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What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 13/12/2017 at 10:56

Stockton, the snow vanished overnight apart from a few patches. It warmed up probably the North sea doing its stuff, it warms us in winter cools us in summer, living in Coastal area's has its good points.



Posted: 13/12/2017 at 09:46

Jasusa 47 I was a WO1 in the army your skin gets to be fireproof, criticism runs off and on these boards you will get well and truly criticised at times. You are the same age as my elder Daughter, we had gone through a war and very hard times of Austerity after I had come back from the Middle east which was in as bad a state as now, we were in uniform as civvi's were not allowed but you never mentioned anything otherwise there would be a shout of swing the lamps. No one wanted to know they were sick of it and the 1950's were the start of the New World, (in your dreams). We all clammed up until the year 2000 then all of a sudden BBC and others launched sixty years after History forums, a bit late for lots, my Daughters said we know nothing of you and Mum before we were born what did you do??? They saw what I wrote and put the BBC in touch it all went from there.

I spent time in London having Kin there, saw the awful damage to property and people, went on leave there many times often staying with some of my Troop in the East end or what was left of it, I was the only Northerner in the troop so got called Geordy and never had to put my hand in my pocket when with those boys at home, wonderful people who got on with life in terrible conditions.

Now my Grandchildren question me for their school history which seems to start in 1950 as against our History at school where we had to know every King or Queen from Canute and all about Empire, the sun never set on, what happened to that I ask. Never upset Jasusa we all have opinions, may never agree on some things, but as an old soldier know war settles nothing better to talk as we do on here.



Posted: 12/12/2017 at 15:44

Liriodendron, I write all that for the Local Libraries History pages, we never forget, it is people often do not want to know. Poverty is something we all have differing views on. We were definitely a Village with many layers. Doctors Lawyers Managers at ICI, then small holders and business people. we had those in work with something coming in each week and those with nothing and I mean nothing, all this in one small village as it then was. Mother giving me a carrier with a small piece of bacon some vegetables out of the garden and in season maybe a couple of eggs, take that across the green to Mrs H. do not let her see you put it behind her front door. Her husband was in jail for stealing some roots from one of the market gardens that surrounded the village, he tried to get food for his three children and was caught. No slap on the hand, Durham Jail and hard labour, his wife left to beg from the Church fund or starve. My Sister and I had separate bedrooms so it was quite a shock to find some of my friends at school slept four in a bed and two on the floor, a mix of boys and girls. Kids coming to school in sand shoes stuffed with cardboard in mid winter and my first real girlfriend dying of leukaemia, no cure for it, she did not make 17.

One day in school as Teacher took the roll she called a name and a voice called he will not be coming Miss a bomb hit the house last night they were all killed, The Teacher was crying but I think it was for us lads who took it so normally, Death was something that happened, no big deal. 

Now we have idiot Government agency's telling us what is good for us, food waste on a massive scale, it could never have happened in our era and should not be happening now, what happened to common sense when millions starve in other parts of the world. Having travelled and seen some of it I get angry when they talk about poverty here. Some sense would cure all of it and possibly help where it is really needed.


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Posted: 12/12/2017 at 13:23

Josusa47, Depends on your age, we tend to get an older element on the discussion side, some are now after all those years asked what was life like when you were kids, my Grandchildren are fascinated they have never lived without all the hand held gadgets so have no idea what we did with our time.

All this is about silly rules brought in by various governments who wish to have a Nanny state, we who lived with different rules know it is all rubbish, maybe we would like the modern generation to think for itself and not jump on every bandwagon pushed out by so called EXPERTS, in what I ask. Then of course there is a reject button we do not have to read anything we do not wish to it is our choice, as is all the advice given by the gardeners on these boards.



