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How to cut small lawn ? - no mower

Posted: 18/12/2016 at 14:30

Other than shears, if you really want to keep such a small lawn, I think the only things is a manual mower.  They don't take up much space and can be stored hanging up by the handle.   Try looking for one on freecycle or sites such as Amazon and Gumtree where you can get a new one for about £50.

Hello Forkers December

Posted: 18/12/2016 at 14:17

Congrats LP.  That must be a relief for all concerned and a great joy.

You too Chicky.  That home sounds perfect for your dad.

TB - I hope you get your OH back safe and sound.

First dinner dance in the Vendée last night. 30 couples and, after dinner was done and the tables removed we started dancing.  She began with two pasos and had nearly everyone on the floor.  Unheard of in our Belgian soirées where hardly anyone dances it and so it's not often played.  Have to say tho that these people do paso, and all the other ballroom dances, with teeny steps and small arms and none of the posture Len likes.  We go round the floor 3 times to their 1 and were much watched.  Lovely people and great atmosphere.

BIt foggy driving home buy sunny today with a clear, frosty start.  Lovely now so I'm about to head out into the garden.  OH is walking the dogs.  I have been on kitten/Rasta rapprochement duty all morning and have just made some lemon curd and preserved lemons.   Still not feeling Christmassy but it will come.  Might chop fruit for the Creole cake this evening.

I hope everyone's having a cracking Sunday and that all bugs and lurgies are on the wain.  Hugs to those with worries, SAD and/or sleepless nights.

Hello Forkers December

Posted: 17/12/2016 at 14:54

Clari - Like Dove's OH says, playtime has to be earned.  You need to find some way to ground him and get some jobs done.   I remember when we bought our first house together OH would be out at least one evening a week at rugby practice and then all day Saturday playing and then in the bar.  I would spend Saturday cleaning the house and doing washing and take time off to decorate.   In summer it was cricket and at season's end they would overlap so he'd be out on Sunday too.

One day the light dawned, discussions had and then cricket stopped, one late pass a month for rugby jollies, seeing friends the other Saturday evenings and we shared the cleaning.   You both work all week and have to come to an acceptable compromise on time given to playing and making the house habitable.

Liri - a young couple came back to dance class on Thursday to show off their new baby.  He was wearing a pink sleeping bag and is called Gabriel which is most commonly Gabrielle for girls in France.  Same pronunciation.   Lots of confusion.

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Posted: 17/12/2016 at 12:34

I once read an actuary's report that showed that single men have the shortest average lifespan amongst their peers - nobody to care for their health, nutrition, comfort.   Married men live much longer than their single peers.   Married women live less long than their spinster peers who don't wear themselves out looking after husbands and children.

I suspect, if they're honest, many women would like a husband (and sometimes children) they can turn off from time to time but think, on the whole, that mutual training and respect work better in the long run.  I do know quite a few women who dread the whole retired and ever present husband situation disrupting their space and routine.   There are others who are having a great time.

Seeds to start early

Posted: 17/12/2016 at 11:58

Agree about light levels and space to grow on.  Sometimes patience is best.

I use Chilterns too and Plant World online and I am told Seedaholics is a good site.  I tend to buy T&M when I see them in shops but also occasionally online.


Posted: 17/12/2016 at 11:54

We have never allowed a TV in bedrooms and I did my best to discourage the use of mobile and computer in Possum's room but that had to be relaxed during heavy revision periods for exams.  We always ate dinner together and lunch at weekends and Possum was involved in dancing too so was used to a mix of generations enjoying each other's company.   Didn't stop her deciding eventually that she didn't want to join us any more to spend time on her own or with her own group of friends.

One good thing, she has taken to asking her student friends to turn off their mobiles when they do go out for coffee or a bite.

I think Dove's right.  Those teens present in the pub will have unwittingly absorbed the pleasures of sociability and communal activities even if they don't actively participate now.  

I also think education is about teaching people to think, to research and to understand and that has to involve new technologies they will meet when they start to work or go on to further studies.  They still need the basics though - reading, writing (and spelling and grammar) and 'rithmetic as the foundation bricks.  Using just one method to learn anything is counter productive as people learn differently.

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Hello Forkers December

Posted: 17/12/2016 at 11:40

Great link Wonky.   I have just spent a lazy morning reading a book in bed in the sunshine while 2 kittens and a dog played around, over and under me.   Exhausting but hilarious.

Make sure you take time to rest and recuperate or you'll be buggy all winter.

So pleased things are working out for your dad Chicky.   Good luck with the car Fidget.

Love all the dog pics.  Have to say our two weigh 17 and 30 kilos respectively and both think they are lap dogs when they need a special cuddle or think one is getting more than t'other.

Carol concerts sound good Busy and DD.  Haven't found any sign of any here but I do hear them in the SMs along with other Xmas songs.  White Christmas tune with the wrong words in French is bizarre.

We're off to a dinner dance tonight so Strictly final will have to wait till tomorrow.


Posted: 16/12/2016 at 18:16

It's been a problem for years Pansy - Japanese males so involved with their video/PC games and strange insular world that they no longer marry and have children - can't cope with women in the flesh.  Remember seeing a documentary about it years ago.

Hello Forkers December

Posted: 16/12/2016 at 17:14

Just think Hosta - only one more week to the shortest day and then you can have more time in the garden - assuming it's not too brass monkeys.

OH has been playing with our newly repaired mower but I have been stuck indoors cutting out a posh frock for Possum who has announced she wants a festive dress.    Need to get that done before kittens descend and "help".

Hello Forkers December

Posted: 16/12/2016 at 15:14

They didn't walk out GWRS.  They were all sacked in October because the minster people wanted to change the safety system.  https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2016/oct/19/how-york-minster-campanologists-sacking-blew-the-lid-off-bitter-dispute

It seems the Minster had a problem with the ringers' leader and alleged child abuse but have thrown out the baby with the bath water.  Seems a kack-handed way to go about treating those who weren't implicated in any wrong-doing.   

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