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It needs to be said

Posted: 19/03/2017 at 10:20

My Daughter in California tells me the Trump Administration has pulled the plug on any more money being spent on Global warming projects. It would appear the USA has been spending money on low, prone to flooding lands in South Asia, that will stop. She also tells me California has had a colder wetter winter than she ever remembers, more water fell this winter than in the last ten years, they were on a form of water rationing for a couple of years now they have full reservoirs. The East Coast have been hit with a massive snow storms. and also had heavy rain falls.

Meanwhile here in the North East of England the coastline is disappearing under a wall of wind turbines and another contract has just been signed. We can see for ourselves that in  the very cold still air between weather fronts they are not working and then in the high winds again have to be shut down, they are OK in summer when we have mild winds and it is warm in other words not needed.

Wilton they are building new Power Stations burning wood chips from Canada, shipped to our docks then transported to Wilton, last week an article was claiming wood burning fires are worse than burning coal for the amount of carbon and particles they release into the air.

We are told we must (MUST) go organic yet I know from experience this is not the best way of producing enough food, it takes up more land and is more costly to City dwellers who rely of Supermarkets, OK for us with access to the local farm shops and can afford the extra cost, The UK has never produced all its own food, I have just eaten my porridge with berries from Spain and Chile.

My question is:- why should the little old UK be paying for something the rest of the world seems to ignore, Germany closing Nuclear and going back to Coal, China? well we have all seen the pictures, India and South Asia putting millions of trucks and cars on the road year by year. Then we have Famine in Africa once the bread basket of the world, that tears me up Children dying whilst we potter along under the Halo of feeling Green, it is an illusion or is it.


Lawn drainage

Posted: 18/03/2017 at 23:22

Smiley My Dad poured a drop of petrol on the ants nests and then a match, don't do this at home. You can get some ant killer from any Garden Shop. Washed sand is building sand with the salt washed out of it, it originated as beach so there could be residual salt there in which would not do the lawn any good. Once you have mixed the sand and compost brush it into cracks as well as into the aerating holes, the grass will grow into it in time. You can even up the lawn by getting a long straight lath put it edge up on the lawn and sweep it round in a circle, you will see the high and low points. Fill the hollows with the same sand and compost mix, if they are deep just fill half an inch let the grass grow into the first application then do it again until you get a level, we levelled any low points on the bowling green the same way but did it in Autumn so we could bowl in the Spring. This may take a couple of years to get a level verdant lawn, you said it has been neglected.

So way to go, Aerate and scarify, Fill with a mix of washed sand and compost, Mow to no less than one inch at least once a fortnight and when the grass is growing fast (a warm summer, remember them?) mow once a week. use a feed and weed mid April and water in well (all Garden shops have it) six weeks later feed and weed again. You will start to see a big difference in the summer. Autumn aerate and scarify the lawn after the last cut, use Winter feed and weed slow release and water in well, I put it down when it is going to rain and still use a hose. It will take time although worth it in the end. One of my lawns is 35 years old and people passing say how good it looks the other lawn South facing so more water is needed but that also looks good, lawns take a lot of maintenance while growing, in winter I stay off it, if I need to go on it I use a board to stand on, a little thought can make life so much easier.

I would have got back earlier only I had a house full family Grandchildren and dogs, the larder is now empty so they all went home, still, that is what life is about, I love it.


Lawn drainage

Posted: 18/03/2017 at 11:13

Smiley, you are thinking a sump to drain the soil under the lawn, in your case looking at the pictures it would not work. You will never have a bowling green without renewing the lawn totally, that means removing lawn and soil, laying a drainage then at least ten twelve inches of fresh soil then the lawn. With children and animals that would be a medium to hard grass seed.

Fairygirl is correct and I know she has experiece in that field (sorry about the pun) you need to aerate, you can hire a small machine that would work on the raised section, it takes out divets leaving a hole, i should say many holes. Then get a bag of washed sand and one of compost and mix them together. Throw shovel fulls of the mix across the lawn and sweep in with a stiff broom or besom  into the holes this will aid drainage. Once about now and then again in Autumn after Scarifying that is getting the mat out of the lawn with a rake, either hand held or electric. My lawn has just been scarified. I like many gardeners do not like chemicals but having helped maintain a bowling green I know lawn feed and weed is a must. Feed it in about two weeks time and water it in well, then again six weeks later. Use a winter feed and weed in Autumn,(slow release) this should bring your lawn back into condition. Never let the lawn grow too long and never scalp, a one inch length is perfect in early summer this could mean mowing weekly.

