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sea holly?

Posted: 14/07/2012 at 13:37

Bluemoon, Sea Holly is Eryngium which usually has toothed leaves but your description could well be Eryngium giganteum which has heart shaped leaves and the spikes will be around two feet tall or more.
Without more information this is a guess although without the flowers it just might look like Cyclamen leaves.


What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 14/07/2012 at 10:16

Teesside today a third day of sunshine although plenty of cloud around. Looking over the valley there seems to be low cloud or mist over the Hills.
It is warm and the washing is on the line with the second wash running, am I tempting fate I ask?
Zoomer do not be too quick to dump your Palm-Weed as they all start off wee. saying that they get plenty of Camel "err" water to make them grow, do not know how you would manage that though, Chester Zoo???


Cowslips in July ????

Posted: 14/07/2012 at 10:07

Linda, Cowslips are a Primula Veris a spring flower normally grows in water meadow type fields.
Yours could well be a late Primula Florindae a giant cowslip which grows and flowers in summer, (what summer you may ask).
Primula comes in many shapes and forms a lot of them yellow and you can tell by the way the flowers form what they are. Helodoxa (Candelabra) speaks for itself, clusters of flowers grow from the stalk  to the top and hang down where as Veris (cowslip) flowers at the top of the stem and hangs down,
Yours could possibly a bird dropped seed, I encourage birds and find all kinds of strange plants coming up mainly weeds but the odd one I keep.



Posted: 14/07/2012 at 09:48

Archari, so many things, Pears need little pruning, then we have position of tree, they fruit earlier than apples so need a fairly sheltered position to avoid wind rock and warmth to keep them happy. I have said elsewhere they are not recommended North of the Trent although here in the Northeast we can grow them against walls or in orchards.
The soil condition is it nice rich loam free draining, they do not like being waterlogged (so much for this year then) a good mulch in spring we would add a good feed of manure although an ammonia potash feed scattered away from the trunk will do as well. Did it get frosted in the heavy frost we had and does it show any signs of black leaf if it did get any leaves.
With fruit trees it is always best to do things slowly, let it rest then next spring look for life, give it some TLC once you see signs. My Daughters cherry tree has dropped all its leaves and she worried it had gone, no it is still alive, just, a bad year is all.


grass cuttings

Posted: 13/07/2012 at 19:13

The story of compost Berghill is knowing when to stop. I do not have a shredder so heavy stuff goes to the green-waste they put everything through a huge shredder and mixer, pile it high and turn it often.
My two large boxes with lids to keep the heat in fill quickly enough without the grass cuttings so it does not bother me too much and we can have a bag of compost per week from the green-waste free.
This week some woody gone over plants were mixed with some of as you say fast growing grass and dead headings, a drop of the magic mix from the garage sprinkled on and it is away, using one box whilst filling another turning the new box into the barrow and tossing it back keeps it aerated and heating.
In Autumn all the old potting soil gets mixed in as well then left all winter for lovely compost in the spring, usually my summer compost takes around six weeks this year probably six months?


What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 13/07/2012 at 14:46

Teesside. Up early to take Daughter to Darlington for the London train. Glorious sunshine on the way to Darlington with a lovely view across the Dale and over to the Cleveland Hills bathed in sunshine.
Coming back thunder clouds and some dark boiling clouds over the hills to the North and then more sun and still shining. Been down to the Village Green, warm calm and relaxing, is this summer I ask???


grass cuttings

Posted: 13/07/2012 at 14:39

Yes indeed Berghill I too put some on my own compost spread thinly and mixed with plenty of other material, I turn it often so it gets air and being large wooden structures plenty of heat. If I go a bit mad and add too much I find when turning the heap the grass is still in a layer and have to break it up.
The bowling club grass did not have the mix, even when we tried turning and getting some air in it did not work. We added the trimmings from the surrounding hedges and that did not work so it went into bins and sent to the green-waste. We live and learn and up here on the North East Coast we have to work at getting heat into the compost.


grass cuttings

Posted: 13/07/2012 at 00:28

Berghill, in my experience no they don't, we were all volunteer groundsmen for our bowling club and so we tried all ways to compost the cuttings and still had to bag and get rid of a pile of black goo.


Why the Gap?

Posted: 12/07/2012 at 14:18

Having seen it from the sharp end I do know it is not easy.
The crew arrived from London and did an overnight in town phoning to say be ready at ten the next morning.
They arrived spot on time and took a good while to set up get the right angle and sort out a script. Then we did nearly four hours of interview with only one retake but a move of venue in the afternoon, then they went off back to London.
When the interview came on a week later it was exactly 20 minutes and some added footage so it is not easy.
AT once said for him to take one spade full of soil took three different angles, some re-shots then he had to talk over it so a few seconds took quite a while to film.
They also have to fit in with the Presenters who have a lot of other things to do, they are very busy people, at times it is obvious MD has said get on with it never mind the weather as he often looks drowned.
I am happy for them to take off the tennis for gardening but please leave the Proms alone, the highlight of the year.


grass cuttings

Posted: 12/07/2012 at 14:00

Most of my grass cuttings go to the green-waste collection. Having seen the efforts that went into trying to compost Bowling green cuttings and the failure there of, it took a lot of effort to remove years of black sticky waste and nothing would grow where it had been.
If there is plenty of woody or plant material I mix in a thin layer of grass cutting but there is too much to add it all, I also add some uric acid, the human kind collected in a bottle in the garage with the doors shut if you do not want to be arrested. Mix that with a watering can of water and sprinkle it on the compost as you add to the pile.
Nitrogen is part of all fertiliser whatever the mix and too much of any of it will burn or kill your plants. It greens up the plants often to the detriment of the plant flowering or fruiting, it will make the plant green and soft. Tomato fertiliser is a mix of Nitrogen Urea Phosphorus and Potassium (Potash) NPK.
You need a balance of feed to suit the plant and what it is actually doing, like your own diet a good mix little but often is better than stuffing your gut.
If you grow peas beans and other nitrogen producing roots then you have a fertile area for next years rotation crop.


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