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MOB rants

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 17:40

Hi Brother Derek we are both members of Unite, a long story.
As a lad I joined the Boilermakers led by the ear to the meeting by my mentor and tutor a Boilermaker brought out of retirement for the war. His Son in Law owned the firm but  he told me they are all tarred with the same brush and will do you down.
Many years later at ICI I was asked if I was union and because my Dad had for years gone to the branch and paid the forces dues I was still a member. I was told by the convener I would need to join the Staff section which I did.
I was then promoted rapidly and put in charge with the instruction break the union hold that keeps ICI from improving.
A couple of years hard graft with the union's, job done and well rewarded, the men were happy a lot more money the unions curbed.
On retirement I was asked if I wished to remain on the books at a much reduced fee and I did. So for years I have had a Union pension, most of the conveners and lads dropped out hence no pension I smile every Christmas when that cheque comes.


MOB rants

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 17:23

Fairygirl /Daughter, I am quite worried about you, if I had been a child bride I would have been your Mum and believe it there is no danger of me being taken for a female of any description, even the Bear as my lads called me (behind my back I may say).
Are you having a gender crisis I ask.
Tina we do not all have the same chances in life and I salute anyone who pulls themselves up by the boot straps, you fought you succeeded well done.
When I got leave in the Army I would have a day off then it would be up on the farm if they were busy or a part time job, in a time of full employment they always wanted drivers to cover for sickness. I drove some rattletraps as well as good trucks and always brought them back home it meant I was always good for more next time I got leave and the money came in handy. Lazing about was not in my genes and still is not, apart from today when I appear to have been on all day, my excuse is it is freezing the Mexican chili's out there.
Fish was always part of my diet we lived on a fishing coast, the man would come round with his horse and cart calling Callour Herrin and mother would buy a bucket full caught that morning and clean dress then bake them. Hot for the evening meal and cold there after, I thought that nicer and would stuff them down with lots of bread and butter, "butter you ask with rationing" we made our own and did deals, keeping pigs a few slices of bacon got you anything.


MOB rants

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 15:25

Fairygirl/ Daughter, Hang about, you remember it being green fields??? "Err" am I old enough to be your Dad?
At the last election three very well dressed young men arrived at my door, we can rely on your vote then Sir or was that meant as Cur? It is rather posh around here.
"And whom may you be" quoth me, we are the representatives of the XXX party. "Oh yes and what will you do for me should I be stupid enough oops sorry should I give you my vote. A pile of leaflets and a load of spiel later ( had time on my hands so let them educate me) I told them I heard that in the fifties the sixties the seventies and so on and it all got worse never better. Their faces said "we have a right one here" too B@##@# true you have, when I had told them I would never vote for them if they had feather dusters in various orifices of their bodies and dusted my house from top to bottom whilst waggling around, I think they got the point.
Like your Dad, I have never had anything from them, the thing that makes me spit shrapnel is the fact my government pension is classed as "Unearned Income" for tax purposes and I will pay taxes until the day i wander off to Valhalla, governments I have shot them or something like that.


MOB rants

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 15:08

Pentille, where ever carrot cake was invented it is still a blot on the landscape, Mr Wooltons pie a once a week delicacy in the Wartime School Canteen I was forced to frequent was often the best meal of the week all Vegetable and not masquerading as pudding, followed by Tapioca, how come we got so much of that back then. Fish every Friday boiled to bits then a very weak sauce thrown on and mashed potato, the whole tasteless but still better than carrot cake.

I am with you on the inter-net, I refuse to put any detail on this machine, renew my insurance by post and much to my daughters frustration actually go to a shop to buy the things I want, "I can do that on line dad" maybe so but how will you pay, "your card" not on your Nelly I have no trust in those on line thin-gees. I was reading about security and apparently some of the big online firms have been broken into but say nothing, it is cheaper to compensate irate customers than broadcast the fact.


Forum names

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 12:23

If we are named for our gardens then I would be "ad hoc" with a few standard bushes the style changes by the year or even the season. When I planted red white and blue borders, lots of them, for an anniversary my minimalist Daughter went "ugh" people passing stopped and commented mostly favourable and the same borders appeared around the estate.
I love looking at gardens although trying to copy them to me is silly, I have my own style and likes, Christopher Lloyd was a one off who took many years to get the form and planting of his garden to his tastes and now the Gardener tries to keep the style but admitted it is very hard to do.
Jeannie, what ever you have is yours, if it annoyed you you would not still be planning it, it would be done, I moved into a new build detached 30 years ago and worked until I ached to change it from the lawn back front and sides to a garden i could live with. That has had many make overs as the years rolled on and that is what we gardeners do, we complete a project sit down with a glass in our hands look at it and see how it could be done differently and so away we go spade and fork flying plants being moved so many times they do not unpack their suit cases.
As long as we are reasonable pleased with our efforts then that is success.

