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Clocks go forward tonight

Posted: 26/10/2014 at 09:17

My Sunday lunch is dead on 13:00, I do the cooking and those invited are told it is on the table at one and only warm after that if the bin is on fire, they get the message. I have automatic clocks that correct the time at two in the morning, not that I wake up and watch, I will be away in my dreams to Dancing the Waltz with Joan in Vienna in a crowded room on an empty floor, boy did we show them. Wish it was still possible.


blueberries plant and heathers in the same pot

Posted: 26/10/2014 at 09:06

Goathland on the North York's Moors is where I spent a lot of my childhood heather and Bilberries as we knew them grew well together, we harvested the bilberries and I never forgot the taste. The heather got burned off every few years and the bilberries still came. Leave them for now and pot them on alone into a bigger pot another year as I doubt they will fruit this year.


Clocks go forward tonight

Posted: 26/10/2014 at 08:56

Morning Verdun on this lovely warm morning at 08:45 though it will be afternoon where you are "err" I think. New I-pad, nice, don't see the need for me to have one as my new touch screen laptop never leaves the house anyway but enjoy. I am investing in a Kindle to read and I-tunes although I do have I-tunes on here. The Gammon roast is ready to go in the oven once up to room temperature with some good Cornish ice cream when the Grandchildren arrive only the best for them.


Music in the Garden

Posted: 26/10/2014 at 08:48

Bet you all missed the Elvis programme on ch 9 last night, some good country and western which I love.


Strictly 2014

Posted: 25/10/2014 at 21:49

Caroline for me, Scott has to go even Judy was more entertaining. I am on the point of asking for Bruce back, no I have not taken a turn for the worse, they are annoying me.


Clocks go forward tonight

Posted: 25/10/2014 at 13:21

"what did I say" asks Verdun? What ever it was provided us all with a good giggle, well that is the girls us lads a belly laugh, with the reminder of the months to come we need it.


Before the darkness

Posted: 25/10/2014 at 13:17

Do not worry Runnybeak, we have his number, he will be out foxed by the posters on here, a crafty lot of mud pluggers, he could find his garden covered in china clay and think it has snowed.


Clocks go forward tonight

Posted: 25/10/2014 at 11:40

Bob I find the best way to prune is with a chain saw, level with the ground does nicely. Verdun from his troglodyte position in the mine hewing pots probably never sees daylight living on Oggies will not help, they eat the handles and throw the rest away.


Before the darkness

Posted: 25/10/2014 at 11:31

Kef, they to themselves are not confused and he was correct we had double summer time, I found in those long years caring for Joan the best way was to take her back, Photo's of her as a girl Dancing and of the family as children, I had pictures of all our dogs and she could name them when she could not remember who I was. People in that situation should stop and listen, they are not in our world but their world is real to them.

Steve lad, you do not get to be an old experienced gardener without getting old. I was talking with my S/L about the chemistry of Steel, he is a Chemistry graduate engineer and was getting it wrong. I still have all my college papers and knew where to look, a few minutes later my Grandson 13 said "you should listen to Granddad he knows what he is talking about" and added "he drove tanks"???? what that has to do with anything I do not know.

Unlike Fairygirl and others I am a morning person so the extra hour in bed does not happen, I get up the same time and go to bed an hour earlier. My mad party and dancing days are over, slippers TV or a book with a smallish glass of Scottish fire water and that's me gone.


Before the darkness

Posted: 25/10/2014 at 10:00

Nice one Fairygirl Daughter, that Mr Dastardly down the bottom end of Devon, lot of cows in Devon and we know what their bottom ends look like, is getting mixed up with his cream and his clots, he thinks we are the latter.

Sorry Mike Wartime clutter? it was Double Summer Time during the war and that really sorted it out when we had to milk the cows in Winter.


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