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Posted: Today at 09:56

That's why I'm waking up at 5.30 every morning, I'm preparing for the morning sun bed dash with the towels 

Touch wood....I've never had sciatica and don't want it.....I hate not being able to do things and a sprained ankle was/is bad enough.  Those with it have my sympathy.

Right......I'm off (again and definitely!!)

Read in the paper today

Posted: Today at 09:52

Ha ha, yes Fairy, stupid auto correct again.....although if it was for Bekkie 'dessert' would be more appropriate  Bekkie doesn't do 3 meals a day so would get more goodness from eating avacado than biscuits  (I'm playing at big sis LOL!)


Posted: Today at 09:50

Can I swap a little orchid for a little fairy for a while?? They seem very keen to help dad but not mum, although they did do a good job of building my picket fence around my veg patch......but that's because it was a joint effort by my 3 boys.

Right, I'm off, lots to do again 


Posted: Today at 09:47

Well it depends Fairy......I was born in germany 

Read in the paper today

Posted: Today at 09:42

Bekkie, avacados are full of good things.  Apparently if you were stranded on a dessert island with only avacados you could survive a they supply all the vitamins, good oils etc etc that you need 

Hope you get the sleep sorted Lily {{hugs}} x


Posted: Today at 09:39

9 sleeps........giddy giddy giddy......excited little chimp in my head is jumping up and down though and waking me up at silly o'clock with all the things I need to do!!  (Not just for holidays)

Yes Bekky, behind our headboard we have a space as it's under the eves and I had put the old unused suitcase that I keep them in there and didn't even think to look!!

Camera Corner

Posted: Today at 09:37

Only 9 sleeps until I fly of to get beautiful sunset pictures 


Posted: Today at 09:34

*ut = put......stupid iPad wouldn't let me amend it!!


Posted: Today at 09:33

I've never grown Hyacinths before but do love them and absolutely love the smell.  So, I'm thinking of growing some for indoor and outdoor.

I just wondered if anyone had any tips or pros / cons to share.

Do I grow them for outdoors in the same way as other bulbs and do they keep from her to year or only last one season? For indoors I know (well I think I know) I need to ut them somewhere dark for a while (until the shoots show?).



Posted: Today at 09:30

Morning all  I have been looking for my beach towels for 3 weeks, thought I'd sent them to the charity shop by accident, but I woke up at 5.30 with the realisation of where they were!!!!  Now in the wash and will be in the suitcases by tea time 

My big boy is 16 in September and every birthday apart from one has been gorgeous weather, I remember the week after I'd had him (around the 19th-20th) pushing him round with nothing but a tiny short legged / short sleeved baby-grow on (which I still have ) fingers crossed that happens this year.......the weather that is not the baby 

Ruby Turner is on the radio, what an amazing voice she has 

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