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Montana Taking off!

Posted: 24/07/2017 at 20:11

It's one of the clems that flowers early on last season's growth so let it grow, keep it trained to its supports and give it a feed of liquid tomato food to help with flower formation.

As Fidget says, prune after flowering finishes next spring but only if it needs keeping in bounds.  Otherwise, feed it some slow release clematis food next spring and carry on training it and tieing it in to its support.

Talkback: Geoffrey Smith

Posted: 24/07/2017 at 18:48

Have you looked on you tube?   Found this 13 minute bit of the fruit garden.  There may be more if you look harder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_ZSPCs8yTY

Rubber plant

Posted: 24/07/2017 at 18:43

Flower spikes?   Not convinced that's a ficus elastica rubber plant.

What's up with my Acer?

Posted: 24/07/2017 at 18:08

Acers can be slow to grow but have you fed it lately?  Watered regularly?  Kept it out of strong winds?

Cutting back an Hibiscus

Posted: 24/07/2017 at 17:55

I never pruned mine in Belgium except to remove what the frosts killed each year.  In this garden I have several well grown shrubs of various colours and was amazed to read in a local garden magazine that I should prune them back by half in March.  

In my Belgian garden they never got their leaves before June so I thought this was a bit radical and only did one.   It has produced fresh new growth and is now in flower tho not as profusely as the ones I didn't touch but it has plenty of buds coming and also went less limp in the last heatwave.  They've all enjoyed the recent rain - 13mm over 3 days - after a 13 month drought.

Hello Forkers ... July Edition

Posted: 24/07/2017 at 17:51

Since Rasta rubs her neck in unspeakable things and has hairy ears too she often gets muck stuck so we currently have to give a twice weekly dose of ear solution, massage it in and then let her out quick before she shakes her head.   Not a girly dog at all except when mothering Cosmos.

Happy day's gardening done today.  I've weeded some of the shade bed, potted up my sweet peas which I thought had died in the heatwave but I've just found struggling and trying to lfower where I'd hidden them in shade.  They're looking perkier already.

Transferred a viburnum sargentii into a bigger deeper pot, top dressed and fed my clems and pruned the wisterias.  Cleared the bed under one of them and started planting huge fat cyclamen corms (how do I know which is the right way up?) and then realised it was time to get showered and presentable for the tiler chappy.  OH has hoed our front drive and parking area which is fine grey gravel and home to all sorts of volunteers.  3rd time he's done it!  We sat on a bench having coffee and I spotted bindweed growing up thru a 3'/90cm high pile of chipped bark waiting for us to have enough rain to make my rose and clem beds and then plant and mulch them.  Flipping Nora!

Lovely pots on your stairs Cheyn.  Well done.

Joyce - I trust you enjoyed the sunshine and took advantage while you could.   Cosmos has been hiding all day, apart from a brief spell playing outside with Minstrel because, despite treatments, we found a tick on his chin and sprayed it.   Not a happy kitten.

Problem with ficus benjamina

Posted: 24/07/2017 at 14:45

I would dunk its pot in a large bucket of water until no more air bubbles appear then let it drain.

If it's been in the pot a while it's probably hungry as most composts only have feed for 90 days at best so give it a feed for leafy plants and make sure it doesn't go thirsty or hungry but don't drown it either..   I put mine in the shower every couple of months to rinse off dust and clean the leaves.  If you can't do that, try misting it as Pete suggests.  I've also been known to put it outside in the rain but you do have to make sure it's back in shade before the sun comes out again and never left in the cold.

Hello Forkers ... July Edition

Posted: 24/07/2017 at 14:27

Click on the camera icon top right of the typing box then select your photo.  There is a size limit so if it fails to load, resize your image and try again.   There are apps for resizing.  Just google and try one.

Hello Forkers ... July Edition

Posted: 24/07/2017 at 14:20

LP - sorry.   I usually do counted cross stitch apart from one venture into a thingummy to mark Possum's birth which involved satin and chain and stem stitching so 22+years ago.  This project is a rectangular cloth to go on a chest of drawers and has daisies round the edge and some swirly bits of foliage indicated in blue lines.  No instructions.

Not a natural or experienced embroiderer so I've had to search the net to find suitable stitches and have ended up with satin for the cones, split stitch for the leaves and stems and whipped split stitch for the petals.   Very therapeutic so I may do more projects unless, like Clari, I get the patchwork out again.

Very proud of this block done on my patchwork course last year for a cushion pad 

Last edited: 24 July 2017 14:21:55

Hello Forkers ... July Edition

Posted: 24/07/2017 at 13:35

Good afternoon all.  5mm of rain yesterday evening so I've started weeding the shade bed and tidied up the wisterias which are going mad again with lots of flowers and tendrils.  Did a bit of dusting too and set the robot off to do the floors.   He started bleeping half way thru and came up with a new message after diving under a glass cabinet that clearly had had some busy spiders.  "Please wipe me down so I can see".

We have a chappy coming to talk about tiling this evening.  Fingers crossed please as they seem to be a rare commodity.

I hope you get your Cromer crab Busy.   Lovely grub.  

How long before you see the hormone person Hosta?

Cheyngel - surely you can negotiate to share the stairs and have a couple of pots or troughs for your use?

Clari - our pair would get hosed down with cold water after most walkies in Belgium and their legs and often their tums would come home mucky and muddy.  Then a good rub down in the garage before being allowed indoors.   These days they hardly need showers at all but Rasta needs a regular shampooing in the bath after she's rolled in unspeakably smelly fox or coypu poo.

DL - we left behind a BBQ like that when we moved here from Belgium.  Now we have one of those Weber thingies but, if the tiler turns out OK, I should have a summer kitchen ready for next year.   Love your lake view.

Greetings all.

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