Contrary to expectations lawns take more looking after than other parts of the garden, they can be hard work, TLC little but often will ensure a green sward.


Greenhouse - front and back doors?

Posted: 18/03/2017 at 10:40

Sheps, no point in two doors unless the greenhouse is ginormous. I took out a pane of glass and fit  a louvre to allow air flow through the house. The back of the house is towards the prevailing wind, in my case westerly, the louvre allows you to set the air flow to the level you want in conjunction with other vents and the single door. It also allowed me to put tempory shelving there in winter. I see no point in spending £100 on something you will find you do not need.



Posted: 17/03/2017 at 14:09

Hogweed, we of an advancing age or even advanced age had the privilege of an education that had remained the same for many years. Then along came the education Guru's who knew better. A whole generation of children were told all those squiggly colonic things were not needed, full stops and such old hat, spelling !!!! just write it as you think it, or rite hit has youse wants. It meant I had to find Tutors to teach my Daughter out of school the correct way so she could advance her education. People who mess with the education methods should be (I will leave that to your imagination). the BBC, Newspapers, Magazines, all can be accused of getting words and grammar wrong, the BBC once the epitome of the English Language and yet now I cringe at some of the very obvious mistakes.

OK I am getting too old to bother about standards dropping and biting my nails to the elbow will not improve things, at least my Daughters can carry on the argument. hat leeset them speke Henglish proper like. Right aisle gan an gitten me ganzi the,n.


An open letter to Daniel

Posted: 17/03/2017 at 13:49

Perspective:-  Behold, Discern, Discover, Comprehend, Grasp, Learn.

Perception:-  Objectivity, Relative importance, A view of the relative importance.

The poster wrote we may learn something. I would say the first is correct.

That of course is my opinion having been educated long before people messed with The Good Writing Guide, Grammar Punctuation spelling and the various reasons we write different letters for different occasions.

Questions on a post card via snail mail.


Lining raised beds

Posted: 17/03/2017 at 10:15

What a diverse mob we gardeners are, I would tackle it in a different way. Lay a heavy duty membrane with very small holes for drainage on that spread some gravel then add fresh soil and compost mixed with grit and washed sand plus rotted manure if you can get it if not a few handfulls of Granular Fertiliser. Line the sides with heavy duty plastic I used old compost bags double, turn them inside out and they are usually black. You should get two years growth from that by adding some feed as you grow then take off a top layer and refresh, it is good to have your own compost and it is the best medium to add to the boxes before planting. Just my opinion of course with the experience and mistakes of many years gardening.


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 17/03/2017 at 10:01

Bright although murky start to the day here in Stockton, the views over the valley hidden in a mist, methinks it is a Westerly Front being swept towards the Continent, good luck to them.


An open letter to Daniel

Posted: 17/03/2017 at 09:57

This thread i did not get at all, I am on some Forums where the administrators join in, ask questions, answer questions because they have technical libraries. If you have not posted awhile they will PM you to see if all is OK, it never seems to bother the posters when administrators go and new ones arrive. Lovely Nora sorted some queries I had to my mind going above and beyond to do it.

What does bother me is one poster saying they feel as if they are put down or road rollered over when posting, I have never had that feeling and would like to know why they think that. 

Thank you Daniel for the answer, I never did think anything had changed.



Posted: 16/03/2017 at 14:27

Nanny tis simples as a certain animal would say whilst watching a film with a big tub of eats. My late wife was two years older than me because coming back from abroad the girls not pushing prams were still school girls in their manner and talk. The older girls had worked and matured, Joan could handle me and the baggage you bring back, no Councelors back then, the world had changed as far as I was concerned, life had moved on for some. I was lucky, she asked me about the age gap my reply "what age gap" and sixty years of happyness followed. My Daughters married younger men, they have all stayed together so there must be something in it.


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