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Just need to vent...

Posted: 24/03/2017 at 14:35

KT53, The bit that gets to me is yesterdays terrorist is todays Freedom fighter and peace maker, tell that to the families who suffered.

My vivd memory is of a picture in the Guard Room with a shoot on sight notice, he later became President of his Country.

I always knew we lived in a mad mad world.


Just need to vent...

Posted: 24/03/2017 at 10:44

My first thoughts went to the people killed and injured, the Policeman doing his job unarmed, with a family, three Policemen on the Bridge returning from a medal ceremony  and all those innocent people excitedly taking in the wonders of London. Been on that bridge many times and know there is no escape if a person is intent on doing harm.

The reporters were grabbing people out of the crowd obviously in shock and not in command of the full picture why? They wanted to show people crying and in shock it was good TV as far as they were concerned. Channel Two News last night had the commentator trying to pin everything on the security services Police and any one else he could, if they were told for security reasons you cannot do that or go there they would be  screaming Police State very quickly.

I read the news on my laptop skipping the wild comments from overly excited reporters, that way I do not throw boots at the TV.


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Lawn is a mess please help

Posted: 23/03/2017 at 20:01

Having seen the picture i realise there will not be much green left once the moss has been removed, the rock and the hard place comes to mind. You could scarify first then weed and feed though some of those weeds look hard core. Depending on funds removing the grass and returning may be the answer.


Lawn is a mess please help

Posted: 23/03/2017 at 16:31

Tom, depends on the size of the lawn. You can use it as if scattering seed by hand remember with those treatments less is better, to much you can burn the lawn, also watering in well essential or burning occurs. If you have a big lawn then a small push along spreader will do the job providing  you do not go over the same bit twice, just take care when spreading.

Any good garden shop or centre will sell good feed and weed under various names, it is all basically the same formula probably packed by one large packer in named boxes, when I worked for ICI you would see the same mix go in different name bags, people would swear by a brand we knew they were the same.

You will have a better lawn by summer as the work pays off, the garden is up to you. I tell people to buy some larger pots fill them with plants or bedding and group them where the garden looks bare, it cheers you and the garden up, one good flowering plant can make a difference, plus pots can be moved around.


Lawn is a mess please help

Posted: 23/03/2017 at 15:13

Tom, we would normally scarify in Autumn, as yours needs some TLC give the first dusting of feed and weed a chance to do its job on the weeds then scarify. Getting the lawn back into trim will take time it is not a short term fix. The grass like us needs some Spring sunshine to boost it, let the roots get a firm grip again. Your first cut would be with the blades well up, the more leaf the more goodness it will get. Be patient, nothing happens fast in gardening, after years of gardening you get a steady but sure way of working, we do work today for next year or the year after so donot expect instant miracles.


Lawn is a mess please help

Posted: 23/03/2017 at 15:01

Hogweed is right leave it alone until the grass starts to grow again then put down feed and weed as per instructions on the box. WATER it in well, I use it when rain is expected. Leave for six eight weeks, scarify and then put down a second dusting of weed and feed. Keep cutting the grass never shorter than one inch, wait a few days after cutting before dusting with the weed and feed. In Autumn Aerate the grass either with a garden fork pushed into the grass, or hire an aerator for a day. Mix some washed sand and compost and throw shovel fulls across the lawn, casting we called it. With a stiff brush sweep the compost mix into the aerating holes, this opens the sward for better drainage. Leave a week and then put down winter feed and weed, slow release, leave it until spring, I never walk on the lawns when they are wet.


Help me fix my lawn

Posted: 21/03/2017 at 15:40

Obelixx, now duck. I gave exactly the same advice on another post and got jumped on we apparently are wrong, I suppose our combined gardening years experience is now old hat and ready to be binned. Lawns are hard work and high maintenance, people have the impression they can put a lawn down sit back and let it get on with it. I have only to walk out of my door onto the field down to the beck to see what happens when the Parks department stop maintaining land, the best weed garden in the area. Where possible I do not use chemical but some times it is a must, if it gives me a nice lawn then I will use it with care and not more than it needs.

I shiver when I see some of the pictures but the one here is easily saved and improved if they follow your advice.


How do I rejuvenate a lawn?

Posted: 21/03/2017 at 12:34

Paul you work as you find, over many years of gardening always with at least one patch of lawn, I now have two, I had to resort to chemical in that I use Feed and Weed. Living on the edge of farmland and with surrounding lawns wick with Dandelion Daisy and such which some people like, the only way to keep it clear was that and it does year on year. I remember coming home from work once and my Wife asking what the nice yellow plants were right at the back of the garden, "what yellow flowers" so went to look, it was Rape, the birds dropped the seed and I had missed it. I never use chemical on the borders or elsewhere but if my lawns were riddled with weed they would come up and as some have done gravel it and park the cars on it. The lush sward I see at some garden visits, never a weed in site tell me the story, I once asked the Gardener at a house we were at well known in the NE what he used, got the full lecture on feed and weed and how to use it, I must have looked like a learner. As I said we find out what works for us and that is my way of gardening, sorry to any greens although I do my bit by taking my holidays in the Uk and not flying, others may fly yet not use feed and weed well we are all different.



Posted: 21/03/2017 at 10:12

Logan that is the problem with you young whippersnappers, all go. I expect you want a bouncy castle and a Big Mac? well you are getting Salad and Carrot cake so there.

Many Happy returns.


How do I rejuvenate a lawn?

Posted: 21/03/2017 at 10:01

Edd I would agree to everything you say above only years of working my lawns and bowling green lawns taught me sometimes chemical is the only way. The Lawn over the road from me is chemical free and a riot of Dandelion and Daisy every year plus other nasties they seed and cross the road to me on the easterly winds. I see the odd weed start at the edge of my lawn and if I did not knock them back they would spread like wildfire. We always had a patch of lawn at the bowling green for repair, if we had a weed on the green we cut it out with a small cutter then replaced with a piece cut from the spare but come Autumn when we did the main repair and maintenance chemical had to be used.

The choice is ours you can have a lawn or a meadow and most around me are the latter, they boast they do not use chemical then ask me how I keep my lawns so nice, I tell them, you pay's your money you take your choice. I grew up in a time when everything by todays standards was organic, yes well my Dad a gardener supreme used bordeaux mixture, soap sprays, slaked lime and other methods used by most people who had to feed the Family from the garden. If you did not you could go hungry as many did, no supermarkets then with berries from Mexico Potato's from Egypt and Cyprus or Salad from Spain. We need to have some sense about what we do as against what our ideals are.

I use feed and weed after the first cut now done, then six weeks later, then after scarifying and aerating a winter feed and weed then leave it never walking on it when wet that compacts the lawn if I need to go on it then I use a board to stand on, spread the load. We all have our own way of doing things Edd.


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