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Damp shade

Posted: 18/04/2017 at 15:38

Hostas, Solomon Seal, Lily of the Valley some types of Iris - the one with the small flower NOT bearded Iris which loves the sun.  Good Luck.


Posted: 18/04/2017 at 15:26

My Lychnis plant was so beautiful last year. At the moment it looks as if it has rotted but on closer inspection it is quite dry looking with a small amount of new growth.  Should I leave the new growth to just come through the old foliage or should I cut it back ?

Grass Sowing

Posted: 30/03/2017 at 14:17

I live in Scotland and need to re seed a bald patch on the lawn.  What is the best time to do this ?


Posted: 16/02/2017 at 23:57

Thank you  Will cut back after flowering to enable me to enjoy my garden seat OR move the seat !!


Posted: 16/02/2017 at 16:21

Thank you.  It is beautiful when in flower but it is now hanging over the garden seat.  Once it has flowered I will cut it back.


Posted: 16/02/2017 at 13:20

I have a vigorously growing Clematis which flowers April/May. When should I cut this back and how far ?


Posted: 02/02/2017 at 11:58

I hope so it was fantastic last year !! Should I just leave it or do you recommend I cut it back to its base?


Posted: 02/02/2017 at 10:36

Thank you - it just looks so sad !!  It had been beautiful last year and it is the Scottish Flame Flower.


Posted: 02/02/2017 at 10:08

I bought this plant last year and it was fabulous growing all ove a conifer.  While I see lots of shoots on other plants the stem look completely dead.  Should I have cut it down to its base ?


Posted: 09/10/2016 at 16:10

Thanks Joyce Do you recommend cutting back the dead shoots?

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