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Music in the Garden

Posted: Today at 04:49

Haven't got time to read all the latest posts (and haven't git my glasses on!) but thank you Lily 

What if you rant about your neighbour and

Posted: Today at 04:48

Not a rant about a neighbour but my bezzie mate (who we are going to Carfest with) told me the other day she had read some posts of mine about mice and chillies! Still felt a bit strange although obviously not bad.  A close family member once googled me (yes really!!!) and read rants about other issues when I was on FB and it was a public post......made me realise how open the internet is 


Posted: Today at 04:42

Whoop whoop first up  Morning all........we're off and at this moment in time it's dry!! Have a fab weekend everyone, see you Monday 


Posted: Yesterday at 12:40

Carfest is a festival of music, cars and food in aid of Children in need that Chris Evans organises, we went last year for the first time and it was brilliant. 

Shabby Chic Anyone?

Posted: Yesterday at 10:31

Ooh Yvie, that is gorgeous  As for the weather forecast, well at Little Budworth it's forecast for rain, rain, a bit more rain, even more rain......just to make sure all the festival goers get completely drenched   Enjoy the sun all those that get it and think of me dripping wet watching erasure 


Posted: Yesterday at 10:27

Lyn, I use my iPad all the time and take photos on it and load them on here, it's also fine with PMs apart from the times when they go off for everyone.  The one thing I can't do on the iPad is change my avatar pic, that needs to be done on the laptop.  I think it's the iPhone that you can't use for pics but I haven't tried as I don't come on using my phone because I can't read it!!  Hope that helps.  Oh, just had a thought after typing all that, mine isn't an iPad mini they may be different?

Forum names

Posted: Yesterday at 09:21

That's sooooo romantic PG  Hope all's ok health wise.

Right, I really must get on and wade thought this to do list!!  x


Posted: Yesterday at 09:18

Morning all, quick hello (couldn't resist) while writing my to do list!

Weather forecast not good for Carfest  Rain all day tomorrow, I hoe we have a little break for putting the tent up....just a couple of hours  We went last year and it was great fun, but it was dry!!  Oh well, what will be will be and we'll still have fun.

Right, off now, work to do etc etc bye bye xx

Dare I say.

Posted: Yesterday at 09:14

Hi Cangran, I think we would be surprised how many have read it. There is nothing wrong with a bit of escapism from the big bad real world at times....and it did just that  

Forum names

Posted: 30/07/2014 at 23:41

Yes, I'm meant to be going to bed but OH chatting to his 'football friends'. I'm glad I've made you smile, I'm in a really good mood tonight 

Night night to dream of dancing to These Arms Of Mine with Patrick Swayze 

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