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strawberry plants

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 17:51

Angela depends on what size pots, if you are high, cold winds, have you had a frost lately, do they get enough sun and most important did they dry out. If in small pots they can dry out in no time with the wind or sun, they need to be not dry and not wet, stick a finger in the pot if it comes up clean add water, if muddy stop the water. I use ten inch pots one plant to a pot which up here in the NE are still in the greenhouse, they go out next week into a sunny sheltered spot.

clean up the plants remove any dead or dying material, repot into fresh compost, larger pots for bigger plants. They are hungry animals and mine get some well rotted manure in the base, organic fertiliser will do as well. If you are in a windy area try to shelter the pots but they do need direct sun. Runners pot into small pots and pin down leaving them attached to the main plant until new growth shows then cut the trailer, those will be brought on to fruit in year two and three. Most cultivated strawberries fruit well the second and third year then go back over, you may get fruit just not as much, I get rid of old plants having brought on plenty of runners. Do not worry too much about pot size anything from six inch up will do. Watch the watering and with luck you may yet get some fruit. If in doubt come back and ask.


Monty's watering advice

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 14:03

Lyn, we had a walled garden and lean to greenhouses but never the room to have those super hot beds so every year we assembled boxes laid in straw bales then raw manure our own stables another straw bale then topped up with soil, it would grow anything. What came out at the end of the year was compost for the potato plot. We all have our own methods not all the same otherwise it would be boring, I do not watch BeeChgrove.


Monty's watering advice

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 13:52

Obelixx, correct on all points though when lecturing in both the army and at ICI there would also be warnings of what could go wrong and how to deal with it. We all lash out  for the oddball in the garden, waste time and money only to have it fail, if Monty is into bananas that is up to him, he is showing individuality and why not, it is his garden we see it warts and all. Why not show  would be gardeners a trend I applaud, that things go right most of the time but expect some failure. Those programmes have a mix of mundane to us old hands which are for those who have not had our experience though now and then I see something that makes me sit up ant take notice. It is the old adage, you cannot please all of the people all of the time.

Nice talking to you Obilixx happy memories of Belgium. Frank

Epsom salts

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 13:00

A tablespoon to a watering can is my way about once a month. It also goes on the tomato's at the same rate once the fruits are set plus of course the usual tomato fertiliser and a top up of fresh compost or potting soil.


Pump for waterbutt

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 12:54

You could do what we did in the army to transfer fluids (petrol or water). Drop a bit of hose in the butt and suck, then drop it in the can. It worked for me though it took time to get the taste of petrol out of the mouth. As for water out of the butt it would never be as bad as some we had to drink in Desert conditions. I still say fit a tap at the base and lift onto bricks?


Monty's watering advice

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 12:45

Hi David, that with respect would not be with tongue in cheek I hope? Reading so many posts from new gardeners who plant with the hope of success and then fail breaks my heart, we have all been there though many of us came up through years of the old style gardening they did not. Years of decks grass playing fields for the children and those stupid garden make overs in a day gave the wrong impression. How do you tell someone that their new build lawn six inches of soil on a solid clay pan with thin rolls of grass will never be a bowling green. How can they know that GC's will sell them plants that need tender loving care to survive, time lots of young working house holders do not have. You will notice my posts are few and far apart now because they do not want to hear of the back break and the heart break gardening can bring before we reach the top. The gardening programmes do good though some jump on any bandwagon passing making it look easy when we old hands know it is not. Monty probably knows he will fail with some projects, that is gardening, I have a few failures, part of the process, the art is to learn from it, for new gardeners, it is not easy, there are no short cuts. My motto do it right, do it once.


Monty's watering advice

Posted: 17/06/2015 at 11:47

Monty for me in his own way deliberately way tries things that may work or not, it is saying the new gardeners try, it may work for you though we have all made huge mistakes and learned from them. The wild flower meadow? He did admit to failure, over the years other presenters have not. Hot boxes being brought up with them and knowing how they work methinks that will be fail too, hot boxes need time to heat up, ours would be assembled in February and the melon amongst everything else would go on in late May here in the NE. Dad's motto if you cannot eat it or sell it do not bother. Watering he is right my way for the large pots is a full can once a week, smaller pots half a can twice a week and little pots daily, I push a finger in, if it comes out dry water, also look at the leaves they show if they are stressed then water. The hose fills cans, four buckets and anything else I can find. Putting the water exactly where needed is better than a general sprinkle that barely wets the soil. I like Monty though as with all so called experts a pinch of salt is oft needed.


An invasion of you forum lot's privacy...

Posted: 16/06/2015 at 14:04

Having signed the official secrets act several times it would probably get me shot at dawn putting a photo on here. Besides that much like the Lernaean Hydra of lake  Argolip each selfy some how produces two heads? Cut one off (the photo) two more grow. Apart from that any one looking at me will turn to stone hence my large rockery .

Sorry folks better opt out.



Posted: 14/06/2015 at 17:04

The hot part of the hot bed is the raw manure. We started one every spring to get a good start, a large wooden box, very large, then a bale of fresh straw in the base, our own manure piled in and spread then another bale of straw. It would be topped with garden soil and the plants seed trays and anything needing heat stacked on the top, the heat this gives off is unbeleivable. You could use thin layers of grass cuttings plus anything you would put in the compost, we had straw and manure finding it worked well. After use and left the stuff coming out by now compost went on the potato patch for next year, nothing wasted, green before greens were invented, the old ways are still best.



Posted: 14/06/2015 at 00:30

Depends on the hard core. At one time we started with hard core under lawns as drainage, broken brick as a rule with maybe a layer of gravel then top soil and the grass. That has gone it seems, most new builds get six inches of soil on a hard pan and the grass rolled out on that. To us old gardeners it has no chance though some prevail. If you have loose hard core or can loosen it up for free draining then there is a chance it would be OK. If it is solid then it must come out. Most will say take it out, I would try to loosen it up first.

I should have said if it is concrete then it must come out


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