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Planting Tomato

Posted: 30/04/2013 at 10:47

Jason, afraid you lost me on that, do you mean to plant Tomato's into grass?
We grow Tomato's in pots and many other things too, as to where you put the pots depends on shelter from prevailing winds and the amount of sunshine they will get on a daily basis.
My own are in a green house which you obviously do not have although out door tomato's are easily grown in pots.
If you are thinking of digging up some of the grass then remove the turf and store it grass down somewhere it will become good compost. Dig over the strip and add drainage grit and plenty of compost then plant up the tomato's and water.
On the information you give this is all guess work although one way of doing things.


advice on seed compost

Posted: 30/04/2013 at 10:36

Gillybean, you said it heavy and full of debris not really seed compost.
My personal use is John Innes Number two, that is a recipe made up by several compost makers. A small bag of washed sand and small bag of small agricultural grit from any Garden Centre.
I have a mixing tray but a bucket or old dish will do, mix one scoop of JI compost one scoop washed sand and one scoop of grit and mix it well. This will be damp but not wet, if you dip a finger in it will come out with strands of soil on and not muddy.
Fill your trays or pots loosely, just give the tray or pot a tap on the bench, do not compress the compost. Scatter the seed and cover lightly with sieved compost or light grit, water with a Rose on the watering can, I water from the bottom in a tray of water for a few minutes, not soaking just damp on the top of the tray.
All seeds do need different conditions for germination, some very warm, some medium warm and some no need for artificial heat, read the packet for a guide.
Never over water, as soon as the seedlings have true leaves then pot on.
Two scoops of compost one scoop of grit one scoop of washed sand is the mix I use for that, your final pot on is just compost or into the ground.

Hope this helps Frank.

MOB rants

Posted: 30/04/2013 at 10:17

Mummy Muddy Paws I understand your frustration, it is good to get it out in a rant although you do not need pots of money for a good garden.
Yes there has always been enough for me to spend if I wished although I did not apart from a top of the line greenhouse which more than paid its way over the last thirty years.
As to the rest more than half of the established plants and shrubs are gifts or cuttings from friends or family gardens including a couple from the old walled garden of my youth. I collect seed and buy the odd plant from the sale rack of the GC usually on their last legs I love bringing them back to life. Plenty of practice at that as Daughters bring me plants asking me to help when all life has gone from them.
I was avid DIY with a garage full of things that may come in useful and made planters raised beds benches and sand beds, I do know you could not manage some of that but obviously you do have plenty of short cut tips up your sleeve.
We avid gardeners find ways round most problems and enjoy beating the odds, this year I very nearly gave up, most were four weeks behind we in the North East nearly six, now my greenhouse is full, the tomato's ready for the large pots, sweet peas ready to nip out Asters standing tall, Beans peas and Strawberries glowing plus two boxes of good compost from last year to mulch with, does life get better I ask.
Chin up girl.


What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 30/04/2013 at 09:55

Stockton on Tees, woke to bright sunshine, opened both ends of the greenhouse to let a breeze through and everything looks very healthy.
I often wonder if later sowings do not get on much better than the early ones. Double figures temp so no complaints.


What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 29/04/2013 at 17:41

Jo, got a lot done today even though it came in quite cold this afternoon.

Stockton was mainly sunny and warm out of the easterly wind and the watering can had to come into use as the hose is frost damaged.


MOB rants

Posted: 28/04/2013 at 16:12
gardeningfantic wrote (see)

palaisgalide.. the flat cap info was i.. and i never thought of using one to my advantage.. great idea as i ranted about tailgaters.. hve my dear old grandads old one in the keepsake box.. will get it out next tiem go out for a sunday drive


G/F I made extra Yorkshires today, all one size but three colours, Black lead, I had some left over from the kitchen range, gravy colour you would have to resist licking it as it is onion, also Tomato with cheese bits, I call it the pizza hat.
Of course it depends on what you drive if it is an old NATO land Rover you would look like a Pizza hut on wheels.


MOB rants

Posted: 27/04/2013 at 12:28

Keep the sound off all the time until you need it.

Someone said beware men in flat caps when driving so I made an extra Yorkshire pudding big and round, painted it black and tried it out in the mad school run. It works, no tail gating, if on a dual carriageway they cross the barrier and pass on the other side, I drive with a massive safety area all around me so thanks for the tip.

Rant, any one tried to close a bank account lately?? I did this week and found more obstacles than the Grand National. We had quite few accounts with Building Society's over the years for interest reasons. When they became banks we closed most down although a couple still had a fair amount in them. Deciding to put everything in one place the fun started, they fought to the last counter clerk.
Santander the very last I gave notice too three weeks ago they told me "No" you have to designate the day. "I am not going out of here without my money, three weeks notice is what you got and that is it, better get me some blankets and a pillow then" OK we give in.
You are lucky we have enough money in the tills, "WHAT are you mad, I want a cheque, I am not walking round town with several thousand pounds in my pocket". Oh in that case my supervisor will see to you. More waiting more questions as to why I was leaving and after almost an hour I got my cheque, now safely deposited in my main bank. Next day I read Santander had a 23% fall in profits, did my withdrawal cause that I ask???


What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 27/04/2013 at 12:07

Stockton, very wet, very windy, very sunny, in around five minute cycles, very frustrating.

Ailsa Craig Tomato plants have roots outside the pot, Shirley nearly there and sweet tumbler also showing root at the base so time to set them in the large pots although I put pot and all in until they settle then plant them up.
Sweet peas need nipping, beans need to be out but too cold, pepper still needs some warmth, when will we be able to get cracking I ask.


Why May?

Posted: 26/04/2013 at 10:49
Fairygirl wrote (see)

Frank/Dad-dead right..

Of course.


Why May?

Posted: 26/04/2013 at 10:11

When you have been out of this country for a period of years, you realise what a wonderful country we live in and that includes every month of the year with interest shifting from month to month.
Each month has its up and down side, the vagaries of the British weather see to that, even this winter long cold and dull had its up side. Looking out on my ever flowering Primroses, the Golden Privet as stand alone shrubs that look as if the sun is shining on the dullest day, the dog wood with its bare coloured stems that can look like a bonfire at the top end of the garden. My Lawsonia's with their evergreen "Fir" coats one golden the other vibrant green standing like sentinels and a sanctuary for birds.
Then we have winter flowering shrubs, my Forsythia is a golden blast of colour that makes the coldest day feel warm, the awakening early bulbs, as you walk the fields and woods around the Wild Garlic white flowers and the scent, the Celandine a carpet of colour doing its thing before the tree canopies darken the woods.
Life does not get better than that. I love the Autumn with its multi colours and the bringing in of the crops fruit and all the other good things we grow.
Every month is a wonderful month and this country a wonderful place to live, I have had the long hot days, the never seeing rain or even a cloud in the sky and believe me you soon yearn for the green fields the feel of rain on your head and the glorious flora and fauna of these Isles.


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