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Wisteria leaves

Posted: 04/06/2017 at 12:45

Thirst?  Late frost?   Wisteria are vigorous growers so I would put it in the ground or, if you can't, in a much bigger pot and make sure it gets a generous annual feed in spring and regular watering from early spring to leaf fall.

That will ensure it has the water and nutrients needed to promote healthy foliage and plentiful flowers.

Cymbidium - what now?

Posted: 04/06/2017 at 12:30

I just cut off spent flower stems and then feed my orchids with these pink sticks you can buy in good garden centres and even some supermarkets.  Once every 7 to 10 days I dunk their pots in cool water and leave them for a few minutes and then I let them drain.  If the leaves are dusty I rinse them with the shower head.  Then they go back to life on a north facing window sill where they get plenty of light but no direct sun - and no radiator below to dry them out.

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Siberian Iris

Posted: 04/06/2017 at 12:26

Leaves are the food factory of nearly all plants except the ones that eat insects to boost nutrition so leave them on.  They photosynthesise energy from the sun and pass it down to the roots.  Can't do that if you cut them off.

You can lift and divide your clumps in late summer or early autumn while the soil is still warm so they settle quickly.  You can, at this point, cut the leaves back to about 9" but make sure you water them well beforehand and again afterwards and until the regular autumn rains come.

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: 04/06/2017 at 12:20

I put my house plants under the shower or dunk them in the big scullery sink which has a shower option on its tap.   They love it, even the orchids.

I've been looking back at old pics of the garden to try and work out what's going on under the ghastly weed fabric we found yesterday and it was an old climbing frame and swing which accounts for the strange metal pipes set at an angle in concrete and some still with the stumps of wood in them.  The thing on the right which she took with her, along with the tree house and wee Wendy house.  The sand pit has become my herb patch.

It's going to be such fun to clear!

Uses for mint

Posted: 04/06/2017 at 11:20

Ginger mint in Pimms or with gin and dry ginger - much nicer than G&T.

Moroccan mint for making their sweet, minty tea.

As for spearmint and apple mint and chocolate mint - whatever takes your fancy.  They're your taste buds.

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: 04/06/2017 at 11:18

Haven't seen the news and don't plan to, shocking and upsetting as it is.   OH told me this morning before he left for golf and I can't cope with a repeat of the sort of coverage Manchester got.  Just who said it was OK to dumb down Beeb reporting and editing so badly?

I sincerely hope everyone with connections in London has no bad news today.

On a brighter note, I have finished sanding!!!  Well, with the noisy, vibrating machines anyway.  Just some tricky bits to do by hand and then I can oil it all and let it rest a few days.

Then some planting if I have time.  OH wants me to go to the prize giving this evening and meet a few people.........  I've only ever met 4 golfers who could talk about anything else.  One was keen to pick my brains for his new garden habit and the other two we knew thru dancing so took to going out for dinner as 3 couples.    The first was in as an Irishman who works for the EU on ecology/climate/global warming initiatives and agreements and is a stickler for grammar and funny with it.

DD - be general in you menu so you can change "flavour of the day" without changing the menu every time.  Be prepared to have a seasonal/weekly/monthly special with the latest fruits and veg to come in fresh and tasty - and cheap to source.

Pdoc - sounds like you need some Malware protection.

Everyone - enjoy your Sunday as best you can.  Don't let the nasties get you.

Help - What is this plant?!

Posted: 03/06/2017 at 22:21

It's a cirsium.  All the rage at Chelsea Flower Show for sevreal years but not this year.  Still a good one tho - 


Pruning / Cutting a magnolia tree

Posted: 03/06/2017 at 21:32

Good luck.   I've inherited a small and sickly magnolia in this garden so may also be doing some pruning and tidying.  It was completely dead looking when we arrived here on Oct 1st but has been watered and watered and fed and watered and given a whole bag of ericaceous compost as a mulch and watered again and has responded with masses of flowers and then healthy looking foliage.  I'm very pleased with it.

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: 03/06/2017 at 18:44

I don't think it's Monty bashng at all.  He just doesn't live in the real world of the majority of people rushing frantically between home, job, kids activities and so on.  He doesn't even commute to his main work in the garden or the writing cabin so what can he know about life outside?

We ave had a funny day.  This pm, himself lit the bonfire so we could clear it off what we know to be a paved/shingle area where we thought we'd put th egarden table.  First mistake was not closing all the house windows first.  Doh!  Smoke blowing in the bedrooms and downstairs.

Then, after clearing away the ashes, he started raking it all level and discovered the gravelly stuff is laid on a fibrous, felty membrane which he partially lifted while raking.   Decided to take it all up and sow grass and we'll put the table on another spot that has old building foundations.  Turns out the membraned area is Huuuuuuuge.   It's going to take a few days for him to clear.  Oops.

Name of this Bearded Iris

Posted: 03/06/2017 at 14:39

Why not ask J Parker?   They did supply it after all and presumably have more.

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