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lawn maintenance, under poor conditions

Posted: 16/04/2013 at 12:12

Djjjuk, Having looked I am afraid looking at all that fence would drive me mad.
Why not cut the lawn back, make a border and then plant a couple of climbers plus some shade loving bushes to hide at least the back fence.
My Daughter had the same problem and we tackled it planting up a border which in one year hid the fence, now you do not see any of the fences and the garden is a picture.
There are many plants shrubs and small trees that will prosper in shade remembering they will have their heads in the sun in all probability.
It needs a serious revamp in my book.


worth buying primroses now?

Posted: 16/04/2013 at 11:55

My Primroses have provided colour and put a smile on my face through out this long bitter winter, the have bloomed continuously for nearly five months in a long row at the front of the border, if it was me I would get them.
Prepare a plot or strip of border then drop the Primroses out of the pot and plant them, open up the base of the root gently so they will travel into the surrounding soil.
When the flowers die off which will be soon leave the plants alone apart from weeding, the top growth will also die back then start to come again in Autumn. Clean around the plants and a mulch of compost around them then leave to flower.
After flowering next year lift and divide the plants re-planting them where you wish them to grow you will double your plants doing that. They can be divided each year after that. My plants came from one given to me and divided each year until I now have a lovely glowing row of yellow flowers.


lawn maintenance, under poor conditions

Posted: 16/04/2013 at 10:57

Lawns need some sun to stay healthy as do we all, be it early morning or late afternoon that would be enough to prosper.
It also depends on what type of lawn seed was sown a soft grass will suffer more in shade than a tough all purpose grass.
Time to weigh up the reason the grass is there, could there be another feature of shade loving plants that would be better or is some hard standing with pots a better bet.
If you wish to try a bit longer then use a feed and weed preferably when it is raining or going to rain if not wet it in with a hose and that means really wet it. In six weeks do the same again. Leave the lawn to settle cutting it slightly long, blades up a bit.
Autumn rake it aerate it and then after aerating dress with a mix of compost and sand sweeping it into the aerating holes with a stiff brush then put down an Autumn feed and weed this is slow release then leave until spring.
It may work and lawns can be brought back to health with some work although I always say if something is not working then change it.


What's the best way to shade a greenhouse?

Posted: 16/04/2013 at 10:38

JulieS2, exactly, and why I never shade the greenhouse these days it is a waste of time and money. Being retired I am always about so "if and when" we get a scorching day I can simply open every vent wet the flags and gravel then drape some net or even put a couple of loose plywood boards in position to shade the plants and having a fan I put it on fast blow. Never had scorch on plants and tomato's love the sun, I keep them what I call finger damp not soaking, dip a finger in if it comes out with a bit of soil stuck to it well and good if it comes out muddy not good and if it comes out clean as it went in well very not good. Bottomless pots on gravel I find best, you water the gravel and every couple of weeks top up the pot with more compost. When everyone around me lost their tomato's to blight mine were OK.
All this is from my own experience over many years others do things in a different way, there are no right or wrong ways it is what suits you and the way you garden, when I was working all day I did things in a different way.


MOB rants

Posted: 15/04/2013 at 22:51

"Deeply shocked"? "Haven't lived"? where is it you live?? "ah yes, Bridgend" where a young innocent Northern Lad was inducted into Welsh ways by dark haired fiery eyed Bridgend girls.
Oh how I suffered and escaped by the skin of my teeth, only to discover the Hampshire girls were not much safer. Sometimes you are better off in a foxhole.


MOB rants

Posted: 15/04/2013 at 16:28

Mummy, did you not know that Ikea meatballs are what was left over from the Charge of the Light Brigade, the machine gun nests are to make you eat them?

Fairygirl /Daughter that sounds a great idea I could knock holes in the front and side walls so Daughter has a clear field of fire. Do the Archers practice on the Zumba class, it must be tempting all those posteriors flouncing about at high speed.


MOB rants

Posted: 15/04/2013 at 14:47
Fairygirl wrote (see)

Frank/Dad-you're not really the Duke of Edinburgh are you? What on earth would Madge say....


 Fairygirl/Daughter, "how did you guess", I will be parking my racing carriage and four behind your house, they should keep the lawn manured.

Mummy I was in the army and promoted to the mess at a young age, the entree to such honoured heights was to be able to sink a pint in seconds at games night and therefore drink all the young officers under the table and then sing all the dirty words to every song you ever knew. I was not a bad Tenor in my time and could also play piano so it also meant I had to empty the row of beers on top of the piano now and again so it could be filled up, I often slept under the piano for the couple of hours before being on Parade ready willing and gleaming bright as a button stick, the best engineering training you could get.
Young girls are not for me Joan was older than me and I never cast an eye anywhere else, when you have the best don't spoil it and I do miss her.
MY problem is one over the road casting eye's my way and she is not a widow yet and the girl who's dog I mind telling me her mother thinks I am lovely, she is a widow, I have told Duaghters to buy thannet wire and machine gun nests from Ikea as I need protection.


MOB rants

Posted: 15/04/2013 at 10:53

Fairygirl/Daughter, you may not be on your own long, Dad may need a garage turned into a Dad/flat. Now I lay out the rules.
No moaning when the Calender girls and myself crawl home from the night club at four in the morning, the clashing of zimmer frames and the rattle of empty cans being thrown on the path must not bring forth moans and groans. If there are four heads in the bed next morning no screams of dismay just bring extra porridge.
Loud piano playing and singing of old wartime songs like "Lily Marlene" the dirty versions must not bring protest and if your neighbours complain I would expect you to shoot them.
I have a feeling it would all work well as long as you obey and Dads do know best.


What's the best way to shade a greenhouse?

Posted: 15/04/2013 at 10:43

Julie, Do not use paint you will regret it, open the door and any vents and a couple of buckets of water on the floor will help cool it.
My greenhouse is South facing so I fitted extra vents, they can be manual or automatic at the ends so door open one end vents open the other a cooling draught wafts through.
I also use a cooling fan on hot days if ever we get any and individual plants can have a bit of green mesh hung over or around them.
The plants need the sun just as we do so shading the whole greenhouse defeats the object. If we have a heat wave lift your trays outside into a sheltered place during the day and put them back at night.
I have a bench outside in a nice sunny sheltered spot and put the trays on that during the hot part of the day, and yes I do vaguely remember hot parts of the day, once upon a time.



Posted: 15/04/2013 at 00:04

Cecilia I think is asking can she lift them after flowering the answer is yes although they are best left until the leaves die down.
When the flowers are finished cut them off and leave them for at least six weeks as the leaves feed the bulb for next year. If you need the space then put a fork under the bulb lift the whole bulb and leaves gently then drop them into a pot, it does not matter if you crowd them in, fill the pot with compost and put to one side with some sun and let them die down.
I lift mine and drop them into a Nursery bed (an area not in use as yet) in rows and let them rest and feed.
Never fold the leaves down, or tie them in a knot, or even cut them off, they are the feed factory for the bulb to flower next year.
RAIN, my Daf's opened on Saturday which to me was the first day of Spring up here, it was sunny and warm with no easterly breeze, the first time in months, today they got blown over, you cannot win.


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