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Posted: Yesterday at 23:01

Thank you  I think I'll just post pics on here from now on 

Love your garden

Posted: Yesterday at 22:59

I've not watched it yet but have sky'd it so will catch up at some point, I thint it's a great programme even if I can't afford most of what they do, but it does normally make me fill up a bit 


Posted: Yesterday at 22:55

Well OH has left it on the windowsill to ripen a bit more, I've said he could have the first one so I don't know yet 


Posted: Yesterday at 22:49

I did it, I grew a tomato  My very first one.

Go for it Bekkie

That's all for now, off to research dividing plants and when it do it/how to do it. 

Stacey & her chilli bits

Posted: Yesterday at 18:42

There were 2 full varieties of mine where none germinated, Mushroom Chillies ( I thInk) and an un-named variety, I think maybe they didn't like the Yorkshire tea  If someone is kind enough to send me some seeds for them next year () I think I'll try them in Earl Grey 


Posted: Yesterday at 18:30

I started a thread of my before and after pictures from my garden as a whole, I just wanted to share them and also wanted a bit more advice on where I can improve but it's hasn't turned out that way....if anyway wants a look and can offer any tips (in particular for the established border on the right hand side where plants need dividing) it would be much appreciated 

My Garden - Past, Present and Future

Posted: Yesterday at 17:22

It's nice to get positive comments for your hard work isn't it 


Posted: Yesterday at 15:51

LOL Panda that's funny 

Sorry you aren't feeling very well Stacey and hope you get better soon ((hugs))

Happy Happy OL, meeting today went very well.....more news coming soon 


Posted: Yesterday at 12:27

I hope you cleaned them first Archie 


Posted: Yesterday at 12:19

I think there are big changes coming Archie but a lot if it is going on behind closed doors, I know there is a new supporters association that is trying to raise money 

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