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Strictly 2014

Posted: 08/11/2014 at 10:20

Morning David, can you (pretty please) take your eye's of the complete picture nice as it is and watch the feet, Caroline is the dancer. Agree Alison tomorrow she is fun and I do like watching her but last week was the end of the line and I question who would lift whom when lifting is required???


garden problem

Posted: 08/11/2014 at 10:11

Joyce, Your first post made me feel you were at the end of your tether and who among us has not been there. You say your Gardener is doing the work and assume that is only to get the main work done, OK let him or her do it and once they leave then you put your mark on the garden.

The secret is to do it little and often, pick a border or corner and decide how it should look then concentrate on that. Moving from one project to the next when you feel you wish to do it or the time is available in time it will be your garden as you want it. I often sit on my small seating area at the bottom of the garden and plan next years garden, gardens are for relaxing as well you know, there is no need to step out of the door and turn into a frenetic work horse dashing around in disarray trying to do it all in one go. Relax a bit stop and think about it make notes draw sketches and plan well ahead, in other words make it less a chore more an enjoyable experience and good luck.


Strictly 2014

Posted: 08/11/2014 at 09:55

KEF, Yes looking forward to the Show? tonight though more in the hope it soon becomes a dance competition? If this thread were to vanish we could start another purely on the dance theme. It would seem we all see Strictly in different ways, as long as we enjoy it for what it is that does not matter. What Academia has to do with it I do not know though I did attend dance classes as a very young sprog as my Grandchildren do now, does that make me an academic I ask???


Lawn issues

Posted: 08/11/2014 at 09:39

Verdun I agree, we are fascinating, I cannot tear myself away from the shaving mirror every morning !!!

Once grew a lawn where hens had run for years, I was told it would never take, I was young, fireproof, and had the backing of the best Gardener I ever knew, Dad. It grew, Patchy at first though with tender loving care we got a nice lawn. Many years and lawns later I helped with our Bowling club Lawn for many years and talk about Prima Donna of lawns boy they are the top. Hard work frustrating, conflicting advice from Bowling green experts we got the lot but were then told we had one of the best greens in the North East of England.

The thing is people ask for advice, if it is within my remit I will answer though it is from my experience in my own local conditions which differ considerably from County to County. Also it is not good just giving a definitive answer they need to know why how and possible consequences so I do try to bulk it out. We on this board give advice freely not asking reward, it is there take it or leave it and 10 Gardeners will give between them probably 7 different answers, you take your pick and hope the chosen one knows of what they speak. Some hope of that after reading some of the Forkers posts, still have not worked out what they are talking about so do not join in.

Good luck Nicola and remember a so called expert is only one chapter further into the book than you are.


Lawn issues

Posted: 07/11/2014 at 15:11

Nicola, Did you lay the lawn or is it new build. If new build they would lay general purpose rolls on thin soil over often clay or rubble and all the above tips would help. If you laid it did you use too fine a mix and also did you scarify the lawn in Autumn.

If a new build then you need to build up the soil and check drainage, Using a rake go over the lawn  lifting any moss or detritus from the top, you will be surprised at what comes off and it can go in the compost bin. Now you need to aerate the lawn with a garden fork pushing the fork into the lawn every few inches, mark the lawn with canes laid out so you know where you have been. You can use a hand Aerator which will remove divets or hire a machine from the DIY shop for a day, that will also remove divets. Now you need a bag of washed sand and one of compost which you may need to riddle then mix the two and scatter on the lawn, using a stiff brush to sweep the mix across the lawn filling the holes, that will allow aeration and drainage as well as feeding the grass roots. I would also use a winter weed and feed though some people prefer not to do that, it is personal choice. leave until spring then cut with the blades up, most people take far too much off the lawn, it needs some grass length to help feed the roots. A spring feed and weed will also help. Hope this helps


Strictly 2014

Posted: 06/11/2014 at 23:44

Whoa up Mike, if you think it a show then expect people of all sexes to dress in show costumes what ever their age, today shopping in tospots I saw at least three men my age dressed in those half leg shorts and funny tops, I would not be seen in them but would defend their rights to wear them. The ladies can wear what they wish if they think it suits them who are we as men to argue.

To me it is a Dance competition and year after year the three top Dancers make it to the top no matter what happens in the run up shows. From week one I said it would be Caroline and Pasha I watch the feet and that girl can dance so enjoy the show up to the last three weeks then enjoy the dance.


Strictly 2014

Posted: 06/11/2014 at 15:54

True Obelixx as I found out dancing on the Continent, the Dutch Tango was a far different beast to the Austrian or Italian Tango being far more staid. In Hamburg it was more the Goucho style, Vienna the continental style we called it more as we see on TV or in films, the thing was the girls could all Tango there would always be a shortage of men, as I said before we had a ball.


Back to the Lecture Hall.

Posted: 06/11/2014 at 13:49

Glad you enjoyed the lecture Mike though it has been on TV science programmes and books written about it. My Father could tell me as a lad what the bugs were what they did and how integrated they were in the gardening cycle so nothing new under the sun as they say. He would plant up saying one row for the bugs one for the birds and two for us, he understood the nature of things, it all got a bit lost in the Lawn Rockery Rose garden era.


Strictly 2014

Posted: 06/11/2014 at 13:40

Better pack my bags, Argentina are in crisis as the large Accordions are not available so people are not learning to play and the TANGO could vanish??? My Hohner needs dusting off and a ticket to Argentina although as ex-army they may not let me in. They do the proper Tango to proper music unlike the mish mash we see on Strictly which is as much a tango as was dried egg to the real thing, it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

I had two Tango partners as a lad poking his nose into the big lads dance halls, one was my teacher at the dance class and the other a much older lady from London whose husband was in the forces. She had learned to tango the real Argentine way which is not how we see the Argentine Tango on TV with all the leg kicks and lifts. It was very intense and believe me a young lad dancing with a partner putting all the emotion into the dance made me sweat, it always ended with her leg up my back and a kiss, can you imagine what the lads said when she finally released me back to them usually red as a beetroot. It was all good training for weekend leave in London and a trip to the Nuffield club Sunday Tea Dance where a lot of the girls from the shows turned up and a couple of them were brilliant tango dancers, I had a ball. Point is would they pay me, I can still play all the old Tango tunes??


Longest lived plant

Posted: 04/11/2014 at 20:41

"Well" does this count? I have a Peony cutting in my garden that came from Dads Garden, he knew it as a child and it was a mature bush then we think it went into the garden pre 1900 possibly 10-20 years prior so does a cutting count.


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