to improve the soil for the ones we've already planted.   They also though the rigid mesh fences we've had built to make a separate garden in the side were for the dogs.   No - for supporting roses and clems and honeysuckle.  Clearly we are deranged.

On the other hand, my old garden group friend who came to stay last night en route from Portugal home to Belgium is clearly delighted that I can tell her which plants in my new foliage border and those still waiting to be planted out came from which member of the group.

I have to say most art, especially religious and modern, leaves me cold and I don't like to be shouted at by modern music either but I wouldn't stop anyone else indulging as long as they don't inflict it on me and have earned their funds honestly.

On a brighter note, as I left for the SM raid yesterday I spotted a hoopoe fossicking about in the grass verge by our gate.    Gorgeous..

Wisteria flowering...then it snowed

Posted: 19/05/2017 at 14:49

If there was a heavy frost the new leaf buds may well have been killed off.  I suggest you exercise some patience and see if it produces new shoots a bit later on when it's recovered and had time to ripen latent buds.   Give it a generous dollop of pelleted chicken manure or slow release rose or tomato food and a long drink if you've been short of rain.

I have inherited 2 wisterias in this garden and both flowered profusely which was lovely but one was very unruly after years of neglect so I cut it back quite hard 3 or 4 weeks ago and there are now new leaves and shoots forming so as long as your main trunk and stems weren't frozen solid yours should recover.

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