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Weeds in my compost

Posted: 12/09/2012 at 15:31

There is another way if you could use a small incinerator although there are laws about using them, burn the stuff and add the ash in small quantities to the compost heap. It sounds as if they are going to be too much for you to move so yes start a new heap and leave the old ones as long as they are not in the way they will with time rot down, an old carpet over the top will not look pretty but help raise the heat.
By all means enrich your soil but I never use fresh compost for seeds or potting on. Using it for more established plants in pots mix it with loam or bought compost in a third loam a third your own compost and a third grit, this has worked for me over the years and some plants are too expensive to mess around with. I can tell by the smell and touch of the compost whether it is ready to use. This again depends on the weather, a good hot summer gives you compost in around eight to twelve weeks a cold summer can take six months and an Autumn heap will take until well into spring, I do not turn that as often.


Bubblewrapping the greenhouse

Posted: 12/09/2012 at 15:14

Having once heated the greenhouse and used bubble wrap I found it far less expensive to put the heat at the closed end and make a bubble wrap tent and a curtain across. With some temporary shelving your plants are safe at half the cost.
Now I use a cable heated sand box with a thermostat and just cover that to the roof with bubble wrap, heat rises so I have some shelving above for plants needing less heat.
Obelixx is right bubbles to the glass.


What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 12/09/2012 at 15:06

Pottiepam, we have just had a monsoon and yet the box still says light rain, the sun is back out again now so it is wrong on all aspects.
If you look at a map of our bit of coast Teesside is shaped like a cup and we can have three weather systems all at once in the river delta. We are three miles from the river uphill towards Durham and get fair weather, "our Rain" is ten miles South under the Cleveland hills and can get some atrocious weather, I can leave home in sunshine run into Town alongside the river and it is pouring down.
We are shaped by the North Sea weather which has a mind of its own, even the locals say "not to worry it will change in a minute" we dress for the worst you can take layers off when needed.


Fork Handles

Posted: 12/09/2012 at 14:54
Inkadog wrote (see)

Pottiepam--I am discouraged by no replies.

My reply would be start eating venison or build a Ha-ha that is what the big house owners did so they could keep their views.
My son and DIL will be landing in Canada in a few hours near Calgary, can you supply some good weather.


Weeds in my compost

Posted: 12/09/2012 at 12:42

Supernoodle, "Oh dear" your compost will never reach the temperature to kill those weeds and the slightest bit of it will be off at the gallop if you put it back on the soil.
I am afraid some hard work, bag it all up until you are sure you have all the weed and give it to the green waste their heaps are big enough to get up to the heat required, at least it will not be going to landfill.
Start again with your heap remembering you need Heat Air and Moistness to set a compost off composting properly. Start with some brushwood at the base to let in the air build up in layers with not too much of any one material, thin layers of each mixed with paper, cardboard, lawn or grass cuttings (never more than one inch of those) some woody stems and soft stuff such as dead headings. You can add some of the soil from old pots again in thin layers and damp down with a watering can as you go, DO NOT SOAK just a gentle spray from the can rose as you layer.
Turn out the heap every few weeks re-mix and toss it back, you will have pure gold in six months.
Sorry about the cure, one session of hard work will rid you of future problems and far better a little work now than hard labour later.


What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 12/09/2012 at 10:32

Little box at the side of the page
How is it you get me in such a rage
Cloud you say when skies are blue
A good job we do not rely on you

Today Stockton has light rain
Sorry you got it wrong again
Outside you see all is bright
Lit by a golden sunny light

I look at you and it makes me smile
Your forecast out by a country mile
Maybe you should listen to local folk
Then your forecast would not seem a joke.



