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Watering can that won't drown seedlings and plants

Posted: 19/05/2014 at 09:44

Like Andy I water from the bottom as watering can roses do tend to leak big drops and also have a large spray which is pumped up to pressure, the nozzle can be set from very fine to deluge. Even using the can on pots and baskets I water onto the soil though will use the fine spray of the bottle on the foliage early morning not in full sun.

A good metal watering can will have a welded Rose or two, fine and more open, it is all down to what you are prepared to pay.



Posted: 18/05/2014 at 10:30

Rosemummy Do not move Paeonia yet September is the proper time though I have moved them when it has been urgent. East facing early sun is not good for them as early morning frost would be melted off too quickly and damage the flowers, mine are in full bloom, well some of them and we do get early frosts up here.

Prepare the ground before a move with plenty of compost and a dressing of bone meal. Cut round the root taking as large a root ball as you can handle and replant, they will take semi shade though a west or south west facing position is best. Make sure you place the surface of the root ball at exactly the same height as it was previously, in other words do not put a covering of compost on it, heel in and water in and then sit back, they sulk not liking being moved, one of mine did not flower for three years, I was about to dig it out and this year it is a mass of blooms.

I have them over thirty years old and one is a cutting from a huge bushy plant there in my childhood and my Dad's we reckon over one hundred years old, growing up with them they are my favourite flower though short lived and prone to being blown about they make me smile.


Buy cheap pay twice...

Posted: 17/05/2014 at 22:54

Zoomer, always take things back they will be happy if you are upgrading to a better fork. My fork is my old dads and all of sixty years old if not more, it is shorter than it was but the tines still straight and sharp. I do oil the steel and the wood after cleaning which is why I got so annoyed when Toby from the old GW threw his tools on the ground, they need respect.

Boiling day over here today the tomato's and strawberries are loving it.


Music in the Garden

Posted: 17/05/2014 at 11:11

Orchid Lady, never mind North of the Border give a thought to us lot the other side, I need my beauty sleep (badly) so keep it low, "err" well ish.

Yarrow2, Deanna Durban was my first love I must have been all of ten at the time, I remember seeing one film three times in a week because my Parents loved musicals too.

All the years I have listened, Danced to, and played music some of it sticks for no particular reason. Cowboy films as a lad were a must and in one I heard South of the Border and it stuck, why. Clair de Lune was the first classical piece I played on the piano and it still tugs when I hear it. The Continental and all the things you are the musicals we saw in wartime. Carousel, Oklahoma, Blue Danube that was the night my late wife Joan and I danced in Vienna on an empty floor in a packed hall, why that happened I never worked out but we certainly got applause, unforgettable.

Music these days tends to be wall paper though every now and then one grabs you, last week on an old time show "The last time I saw Paris" we sang that after the fall of France and straight after "Smoke gets in your eye's" as a none smoking cinema goer that one hit base. Wonderful memories. Now I will go give my Ailsa Craig tomato's some TLC, may even sing to them, maybe not they might droop.


Music in the Garden

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 22:20

Star gaze lily, How about "This old House" the Animals that is 225 years ago Rosemummy.

My wife and I were both dancers so it was big live band music for us mainly, as she got progressively more ill I would play DVD's of musicals for her she was happy to see the dancing and hear the music. Alone now I play Classical or old favourites out of my old vynal albums you do not feel alone with them.


New Helenium not come up...

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 17:26

If you cut Helenium back after the first flush of flowers you should get a second flowering. Divide the plants after October and increase your plants, slugs love them and some caterpillars will weave the leaves into nests you need keep an eye out for them.


Too much bone meal?

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 17:17

YTG, you do not say where you planted the Jasmine, they are usually kept in pots so they can be put under cover in cold weather. If you have put them out into a plot it would need to be full sun and sheltered from the wind. I would not plant them in the ground unless I lived in the warmest mildest bit of the country and I do not.

Bone meal is a very slow release fertiliser so it may well be the move that has done the damage. You can repot it cut it back to three or four inches and remove old or sick growth then put the pot in full sun and see what happens, most species are greenhouse plants and do not over water them they hate that. Move it inside in September and keep it just moist, once the flower buds form then increase the water.

We all make mistakes and I run a plant A&E for my Daughters who can kill anything, the Jasmine is often one of them.


Rubbish mpc

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 11:06

Fairygirl-Daughter, what did I tell you when you were a pup, seedlings like babies have to be weaned, compost is too rich and even sowing into a bed of garden soil though not as rich as compost can be too much. Seeds cost money some more than others we should not take risks. The grit helps drainage, standing water kills more seeds than anything else.

On another board I suggested that peat for seeds was not wasteful in fact helped both the people who harvested it and ourselves in money saved by not losing seed, a thousand trolls fell on my head, I was once told at school meal time I was losing the war all on my own because I refused to eat grey gluey overcooked rice, still will not eat it. Well those trolls told me I was responsible all on my own for the world climate change??? I seem to be responsible for all the worlds ills, does that worry me No, do I care No, bring back peat for seed I say and give back the living lost by the people who lived on the proceeds, all change is not for the good. end of lesson.


Rubbish mpc

Posted: 16/05/2014 at 10:03

Fairygirl-Daughter, I do hope you are not sowing seed straight into compost? Riddle it then mix with sand and grit for seed compost.

Modern compost is now all made in those huge build it high turn it often stacks you see steaming away at commercial and council heaps, it goes into named bags often from the same heap probably not sifted and more than likely not had time to rot down properly.

Aldi and Asda could come from abroad where peat is not banned, some of our commercial growers can still get peat for seed sowing as they grow by the million and cannot afford loss, it is up to us peat free people to complain until it all improves.



Posted: 15/05/2014 at 19:03

Sorry to but in folks, a reminder that the Big Allotment Show final is tonight at 8 and not next week.

Right I will disappear into the blue and not interrupt your "err" Int no Can, no Illuminating is that the word conversations, "I think" maybe???


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