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MOB rants

Posted: 03/03/2013 at 10:32

Rant, I have had to sign in again when I never ever sign out, the whole board froze so I had to turn off and reboot. Why is it always weekends when this happens I ask.

Second rant, Carrot cake?? what is so special about carrot cake. Six to eight ounces of good sweet carrot grated to go into a cake and then drowned out with spices ginger and nuts why? My Daughter will walk in saying "I brought a carrot cake dad" yuck and a special yuck as she buys them even more sugary soggy gingery.
Why spoil good carrots which are meant to be pulled fresh from the soil washed off with the hose and enjoyed there and then or at worst 15 minutes in bubbling salt water (you will all be screaming at SALT now but I grew up with it and still here, the experts are dead) If you have nuts in cake then make it Coffee and Walnut and forgo all that sticky oozing icing that covers cakes spoiling the taste these days. A Victoria Sponge only needs Jam ask Mary Berry, Carrot cake only needs the bin, ask me.


MOB rants

Posted: 03/03/2013 at 10:05

A local supermarket is next to a senior school, the kids go over get a pie and drink then sit on the flower beds eating and throwing rubbish around almost next to a litter bin. One of the trolley collectors, once a manager who does the job to get out and meet people remonstrated with them as I walked to my car, they turned on him being quite aggressive, they had not seen the bin wagon parked at the back of the car park. Seconds later three very large bin men were standing beside them and they rapidly cleaned the area one of them a bit mouthy getting a clip that funnily no one saw. It was reported to the school and they now get their pie and go back to the school field, that looks like the local tip.
My grandsons school is very hot on litter and it shows, the fields are spotless and they pick up automatically, early training by parents and school does the trick.


What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 02/03/2013 at 12:02

Stockton on Tees today blue sky and sunshine, a few puffy white clouds being blown in from the North Sea although much warmer.
My Primroses are still in full flower smiling at me that is since well before Christmas, there is new life shooting up and the Daf's near a south facing wall are getting ready to flower. Today is the first day this year I would think of sowing seed but I do have a wall mounted South facing greenhouse with a sand bed.
Life begins today.


MOB rants

Posted: 02/03/2013 at 11:55

Sam the foot long pencil was my Fathers fault, he would search through the local sheet music shop (what happened to them) and come back with the music for songs from the shows or films and say "half a crown when you satisfy me you can play it". Half a crown to a young school lad was big money so my practice went out of the window hence the kerfuffle with miss Cook, I would get through my practice piece, she knew I could do better, If she had heard me play "Alice blue gown" "Tales from the Vienna Woods" or "Smoke gets in your eye's" she would have smiled then belted me for playing the wrong stuff.
It was a time when the village turned out after church on Summer Sunday nights and walked the High Street meeting and greeting. One Sunday night I was in the front room with the window open playing supposedly my practice although it sounded very much like the Blue Danube. A knock on the door and Miss Cook standing there asking who was playing, proud mum of course shopped me, Miss Cook walked in told me off well and truly and made me practice for the exam I had to take, I passed with flying colours. There was no escape.
I can still play those tunes plus all the Glen Millar stuff I went mad on mixed up with classical music and also one of those maddening people who can pick a tune out of the air, "do you know the piano is on my foot" "you whistle it I will play it".


MOB rants

Posted: 01/03/2013 at 23:46
Gardening Grandma wrote (see)

Much younger I should think, Rosa. My father would be 104 now!

Enjoyed the story, Frank, and certainly agree with you about the dazzling good looks. Mind you, someone on another thread admired my 'gorgeous' dogs today but did not apply the same term to their owner!!! Please do not comment on this - you'd have to lie!