Random ad hoc Frank.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 11:34

Stockton, for thirty seconds the sun shone, it lit up the house the garden and my face then it vanished, we are now getting quick flashes and even as I type it is creeping across the carpet and lighting up the room, will wonders never cease?


MOB rants

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 11:29

Pentille, yes London is a place you can eat any of the worlds cuisines and the street food is wonderful, who said we Brits cannot cook, we just cannot cook our own food is all and when we do it is something weird like carrot cake???
As to politics I am neutral, each being as bad as the other all with their trotters in the feeding trough and having seen a variation of Governments each worse than the other have lost the will to vote.
I did think Green until a woman said it was mine and my parents fault we were in the state we were in, it appears we were wasteful???
Remembering unwrapped food, Milk from Churns in your own jugs, then Milk Bottles washed and returned to be used a million times, four page newspapers which were promptly collected by the Scouts along with cardboard tins and anything else, the fire ashes used on the garden and Vegetables all locally grown. Add food being used to the last crumb due to shortages and poor pay, I do think she was a bit over the top and withdrew any thoughts of voting for Windmills that don't work in the cold, I can imagine the people who have had the misfortune to know what the future holds as they lost all power would have something to say about all that.
Oh well that turned into another rant I was never like that before Gardening Grandma invented rants I blame her.


MOB rants

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 11:10

Lizzie, good morning, not a word about religion, although most forces people tend towards some belief, I never found any atheists in a fox hole. My Daughter in California is the Church of Latter Day Saints and I can out quote her on the Bible hands down, but then I had it beaten into me and it was part of the school curriculum when I was young.
I had some awful meals in France as well as some very special ones too, the point being with my weak French I was never too sure what I was eating, plus the fact it was always covered in garlic type sauce so the taste would vanish in a cloud of garlic as you breathed out. The French troops I met lived on "Andouillette" rather an acquired taste I would say.
Now toilets "Derek" ahem, as lads dolled up to go to the dance we would all meet in a local Quayside pub pretending to be hard men. We would be in the bar and next door in a little snug would be the Ladies of the night who worked the ships docked there. The men's toilet was at the end of the bar and a trough about knee height the ladies up a flight of stairs as the pub was built on a bank. Unloading the beer already imbibed one night the door opened in walked on of the ladies pulled up her dress cocked her leg and proceeded. Frank lad in total shock looking at a sight that should never be seen almost spoilt his nicely creased pants, was still in shock when I went out to be greeted by ribald remarks on the speed at which said lady entered and left not saying much for my capabilities. I think I lost the bright red flush after an hour or so.


MOB rants

Posted: 28/03/2013 at 09:34

Fairygirl/Daughter, Sitting here last night with my Grandson sitting at my feet and Granddaughter on the arm of my chair with an arm round my neck we were talking "Orrible Istories" as you do!
Marlborough Wellington Nelson, the hundred years war Waterloo and the Peninsular I happen to be a bit of a buff on them all as well as local History probably just as "orrible". Grandson taking history and had asked.
What would you have done Granddad says little one and like a blinding light my brain lit up, "Make them eat Carrot cake"?
Can anyone imagine all the shops closed and the French being made it to eat Carrot cake, they would give in faster than they did in 1940, we could then change their menu's to Tripe and onions, Panackelty, Welsh Rarebit, Haggis and Concannon. I can see their faces now and am enjoying the thought.
Does make me wonder, "what do all those French people living in London eat Faggots and Gravy, Stewed Eels?

The bairns thought it hilarious, and made some gruesome suggestions.

MOB rants

Posted: 27/03/2013 at 23:27

G/G there is always Scotland again it appears to get washed clean whilst you are there ready for me to go enjoy the sunshine.
At Cawdor Castle my daughter came looking for me and found an Englishman a German and a Frenchman having an animated conversation sitting in glorious sunshine in the Gardens, it turned out we were all ex soldiers and as she said they were going for a walk around an American joined us it was a blissful hour although I got a burnt forehead. Tell me if you are going I will give it a miss.


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