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New Weeding Tool

Posted: 08/10/2014 at 14:02

1. Constant repetition, like dusting.   Getting bindweed out from plants I wish to keep.

2. Depends on the weed - annuals are easy to hoe but others like nettles have long, running roots close to the surface and thistles, docks and dandelions have deep tap roots which need to e completely removed or they come back as root cuttings.

3.  Normal hoes are fine for small annual weeds but big weeds need something to hoik them out without disrupting treasures.

4. See 3.

Willow Hedge (I think)

Posted: 08/10/2014 at 11:39

Leave the clematis to finish flowering and then cut it back along with the willow in February and then feed the clamtis generously to encourage new growth.   Whether or not you keep the elder is entirely up to you.   

For the bndweed, spray or spot paint carefully with glyphosate when new growth shows in spring.  Repeat applications till no more appears but don't let it fall on other plants you wish to keep a sthey will die too.  This may take months and will require vigilance.   Digging it up usually just makes lots of lovely root cuttings and new plants.  

Alliums companion planting

Posted: 07/10/2014 at 22:03

I agree.  Plant hardy geraniums which will look after themselves.   Rozanne is very good but can get a bit lax if not planted in full sun.   You have a wide choice of flower colour, height and spread of plant and also leaf form.

What to do

Posted: 07/10/2014 at 18:03

Glyphosate only works on green foliage so it won't matter if som egets on teh tree bark but it is best applied when plants are actively growing so spring to late summer as it works by carrying the active ingredient down to the roots and killing the whole plant.    You also need a minimum of 6 hours of dry sunny weather immediately after spraying for it to be absorbed.

Why not try taking off some of the lower branches of the tree to raise its canopy and allow planting underneath?    You could also thin the canopy by taking out weak, thin or crossing branches.    That should leave you with a lighter and possibly more healthy and productive tree assuming that there's a suitable pollinator within insect flying distance.

Alliums companion planting

Posted: 07/10/2014 at 17:54

The colours didn't work and then the allium foliage looked lumpen against the finer carex.   Same thing in another bit where I mixed rich creamy daffs with bronze carex.   Also all separated now.  

Good job carex is such a forgiving plant when moved.   It looks much better on its own with nothing to detract from all the fabulous shades of bronze and gold in the different strands.

I've just been out and bought a whoel load more alliums of various sizes and shapes to plant in the borders and some sphaerocephalums to go in a pot with some violas.   I had some in a border but their foliage is so fine OH weeded them thinking they were grass.   Doh!

Alliums companion planting

Posted: 07/10/2014 at 14:58

Love the lavender combo.  Can't grow stipa here as it's too nesh.  I mixed miine with carex Buchananii and they didn't look good at all.

Small retaining wall - ideas welcome

Posted: 06/10/2014 at 21:30

Bidz - I did use mortar to set the marble slabs in place so they didn't shift when people sat down.   You'll need to anchor your coping stones or paving slabs.

Alliums companion planting

Posted: 06/10/2014 at 21:28

 I mixed grasses and alliums last year and it looked awful so the grasses have been moved.   I have them elsewhere coming up through hardy geraniums, variegated elder, pulmonarias and hostas.   I wouldn't mix them with hemerocallis a sthe foliage is too similar.

Chilli Seed Swap

Posted: 06/10/2014 at 12:36

My chillies have taken ages to recover from being battered falt by hail in May and the labels got blown away too so I have fruits only just starting on most and no idea which is which yet so I won't offer to swap seeds unless anyone wants Basket of Fire as that was indoors in May and has done well.

It's a small chilli plant that makes small, upwardly pointing chillies that keep producing all winter when I bring it in and put it on my south facing kitchen window sill.  Last year's plant is still fruiting tho not as prolifically.


The other side of Monty Don.

Posted: 06/10/2014 at 11:13

If you want sound, practical advice presented in an efficient and friendly manner and with a good factsheet available you should watch Beechgrove which is a long standing programme from Scotland now available nationwide on BBC2 on Sunday mornings.  It packs in an amazing amount of info without seeming hurried and they do useful trials of growing methods and plants.

If you want a quiet half hour to sit with a  glass of wine and just relax without being challenged then GW fits the bill.   Monty's is a knowledgeable gardener but his garden and his weekly projects have little relevance to small gardens and new gardeners.   The best bits now are the external visits to specialist growers, other gardens and Carol's new gardeners.   NIgel is a nice dog but he's an unnecessary distraction in a programme which already has far too lottle content from the main presenter.

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