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Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 23:07

Oh Busy - trapped nerves can be excruciating and certainly something to complain about.  Good that you have some painkillers and orders to rest a while as well as follow up investigations to eliminate guessing.

Hope you get a good night's rest.   I'm heading off for a cooling, cleansing shower after a late walkies with the dogs and OH.

Sweet dreams all. 

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 19:25

That's good Joyce.  I hope you get a good night's rest yourself now.

We're just waiting for it to cool a little before we do walkies.

What on earth is this?

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 19:22

horse tail or mare's tail.  The roots go down for metres so you can't dig it out.   Very hard to eradicate but will give in if you pull up every scrap the minute you see it's big enough to grab.  Do not put any on the compost heap, especially roots, as the tiniest scrap will make a cutting and grow.

Help with a name for plant I see in front gardens

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 17:45

I suspect they're salix flamingo which have been trained or grafted onto standard stems.

Like any salix (willow) they need a lot of water to do well, especially when first planted and thru dry spells.

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 17:27

When he started work in his early 20s a suit and tie were required and he liked his shirts to look clean and crisp so took up ironing.  I got him at about 30 and we did a deal - he could watch sport on TV if he did the ironing instead of just sitting there.  Done - so I taught him how to iron properly and he did my work blouses too.  I wash, he irons.  I cook so he does dishes. 

We wear a lot of natural fibres and like ironed sheets so he's just carried on.  Sky+ means endless sport to watch.   Since he chose it, he also gets to wield the bloody Dyson.  I dust and also wash floors.

Feeling antsy now.  Too hot to do owt but too much energy to do nowt.

Are you still planting any seeds?

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 17:21

Too early yet but in mid to late July you can start sowing Chinese greens such as pak choi.  They bolt if sown sooner.

You could do some beetroots and short carrots and broccoli too and probably Florence fennel. 

This site might help you for future reference as it has a month by month guide -http://www.paddocks-allotments.org.uk/month-by-month/june/sow.htm 

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 16:20

I see dust.  OH doesn't, but he does do floors and ironing and occasional tidying and loading and unloading of dishwasher.   Good luck with the optician.  You should try it just for fun.

Hello Forkers ... June Edition

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 15:54

45C on the front doorstep!  38C in the shade but there's a breeze so it's OK now I'm 27 and don't have to work in it.   I need a potter tho so no more sitting about playing with photos on the PC.

Pie looks good Dove.  My senior SIL says she won't eat curry - doesn't like it but hasn't said why so I'm planning to creep up on her with foods using some curry spices and had a pastilla in mind as I suspect the problem is chili.

Clari - does OH not help with house jobs?   Training?

Rose sore

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 14:31

The RHS has this to offer with various treatments - https://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profile?PID=196 

Rose sore

Posted: 19/06/2017 at 13:26

I think you might have a problem with some kind of insect as those edges look bitten to me.   There is a sawfly that lays eggs in stems and the larvae then chew their way out.  Here's an example tho not necessarily the same critter you have - https://completegarden.wordpress.com/tag/rose-pests/ 

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