Fork Handles

Posted: 12/09/2012 at 10:17

Jean, you missed pianist and accordionist.
My mother thought men should cook, my father a haulage contractor would move people and accept goods instead of pay, my first piano, a banjo, accordion, working steam train and a shotgun.
Mum and Dad champion dancers in the local halls when you got money and goods, they did not dance with each other in Comps though, took me along as baby sitter would not look after me only my sister.
The lights music fabulous clothes and the dancing, I was hooked, there was always some lady would get me up between the comps and I was a quick learner.
Demonstration dances at school, Scout and Cadet dances with one of the better girl dancers got you noticed so no shortage of partners.
Starting the big boys dancing and unable to go to the pub first (the landlords knew me) as they did gave me an empty floor (well of men) and a plethora of partners including a much older lady who was Latin perfection you get the picture.
I did take some lessons but ended up acting as a partner for some of the girls during instruction. You could dance every night of the week on a Sunday we all went to the Ace club always short of men because only lemonade was served and no pass outs. So Jean it sums up some of my formative years and in time did meet my future wife Joan at a dance, that was another unbelievable story.


Fork Handles

Posted: 11/09/2012 at 23:17

Philosophically Curb would be used by people with horses it is a bit or restraint where as Kerb is the edge of a pavement, a row of raised stones.
So to Curb is to hold a horse whilst kerb is to keep cars off the pavement?.
pity it does not work.


Fork Handles

Posted: 11/09/2012 at 20:35
FloBear wrote (see)

Frank, that's very enlightening, thank you. I hadn't realised it was one of those dances in which you move on to the next partner. I like those. When we were little Mum taught us the Veleta and the Gay Gordons because we had old 10"  78s of those.  She and her sisters also did Scottish dancing in their youth. We used to lay sticks down in a crossed-sword shape and make up our own to suitable music!

OK FloBear I will start again and this time explain it properly.
Progressive dances like the Schottische or progressive barn dance you took the girl in your arms formed a circle more usually three one inside another to get them all on the floor and did a fixed set of steps a waltz round and changed partners to the left.
The Palais Glide Lambeth Walk and a couple more you all got in a line one line behind the next making sure you had your arm around a girl on each side otherwise you got talked about, you moved  forward then right then left then a kick and did it all again ad-infinite. I kept out of it as a rule although a girl not too confidant would ask me to get her up which being the Gentleman I am I never refused.
The Veleta was usually the very first dance we were taught at the Scout Guide or Cadet Dances, the Cadet Dances I became the MC which meant you led the dancers off in each dance and they joined on behind you until you had circled the room, it also meant you had to know all the dances.
The school dances you danced with the girl at arms length, if they could not get war and peace between your chests you had to marry the girl. Things were different back then.
Just had a lovely custard tart with me cuppa whilst writing that.


Fork Handles

Posted: 11/09/2012 at 15:27
FloBear wrote (see)

Frank, once SCD gets going we'll be expecting comments from 'one who knows' :- ) What happened to the palais glide? Doesn't anyone do it any more?


As with a lot of things after the war it got slung out and new stuff moved in, Ballroom dancing survived in clubs and in our area is making a comeback. The palais Glide, Lambeth walk and several dances where you moved on to the next partner were wartime get everyone on the floor dances, you danced in lines so the ones who could not dance got up and followed those who could it was all fun stuff and made sure those with two left feet got on the floor.
They all vanished in the late 40's as Jive and other things came in, we called it the jitterbug although it had been called Lindy dancing. Nice dances such as the Chrysanthemum Waltz, Rumba Royal. Cotillions, Gay Gordon's slowly went apart from our own Sergeants mess dance when some of the old hands wanted them.
The Beatles killed dancing as we knew it but we could always manage to find dances abroad, the Dutch and Germans always wanted to see English dancing and some great nights were had by all.
Now my Daughters go to dancing school for modern dancing then go on dancing cruises, they go on one in November and have already done the Norway North Cape cruise all singing all dancing, what goes out of fashion always returns.
Talking of dancing what happened to the Black Bottom, my mother was brilliant at it and had me in stitches watching, Dad was not bad either, roll back the clippy mat and put the gram on.


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