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small yellow plant id please!

Posted: 21/08/2015 at 12:21

Yes, I like that knautia Hosta...I think I've probably got some of that as seed kicking around too. I did try to grow knautia melon pastels but they all got slugged or snailed in the GH over winter (grrr).

Agapanthus ID

Posted: 21/08/2015 at 12:19

Hosta, I have got loads of seed from my Festuca Glauca Elijah Blue - shall I throw it into something to get it going now, or wait?? (I LOVE this plant!)




Gaura - do you deadhead to prolong?

Posted: 21/08/2015 at 10:15

Thanks FG and Verdun!  I'm off up the garden to start cutting! I had not thought to take cuttings from the Gaura  (still quite new to all of this but I have had successful cuttings from verbena B, artemisia, E.Bowles mauve so far so why not give it a go!) Do I use the same rule - use a non-flowering new side shoot? I am on the south coast and luckily things do last well over winter in the cold frame or unheated G/H so I will definitely be trying this - I have a week off work next week devoted 100% to the garden so it will be great to add this to my (very long) list. Appreciated, thank you

small yellow plant id please!

Posted: 21/08/2015 at 10:08

Hello team

I came across this plant during the summer in Dorset and on the Isle of Wight; they were both planted in gardens that faced straight out to sea. Does anyone know what they are? (the smaller, [paler yellow flower to the right of the tub):


Also, spotted at Stansted House in Hants, this lovely plant. I think it is Galega, which I am growing from seed (but it's still small so can't make an accurate comparison) - can anyone confirm/deny? Many thanks for your help!



Agapanthus ID

Posted: 21/08/2015 at 09:47

Thanks Hostafan - will do as you say - I guess I can trial them in pots to see what colour they turn out to be rather than putting them straight into the border! This is the first year in my 3 (!) years of flower gardening that I am collecting seed and re-sowing it - it's addictive, isn't it!! I have just re-sowed some astrantia but perhaps I should have waited til spring...never mind, I have plenty more to collect!



Gaura - do you deadhead to prolong?

Posted: 21/08/2015 at 09:36

Hi there - I have had some great clumps of Gaura this year, all grown from seed. It never seems to stop flowering but sometimes, some of the long stems go bare. Should I cut those back down and expect more flowers? Also - do I need to cut it right back in the autumn, or wait until spring, or not cut it back at all?? Thanks for any help you can give

Agapanthus ID

Posted: 21/08/2015 at 09:33

Will agapanthus seed always come true if you collect it from your fave plant? I have had a great show from my white ones (the Bride?) and would love to breed more!

Late perennials for the white garden

Posted: 29/09/2014 at 11:05

I have white cleome (Helen Campbell) still going strong and tons of white annual lavatera; the nemesia is still going as are the white acanthus (Rue Leden). I've picked up some great ideas for extras to add from the posts above - thanks!


Sweet peas from this year's seed - do they come true?

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 09:37

When would you recommend David? I have never sown in autumn before so not sure of the best time?


Sweet peas from this year's seed - do they come true?

Posted: 16/09/2014 at 09:29

Thanks both - I'll give it a whirl & sow them this weekend. Will probably go for the cold frame option and hope for the best!

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