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A garden is the best medicine

Posted: 12/09/2014 at 13:48

David, tell me about it Northallerton  is on the way to my Son's Leeming Village they have a Betty's so I never got past Northallerton with my wife without a wander along the High Street and a call in Betty's for in my case a "Fat Rascal" their take on the scone + the Cake I got already has a large bit missing and very nice too.

Looked up the Strictly thread do not agree with some comments, Judy is a very determined lady and may shock us all, big girls can dance as I found out at a young age going to the big lads Dance, I got my tea and bun free (too young for the pub) dancing with the girl who served behind the counter, it was never a chore.

The sun vanished so it is the conservatory whilst Daughter goes mad in the bathroom, I said it is clean, "Dad you are getting a lot of visitors tomorrow I am not having a bathroom that is not spotless" Oo eck as like, hide the biscuits and cake.


A garden is the best medicine

Posted: 12/09/2014 at 08:53

Sincere thanks to you all and hugs very welcome anytime. Sorry David, the dreaded "C" word has to be mentioned to show there is hope when it is found, I saw the photo's and thought, "it looks like a big red cauliflower what sauce would it need" you are in their hands so trust them. My Daughter tells me they can mend over 70% now a few years back it would have been virtually none, now that is progress.

Breakfast of pills and porridge done, now a lovely shower and as the sun is shining yet again out to my sun trap patio to get browned off, "oh" and the long handled Dutch hoe handy for any weeds within reach my Family missed, well there is always one. Mike getting into the garden or just sitting in the conservatory has been a tonic to beat them all, take care. Alan get yourself out there it certainly lifts the spirits.


A garden is the best medicine

Posted: 11/09/2014 at 21:53

Quite a few lurkers around Nicki I now tend to lurk on the history program though got stuck in today to put things right. Been getting texts all day from Daughters then a lovely surprise present from Betty's sent by my sister, a lovely cake which I can now eat thank goodness. Daughter came to cook my tea but said I had more energy than she had so I got my own. Lovely afternoon resting in the sunshine, my garden is certainly giving me strength, "err" could also be the food?


A garden is the best medicine

Posted: 11/09/2014 at 13:23

Thank you each and all for the good wishes, you do realise how much the board friendships mean when you cannot see the posts.

Alan NHS did me proud, all the blood tests and samples during June July did not show up the problem, my own Doctor fast tracked me as he suspected it was bad. In spite of my age all the fitness tests were OK and they did find the alien so down I went at eight on the morning woke up at four in the afternoon, a six hour op. Seven days wonderful care and out to my Daughters who would wrap me in bubble wrap if they could, nice to be cared for though I wanted to be home. The very good news a week later it was "C" but they got it all no chemo, still have some plumbing in place but a small price to pay. The Hospital staff are like us have outside lives and worries, often short staffed and in my opinion underpaid, not that you would notice, Professional and caring each of us treat as if the only patient, wonderful and nothing like the bad press they get.

Saw the first programme David, I know three of them so will hold my council until I see some dance moves.

Frank. PS savoured my tomato's for lunch. 

A garden is the best medicine

Posted: 11/09/2014 at 10:09

Yesterday I came home again after four weeks away from it. A warm sunny afternoon stepping out of the car to see a lovely mown lawn edges trimmed and the bushes clipped, that made me smile, then into the house and through to the conservatory looking out at the back garden full of flowers, the Fuchsia bushes in full bloom still, all neat and tidy thanks to my wonderful family plus a gardener for the lawns. It was a week in hospital and three weeks staying with one of my Daughters to recover, it has been sunny and warm most days up here in the North East so we sat in her lovely garden or motored to another Daughter and sat in her garden. They brought me home and my S/L was sitting down to a feast of my tomato's fried in butter on toast with much lip smacking, he had looked after them for me and now I can eat them as well, was unable to before the op, guess what my lunch will be? Ailsa Craig the tomato I was brought up with and to me the real taste of tomato.

Relaxed and comfortable looking out over my garden with the biggest smile on my face I suddenly felt strength pour back, yes a garden is the best medicine after all, slept like a log last night and now looking out over the sunny garden feeling much better.


Senior Citizen

Posted: 09/09/2014 at 19:47

Liriodendron, I also write for the local libraries history program having lived a lot of it, the problem being people put hearsay urban myths and at times total rubbish on there it has to be edited. meanwhile I have asked my nine year old granddaughter to put my lap top back to my settings after she has played her games on it. "oh granddad it is easy hit that that and that and there your" thank you dear and aside "what the h### did she do" oh well such is progress.

Bekkie On the mend and a lucky lad all tests showed nothing until they used the internal camera then it all took off, a six hour op and no chemo needed our wonderful NHS came up trumps.


Senior Citizen

Posted: 09/09/2014 at 11:16

Now back from an NHS holiday recuperating at my Daughters we have all the family visiting to see I am being fed and watered. Talking about Doctors I happened to mention the half crown Doctor !!!! blank looks, has he flipped, you mean you had to pay for the NHS? No there was no NHS, if you sent for the Doctor he would arrive and hold his hand out, he got half a crown and if you had medicine more money would pass over, I think my Parents also paid coppers per week into the surgery as pre-paid medication.

Granddaughters looking at me with awe "you were alive before there was NHS"? I fully expected them to ask if I was at Waterloo as they knew I was Army.

The flip side was my Grandson asking how a rotary engine worked and being able to tell him, Granddad nothing wrong with your memory he said. Win some lose some.



Tools keep breaking

Posted: 15/08/2014 at 10:36

I hope your Victoria Sponge cakes are not as tough as you, could break your teeth. My tools are donkeys years old some were my Fathers and still going strong. As said above good carbon steel and ash handles, I clean my tools after use and oil them handles as well. With the ash handle you get a spring effect with a steel handle it is a bit like driving a car with no shockers, every move goes right through your body. A lot of people actually do not know how to dig, chop left chop right chop down and lift sod to turn, about four fifths of the spade depth, they try to lift too much. Not you of course it seems you batter it into surrender with such vigour the tools suffer.

Tongue in cheek Victoria but Ash handles is the way to go, buy cheap you get cheap.


rain and then a reminder

Posted: 14/08/2014 at 12:41

From sunshine to a mighty thunder storm and back, less than an hour. Beauty of living on a hill, all that water rushing by on the road goes straight past and onto the fields below. The garden gets a pass but I have to go and give blood tests, could get wet yet.



Posted: 13/08/2014 at 19:28

Mix them Panda and get Khaki, goes with anything.


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