Posted: 12/12/2017 at 11:24

Nanny B and Buttercupdays, it sounds much like my boyhood days. We had trucks and two cars, the posh one was a Ford 8 and the other an Austin 7 Fliver, two seats and a Dickey seat, dad could get a pig or a crate of ducks in the dickey and we often got a couple of bags of potato's in it for the pigs, Dads Tractor but I loved it. Learned to drive in that though very much under age at the time. Sundays we would get four adults four children and be carrying still warm plate pies on our knees in the Ford 8 as we headed for the beach, we had good beaches both sides of the Tees. We would get the little pressure burner out and tea would be made while we kids were running on the beach or in the sea. I had a Ford 8 as a first car and often wondered how we managed to all get in Dad's car. 

We killed our own animals and fowl on our own premisses imagine that now, Chicken was a Christmas treat, well New Year we had Goose for Christmas. Dad would kill the Geese Ducks and Cock birds Mother dressed them and i would help pluck them ready for sale. We killed the pigs on site but got the Butcher in to do the kill and the cutting up, we would then salt the sides and hams, they would hang for months before we ate them, all meat and fowl were hung we had no Fridges.

We as children ran free roaming the woods and countryside, playing and even skinny dipping in the local becks. We never felt afraid to wander although there was very little traffic around our small village. We ate fruit straight off the trees, Hazel pears plums of different kinds, brambles and apples, never remember any bad tummy's after that, often pulled young carrots or radishes, a wipe with the hand and into the mouth. Methinks that the modern trend of caring for food and what we eat do us no favours.


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 12/12/2017 at 10:17

Stockton still covered in snow, the road became slush then froze, it is still freezing around here. It is bright and will climb to 2C if we believe the forecast, an extra ganzi then.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 12/12/2017 at 09:36

Obelixx, Could not agree more. I have the same problem with camera work mainly because i want to see what the judges miss and was surprised when they picked out one in the dance off and missed the other. Shirley knows what she is talking about though a bit technical for some.

Most Boys and these days a lot of girls are playing ball games they read the books and pamphlets about the game, watch TV so have a general knowledge, in my wild oat days it was Billiards, Snooker was for the wimps. On Saturday there was an argument between a dancing daughter and one who thinks it for the old folk I saw the difference between the people who post on all the boards they all see it with different eye's. That difference in outlook is what makes the show, if it did not stir people up it would fade away and BBC know that.

I watched Flavia and Vincent yesterday demonstrating the Argentine Tango, the Club Dancers on Strictly could never come near their performance. I had the pleasure of seeing them live at Hardwick Hall Durham, Vincent was a very good stand up comedian and they changed for every dance they did a good night with dinner and dance plus my Daughter just caught me as a bus load of ladies were on the point of kidnapping me onto their bus. Out of curiosity I then looked up AJ and Chloe's dance on the X show, those two can dance no matter what people think of him.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 11/12/2017 at 11:00

KT53, You are right I am a bit what you said, there are plenty of dances on U-tube and I certainly danced in those years watching come dancing from way back when possible though my wife and I also danced well into our retirement years keeping up with modern trends through the younger family members. There is social dancing and competition dancing and never the twain shall meet. Strictly may start off every year as an entertainment show so how come it always ends up with the good dancers at the top?

I suggest people should watch some of the Tango's and Rumba's on utube to see how it should be done plus the Argentine Tango as done in Argentina, quite an eye opener.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 11/12/2017 at 10:02

KT53, I would not argue with that we all know a bad note or a mistake in dancing and when an engine is not running in tune, the question being can you fix it? Dancing is not just making a mistake it is a complicated whole of correct footwork heeling toeing sliding picking the foot up. Then comes armology, body stance, core, correct head position and up and down movement, each dance form has different needs. Had you ever been in a dance  competition you would know the actual dance is an expectation it is the posture and all of the above the judges look for before you get that tap on the shoulder saying leave the floor, you will not be in the final dance off and you never know why, the judges do not have to say.

I was supposedly a whizz at tuning R.R. Eagle engines, then we got a Crypton, so eye ear and feel where replaced with exactitude a big difference.


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 11/12/2017 at 09:16

Stockton has a full covering of snow, the mature Lawsonia on the front look like decorated Christmas trees. By the look of the road no one has gone to work. It is very cold though bright, we will see what the day brings.


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