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Bearded Iris division

Posted: 30/06/2016 at 16:08

Before the frosts is best but I did the same last year and have kept some of them in pots through the winter with a view to making a new iris feature for which I am not quite ready.   Some have rotted off but most are fine.

Independence Day?

Posted: 30/06/2016 at 15:31

D Riley - The French demanded Strasbourg as a concession after they realised they'd made a huge economic boo-boo in refusing to have the fledgling EU commission based in Paris all those years ago.  Brussels has seen its ecomomy soar on the back of all those lovely eurocrats, MEPs, international companies setting up HQs, the lobbyists and, of course, service providers to house, feed, clothe, maintain and entertain them.  

A sensible coalition of the other EU partners would have quashed it but the other countries tend to see themselves as too small or too new to stand up to France and Germany and the UK has never really engaged with the EU, behaving as though as it was us and them instead of working with the others to limit Franco-German power posturing.   These two are jointly so paranoid about,on the one hand starting another conflict and on the other, being beaten again, that they have blindly pushed for ever closer political unity and lost sight of local, regional and national fears about loss of identity and control.   In addition, France is naturally Socialist and wary of capitalism and doesn't understand that peace is best assured by economic prosperity and stability.   It has more people employed by the state than by businesses creating money.   That's why the EU is no longer just an economic union.

What is clear now is that the UK no longer has any say in how the EU evolves economically or politically so best to stop beefing and get on with putting the UK back on an even keel.

Forum design update

Posted: 30/06/2016 at 15:11

Well done Nora and team for taking advice about Verdana.   Good decision about a Like button.

I don't use quotes and am OK - so far - with photos but I do find the Followed threads facility inconsistent.  I don't want email notifications but some threads, especially Forkers, don't come up as they should when I click on Followed threads.

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends - part 2

Posted: 30/06/2016 at 15:07

I'm so sorry Busy.  They do leave a hole when they go but I hope soon you'll be able to think about the happy memories more than his parting.

DD - chin up.  Stay strong and please, be firm but not aggressive about negotiations unless and until he starts to wriggle - and be prepared for him wriggling out of his financial responsibilities.

Did you get the postcards?  I posted them last Thursday. 

Independence Day?

Posted: 30/06/2016 at 14:54

Boris has pulled out because Gove has said he is not capable of putting together a Brexit team and lacks leadership qualities.   Pretty rich from a man who declared pretty much the same thing about himself a couple of years ago.   I expect Boris is now hoping Gove gets beaten by just about anybody and is going to bide his time to exact revenge.   Can't see him fading quietly into the woodwork.

The British public has shafted itself, believing people like them in the first place and not taking the trouble to inform itself about the differences - or lack of them - between operating in the single market as a member who can and should influence policy and decisions (which the UK regularly failed to do) or operating in the single market as part of the EEA with all the same rules, financial payments, free movement of people and goods and services and no say in policies.

Or it can operate outside the single market and pay tarifs on exports to Europe which make up about 50% of total exports.   This may well end up being the best option because, understandably and predictably, the remaining 27 EU countries are unlikely to be generous in Brexit negotiations and some, like Spain and France, will want to punish so as not to encourage their own dissidents and separatists.

The UK now needs strong leadership to navigate its way out of this mess and come up smiling as a strong economy that can pay for its citizens ambitions for housing, jobs, education, health and social care.   For those who worry about excess immigration the UK has skills shortages and needs to train more bakers, engineers, car mechanics, nurses, doctors etc to replace all the EU citizens currently filling those roles and find UK citizens willing to work in care homes or as cleaners or serving food in motorway service stations and Costalot or picking fruit and veg.

Corbyn is clearly a lame duck, no matter how nice, reasonable or whatever else he is.   He's not equipped to be a national leader especially in time of crisis.

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Removing rocky boarder

Posted: 30/06/2016 at 11:13

I agree with Frank and HCF.  The toddling phase doesn't last long so temporary measures will be fine.  Better to concentrate time and energy on clearing rubbish and then making the garden more child friendly and attractive to play in when they can and will do so with less supervision than a toddler needs..

Can anybody give name to this plant please

Posted: 29/06/2016 at 21:26

If you can find the white form to plant close by you'll get interesting paler pink babies with splodged or striped petals.

Plants for hanging basket in shade

Posted: 29/06/2016 at 21:24

Think about different fuchsias with contrasting or toning flower colours.  

Lobelia actually do better in shade than full sun and dichondra silver falls would give you a silvery highlight.

Repotting time of Pieris,

Posted: 29/06/2016 at 19:05

The best time is in early spring but if your plants are showing signs of stress or starvation I'd do it as soon as they've finished flowering.

The RHS has this to say about re-potting rhodos which are also ercicaceous shrubs:-

Container cultivationJohn Innes ericaceous loam-based compost makes a good compost choice, generally providing easier management of watering and feedingRHS research has found that soil-less potting media including ericaceous peat-based and peat-free potting compostsare suitable for rhododendron growing. However they can lose their structure over time leading to poor drainage and an airless root environment, causing leaves to brown and die back. Re-potting every other year into fresh potting compost in early spring as soon as signs of growth are seen is recommended. In the intervening year, replace the top 5cm (2in) of compost. You can re-pot back into the same pot if you trim off up to a third of the roots to make room for fresh potting compost.

and this is what Wyevale's has to say about azaleas in pots:- 

To care for azaleas in pots, choose a wide container and stand it on pot feet to ensure good drainage. Plant azaleas in an ericaceous compost - soil based composts have a better structure than soilless ones, supporting plant growth for much longer and making watering and feeding easier. If you can only find a soilless ericaceous compost, ensure the best care for your azaleas by repotting them every other spring into fresh compost. Give container-grown azaleas a frost-free, shady spot on the patio and water them regularly in summer. To ensure the best care for azaleas, use rainwater if you can, which is less alkaline than water from the tap. Don't worry too much though if supplies run out in a dry summer, a month or two of tap water won't cause too much harm.

blue geranium gone mad

Posted: 29/06/2016 at 18:32

Glad it worked for you too Dove.  I prefer the flower on Johnson's Blue but it flowers for a shorter period and mine get their leaves chewed by some beetley thing so I'm really pleased that Rozanne has settled down and is flowering well despite the weeks of constant rain.

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