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Log wall

Posted: 18/06/2014 at 10:45

Yes Rebecca, they come in rolls of either full rounds or half round logs and vary in length. I edged a couple of paths with them years ago and they are still going strong. You will need some stout stakes, drive them into the ground until firm, now unroll the log wall and screw it to the stakes firmly. Saw off any off the stake above the log wall, stand back and admire. I did fasten heavy duty plastic to the back where the soil comes in contact as I raised the soil level.

Hope this helps Frank.

Tomatoes in pots

Posted: 16/06/2014 at 13:15

Natalie, you do not say where you are in the UK or what type of plant you have.

My initial thought is you moved them outside too soon or too quickly, they hate the cold winds and rain. Even outside plants grown for the purpose would not be out in my area as yet, NE England. Are the leaves blue-ish in colour a sign of low temperature, are they in full sun during the day with a cover at night, our nights get quite cold. My feeding procedure is a small amount of feed in each can of water, little and often not a feast. With a bit more information we may have a better idea.


A grand Auld Lad.

Posted: 12/06/2014 at 11:47

Took Birthday cards for my Grandson yesterday, car on drive with boot open, keys hanging in door, Max shoved door open with his nose and bounded out "Err" slowly, the big welcome then he walked to my car and sat. "No max I cannot take you with me" wag of tail and that look, that is what you think? The birthday is today he will be a teenager though I knew seeing him today would be impossible, Go-carting from school then his pals round for a late tea and the X-box, what a busy life they lead.

The young ones! Nine o clock the door opens and in rushes Sonny ears up tail going grin on his face then he scoured the house and garden, OK said the look on his face what have you done with Max. He settled down and sits on the back of my chair looking out, you get a little woof as people pass, Next minute his face will be pressed next to mine and he is off on one of his cat-naps, he seems to need contact to sleep. His owner will get him around one, she knows he is safe and happy with me, right now he is on the best chair in the conservatory soaking up the sunshine and why not.


What's the star in your garden right now

Posted: 10/06/2014 at 14:19

The last of my peony a large bush is in flower a Rubra wonderful deep red and the Cranes Bill that was at the other end of a west facing border has crept down over the years and clustered around the Peony, it is also in full bloom with its deep blue flowers buzzing with insects. Both are the best I have ever seen probably the warm wet winter we had. I sat looking at it after lunch thinking colour cards what are those, nature chooses her own companions.


Rik Mayall

Posted: 10/06/2014 at 11:36

Busy Bee, it is called progress, my Dad dragged me to the local Hippodrome first house to see live shows, he laughed his head off at what I as a lad thought very smutty, not spelled out but insinuation, the audiences would be in tears, I was always glad when the singers came on that rather uncomfortable feeling left in the wonder of music.

The wartime Radio shows ITMA and such joked about the times and things we knew about, we would be glued to the old Cosser Radio all the family all having a good laugh and we needed it.

Times changed and the Films brought us comedians who were stars of the silver screen, more sophisticated to us brought up on home grown comics whose lavatory humour was the joke for the film, we still laughed because we still needed to and forget the day to day austerity. The children were off on their own road by then, we had a very early TV, mum and I were BBC kids were ITV neither seeing the point of the other, such is life, they now have cable's boxes, X type thingees and games stations, so many hand held controllers I never know where to start, they still complain there is nothing worth watching yet fight the children over what to watch on the main set. I have lived too long.

David, it would be a dull old world if we all agreed all of the time, discussion is the spice of life, without disagreement there would be no discussion.


care of plant

Posted: 10/06/2014 at 09:52

Pat, indoor plants are usually propagated from cuttings, cut below a node about 3-4 inches long then shave it to a tail and plant in sandy peat that will be late summer some bottom heat will be needed. Out door plants (hardy) can be propagated from seed though it takes time. Sow in compost in September and over winter in shelter, you could do what all gardeners do, try it and see what happens.


Rik Mayall

Posted: 10/06/2014 at 09:39

No one deserves to die so young though the only time I ever watched him was in Black Adder, I thought to up front and over the top. Alternative comedy went way over my head, never did see any comedy in it. All kids rebel it is in their nature not to like what the parents like yet they grow into us as they age, I watch and smile. Mentioned to my Daughter yesterday, "I have a record of the Bay City Rollers in the cabinet, want to hear it" are you taking the mick she asked, that was when I was annoying you and Mum.

Modern stand up mainly leaves me cold, bad language is not and never has been funny, rock bands used it to rattle the grown ups who did not like three chords repeated continuously, in the army and industry you got used to people with poor vocabulary using swear words as descriptive language though what they were trying to describe was often beyond them, asked why I never swore the reply would be "if I need to resort to swearing then I have lost the plot and the argument.

Sorry to butt in on you youngsters I guess brought up in a gentler age with hurt all around us we laughed at gentle humour because we needed a good old belly laugh.


A grand Auld Lad.

Posted: 09/06/2014 at 22:20

Hello Charley and Orchid Lady, I had thought of seeing about the older dog then next door mentioned she could be back in full time work, I looked after Sonny when she was working and would do so again the best of both worlds, a companion during the day and then he goes home.

That was what I tried to tell Julie, dogs are animals with animal instincts, they chase rabbits and cats, protect their owners with barks and growls and will snap if they feel unsure, she thinks it her baby totally besotted and upset when I say sit and he does. They need to know their place in the pack and he has no doubt about this pack, he sits. It is usually not the dogs who need training it is the owners, we were brought up with animals and it comes naturally, this is Julie's first dog, I am sure she would dress it up if she could, he is confidant and relaxed with me, slobbers all over her so I have a good idea where she comes in the pecking order.

Nice to hear from you Charlie, Frank.

A grand Auld Lad.

Posted: 09/06/2014 at 20:50

You hit the nail on the head Verdun, an exact description though he is thirteen now and needs pills and potions, well so do I  he gets the sympathy vote off me. He grew up with many visits to us and the garden, loved the long walks through woods over fields along streams of which we have many made many friends including my Westy most now gone including Benji. Taking on another dog needs you to be very fit when they are young so an older dog would be the one, at the moment hands are full dog sitting mainly next door. She has him daft I have him under control and it drives her nuts, "why does he not do that for me" that one low growl of command dogs understand. Experience, we were brought up to know they were animals and not a substitute for a baby.

David, you are getting me worried, you did mention my favourite Poets and in the right order too. Music is sensory poetry and dancing the interpretation of that sensory poetry or so I was told by many good dancers who took a whip of a lad on the floor and introduced him to a life time of enjoyment, "err" apart from the dancing on tables bit when well stocked up on Stella. I would say they could probably dance!


A grand Auld Lad.

Posted: 09/06/2014 at 19:19

Tootles, there is a place five miles from me and I have sat outside at least three times and driven on, Knowing you would walk away with them all big and small is not a way to choose. Had dogs most of my life, baby sit for two Daughters both old dogs and the young lad next door, that could be on a regular basis as the girl next door has been offered work.

Thing is I get around laptops and other magic machines Ok but never managed the photo bit guess age has something to do with it. Max left with the pickings of the chicken for his tea and a grin on his face.


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