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The other side of Monty Don.

Posted: 06/10/2014 at 10:18

"erm yes" As a gardener all my life that is exactly what I tend to do sort of dig stuff up and plant stuff, is there any other way? I would like to know about it if there is. As for Nigel as any Gardener with dogs knows they are the best gardening companions, they dig the holes for you, well my Westy did, keep the cats away my Benji certainly did that, share your sandwiches listen to you moaning about box hedge disease and generally give you a feel good attitude whilst breaking your back double digging. In the Army they called it self inflicted wounds and gardening looked at by a stranger could be seen as that, the hard work in all weathers, Monty is often wet yet still smiles, the frozen fingers in winter I could never work with gloves on and all just to have your own cabbages leeks peas tomato's and fruit, much cheaper in the supermarket so why do we bother I ask? Because it is in our genes to provide and if we get enjoyment out of sitting and looking at our always unfinished labours then that is a bonus.

I love GW Monty and Nigel "oh and box hedges" no accounting for taste is there.


Strictly 2014

Posted: 05/10/2014 at 22:44

Well it happened Gregg went thank goodness, I suppose £25,000 for around four weeks work looks good even to a millionaire. On top of that he gets to hold a beautiful girl for several hours each day, I would sign up myself.


Advice for novice?

Posted: 05/10/2014 at 17:22

My advice would be do little at the moment, see what comes through the winter, there could be winter flowering bushes bulbs early spring plants which suddenly appear, in other words you could do more harm than good. Look through charity shops you will find many gardening books often never been opened RHS encyclopaedia of gardening would be ideal plus one on the identification of plants. You do not have to prune in Autumn unless a shrub is too top heavy and being battered by the wind Spring is quite normal for most things. You can identify Roses and take them down around a third then prune properly in Spring.

The Veg Patch will be OK to over winter if it has been dug over then in spring weed and rake a bit at a time and sow the seed or plants you wish to grow, frost helps break down clods and you can take out any obvious weeds by hand now, consider grass a weed in a Veg plot. Take your time, little and often rather than a back breaking make over in one go and most of all enjoy learning and gardening, we all started from where you are, do not be afraid to come on here asking and telling us how it is going we love to keep up.


Strictly 2014

Posted: 05/10/2014 at 17:03

Err cannot dance what shall we do? Aliona bake a cake, Gregg ! Cannot cook I am a green grocer ! Aliona OK you prance about like a gooseberry at the Cheddar Strawberry fair, I will get the cake says she with a demonic look in her eye. I know we will do Craig, Floor manager, you do and we will turn Master Chef into Dancer Chef be warned. Some idiot, I know stick your slobbering chops in it at the end of the farce and they will all want a bit. They discover the Strawberries are sprouts painted red. Goodnight children everywhere, do not have nightmares after watching this.


loved gardening quotes

Posted: 04/10/2014 at 21:49

Kathy Kirby died around four years ago, I saw her several times in the local night club and she really could sing.


Strictly 2014

Posted: 04/10/2014 at 21:44

Still Caroline and Pasha for me she will be there at the end, Jake and Janette great yet something about him I do not like, Pixie and Trent plus Frankie and Kevin definite

To go cake stuffing and Irish eye's but the great British public? well no telling how they will vote, not with the feet that is for sure.

Today the family were here scoffing all my biscuits and tea whilst I was engrossed watching video of my two youngest grandchildren doing the dance exams, Matthew 13 one foot fault in three dances, Hannah 10 her instructor made the foot fault and Hannah never missed a beat whilst the instructor recovered, wonderful to watch as they follow my footsteps or should that be dance steps.


Music in the Garden

Posted: 04/10/2014 at 10:21

Today it is music in the kitchen, it is pouring down out there. So Floyd Cramer on piano at the moment "Have I told you lately that I love you" not you David the girls, all of them. A bit of country and western never goes wrong in this house.


loved gardening quotes

Posted: 04/10/2014 at 10:07

My Dad a super gardener had two quotes. "If you cannot eat it or sell it do not grow it" and when sowing seed, "One row for the beasties, one row for the birds and two rows for us, keeps everyone happy" I think we have come full circle and back to growing for our own tables and not to outdo the neighbours.


Music in the Garden

Posted: 03/10/2014 at 16:22

No Comment.


Tomato gro-bag compost

Posted: 03/10/2014 at 15:51

Ann, the tomato grow bag compost will have used up any nutrient so do not pot anything else in it, put it on the compost heap as part of the mix.

Right let us talk about fruit germination. We have all noticed a shortage of insects this year and a closed greenhouse is difficult for them to get in so you have to give a hand. Open the green house during the warm days and walk in gently shake the plants to scatter the pollen when blossom shows, I also carry a fine small paint brush and gently tickle each flower thus doing the insects work for them. This year was a good year for me plenty of fruit, it needs to be warm and around midday when the flowers open fully, yes extra work but worth it. Plants need plenty of air around them crowding them together helps spread disease, if I find the odd leaf I take it off and burn it if it is spreading I put a bag over the plant carry it out and burn it, have not had blight in years when those around me did have it. We get out what we put in and for a few minutes extra per day to ensure a good crop must be worth it.


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