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Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 25/10/2017 at 09:27

Misty start today but bright and sunny now.   Carpenters here again so dogs confined to barracks till lunchtime and me keeping company.  OH is off to get new tyres for Harry who has been an expensive boy lately.  700€ for new brakes a couple of weeks ago and the other pair of tyres in July.  Still, should be all set for a run to Bilbao on Monday.

DD - love an apple cinnamon cake but don't go anywhere near andouillettes and OH is banned form eating them in my presence.  Certain cheeses too!

Dove - how have you managed that?  We bought a teeny one at a primary school fair years ago - raffle prize maybe - and it flowers sporadically, not often, but beautifully but has mostly grown rather large.  It has feeding sticks and watering as necessary.

DL- chill.  Cuddle your dog and then a cat or two.   MIL is precious to your OH and she'll be back soon.

Lovely skinks Pat.  We still have a few teeny lizards scurrying about but very shy.

Off to sew now.  Jacket/coat to make.  An experiment.

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 24/10/2017 at 20:41


Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 24/10/2017 at 20:24

I think it's rather important, if not essential, that people who sit on a Women and Equalities committee in parliament fess up about dodgy past statements or behaviour before they are found out and exposed and have to resign.  Everyone can make mistakes and surely we all modify our views of people, politics, events, behaviours as we grow and mature and experience life and learn tolerance. 

Having said that, how come we all know people with fixed views and entrenched positions?  And there are far too many cases of women, children, boys, even men being harassed, assaulted and/or bullied and not being listened to by police/colleagues/superiors.  Look how many crawled out from under when Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Weinstein finally hit the public eye with their transgressions.   Not easy to stand up to on your own.

Glad you're being looked after Pdoc and hope the frustration doesn't go on too long before they find a cause and a treatment.

We have more progress today - OH and I took both cars to pick up the tiles, 23C in La Roche-S-Y this pm and carpenters got nearly all the cladding done and a hole for the cat flap.  Looking forward to teaching the kitties about that.  Had a chat, at last, with Possum who is, it seems, stressing about her workload and finding a placement for her work experience.  Calmer now.

Did a wee shop on the way back so missed a neighbour fest.  Huge bag of quinces from Fabienne who is now grandma to Liane and a huge califlower from Anniek and an invitation to go and peruse their potager to see what and how they grow.   Cauli soup for lunch then and cauli for dinner.  What to do with quinces as we still have all but one jar of last year's jelly?

Fab autumn colours on the way there and back.  Love this time of year.

pet companions

Posted: 24/10/2017 at 11:56

Funnily enough, our dog trainer spent quite a lot of time on exercises to make dogs leave food alone until they had permission to eat it - designed to protect them from nasties on walkies but also snatching food dropped if they accompanied owners to cafés and such, especially with kids about.   Our Wheaten terrier type listens but the Lab is a real gannet and less restrained.

She also thought they should know how to greet other animals and had cats, a large rabbit, a cockerel and some parrots who would join classes so dogs could learn when not to go near and which end to sniff.  Hilarious sometimes.  Ever seen a cat tell a Rhodesian Ridgeback where he gets off?

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pet companions

Posted: 24/10/2017 at 11:47

Poor Dudley.  Any idea what caused it?  Hope he recovers well and soon.

Hydrangea Recommendation

Posted: 24/10/2017 at 11:46

Plant now so it can spend winter getting its roots established before they have to go into overdrive to provide energy for the new spring growth.  Be sure to soak the pot thoroughly and prepare the hole well and tease out the roots so they spread into the soil.   Water again after planting and give it a mulch of well-rotted garden compost/bough compost or well-rotted manure.  Prune back to a couple of healthy buds in spring - when no frost is forecast.

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 24/10/2017 at 11:40

Or take a mosquito net?  You can leave it behind for grateful locals to use.  IKEA in Belgium used to do them for about a fiver - damp country so mozzies in many areas but just the itching kind..

I can't give blood because I had malaria as a baby - born in the bottom end of Tanganyika so two rainy seasons and 2 lots of mosquito bites a year and now the Belgians and French refuse OH's blood too cos of mad cows in the late 80s, quietly forgetting all the poor beasts they didn't report.

I used to be very flexible and partially double jointed in my youth.  It's coming back to bite me now with arthritic bits but I haven't found a yoga class here yet.

I have had a fairly sleepless night worrying about what is going on with Possum.   Too old for tantrums.  Very frustrating.    However, the carpenters have been here all morning and are going great guns with the cladding and I have finally finished the Star Wars thing except for needing some twine to wrap and glue on the belt.  I can buy that on the way home form fetching the tiles for the shower room this pm.

Great that you are so busy DD.   That mare sounds like a lovely mix Busy but, as you say, a bit lively if not ridden for some time.   I've bought our Xmas cards form the RHS this year.   LP - hope the soreness fades.

Hugs to all who need some loving and greetings to everyone else.  Hope your day goes well.

Hello Forkers.....It's October!

Posted: 23/10/2017 at 22:35

Don't you just love trees next to water?   Fabulous.

Can't bear the other 2 presenters of Spring/Autumn Watch so don't watch except in odd snippets.  On the up side, it seems my mobile phone can get Radio 4 live.   Has to be a good thing but it'll take a while to get back in the habit after over a year without it.  Still have to see if I can download stuff to it.

Off to bed now.  G'night all.

Scaffolding for new roof - how to save Wisteria

Posted: 23/10/2017 at 22:28

It should be enough to ask the builders to be respectful of your plants.   If they do damage any stems or branches you should prune them back to a leaf node to make a clean cut.    This will be easiest to see and do while the plant is dormant so from leaf fall to bud break.    As the plant should be getting its winter prune in Jan/Feb anyway, try and get the work done by then.

Sparrow infestation in leylandii hedge

Posted: 23/10/2017 at 18:15

Ours use the "rose garden" now that we've cleared the weeds and moved earth to lay out a paved area and then ground to a halt because of the drought.   We get a dozen at a time all telling each other what fun they're having.  They've loved it, along with the self sown sunflower and petunia that have appeared in the newer weeds.

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