Fear Ye not G/G I was brought up to be a gentleman, my Father told me as a lad, there are no Birds, Bits of fluff, Bints, tarts or (here is where I am not sure what he said) was it "yours or ours", matters not, they are he said "All ladies from the youngest to the oldest, treat them as such and you will never go wrong" dad knew best.
In our village living just off the Green with Doctors Lawyers and such we were classed as Trade, dad had his own Haulage and removal business he moved a lot of people in his time and the best payers were the working class, the supposedly middle class paid in goods more often than not. My first Piano, Accordion and several other instruments came this way.
Saying that we discovered my Father like his father and grandfather was a pianist, even my Mother had not known it and so I was taught by Miss Cook with her foot long pencil with which she could make my knuckles bleed, she did not kill my love of playing I still do play but always loved the accordion best.
So G/G being able to serenade a girl, be a complete Gentleman and Dance I did have a bit of a head start down in Bridgend and there is no way I would comment on your picture, "err" nice dogs though.


MOB rants

Posted: 01/03/2013 at 20:36

Now there is a word Class, working , upper, lower, sink estate what, and what does it mean.
People who have parents who can afford the uniforms books and kit after passing the 11+ or kids who had to leave school at 12-13 and pull themselves up by the boot straps, someone born with a silver spoon in the mouth or the idiot Son of Lord and lady so and so.
As Northener's we tend to ignore the word though there were those who would lower themselves when a Sir or Lady appeared and that was often in our village. Having parents who could afford to keep me in school and a very good idea where I was heading was my way ahead but did that mean we were above others to my mind not, you take your chances and risks with some luck some management it gets you a comfortable retirement end of rant.


MOB rants

Posted: 01/03/2013 at 15:35

Artjak I did spend a lot of time with my London relatives who came from up here originally and also much of my leave time with Londoners who were wonderful people never seeing any of that false bonhomie that one sees these days. It all seems facile to me, it certainly irritates me so I may be one with the iron curtain around me, it brings to mind the song, "kiss me once and kiss me twice and kiss me once again" why? one good smacker from me would be all they need on the lips of course and not some air gap around the lug holes all hairy and stuffed with wax.


MOB rants

Posted: 01/03/2013 at 15:26
Gardening Grandma wrote (see

If I haven't said it already, happy St David's Day! Northerners and Celts have something in common, obviously - we both use woad to make ourselves beautiful. Must put my photo on sometime!


G/G wrong end of the stick girl, we use woad to hide the beauty that would blind the normal mortals, we Vikings tall blonde and lovely and you Celts shorter dark and lovely have to keep it under wraps only exposing such loveliness to each other or so Nesta told me, is she to be believed I ask???
Probably to do with us being mining communities, you had to have a sense of fun and a joy for living or go under. My mining relatives told me straight, "if you try to go into mining we will tie you from the bottom of the cage by the testimonials (I think that is the word) and drop you to the bottom". Joining ICI I often had to go down the anhydrite mine, luckily in the cage and not hanging from it.


MOB rants

Posted: 01/03/2013 at 11:12

G/G, I will be down in Bridgend for my St Davids Day Welsh cakes, fresh and warm with lovely freshly churned butter a real Welsh treat.
I come to the rant "is your brain in gear" this is was Frank posting.

Tina I would assume it is some London thing to do with artistry of some description, they do seem to have their own way of doing things, they who call the druids odd.
We Northerner's in our woad and goatskins must be just as big a mystery to them though, mind I do object to them calling us dirty, I change my goat skin every ten years whether it needs it or not.


MOB rants

Posted: 01/03/2013 at 10:44

My rant today is about the "moue-moue" what on this earth is that all about.
At one time you shook hands with ladies and men or in my school days doffed my cap. Aunts got a kiss on the lips by demand "err" what in this PC world would they call that these days I wonder.
As time passed suddenly it was a kiss on the cheek (for the ladies not the men) that developed into the miss the cheek and kiss the air near lug hole.
That became miss cheek and kiss air near both lug holes and it has suddenly got to be left right left three when we only have two lug holes.
What does it mean why do people do it (I do not) and what is wrong with a hand shake, you get more germs off a supermarket trolley than you would off a hand shake.
I just hate the "moue-moue" rant over.


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